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Single Game, Season, Career, Postseason and "you saw it here first" Milestone records for YOUR fantasy football league. MFLHistory.com allows you to store an unlimited number of past seasons’ worth of FFL game history, AND automatically updates with scores from your MyFantasyLeague league throughout the season.

The League History application was developed by me during the summer of 2005 as a featured offering at MFLAddons.com.

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32 Leagues Found Beginning with R

Ravenwood Fantasy League
Ray Finkle Fantasy Football Federation
Real Deal NFFL
Red Zone Blitz est 2008
Red Zone Fantasy Football League
Red Zone Fantasy Football League
RedZone Dynasty
Refugees of 1 League
Refugees of 21 League
Refugees of 24 League
Refugees of 29 League
Refugees of 30 League
Refugees of 32 League
Refugees of 35 League
Refugees of 51 League
Refugees of 57 League
Refugees of 62 League
Refugees of 7 League
Refugees of Holmgren
Return of the Champions XX
Richmond St Pub Fantasy Football League
Rip Up the NFL
Robi's Fantasy Football League
Rocky Mountain Carryover Football League (CFL)
Rocky Mountain Redraft Football League (RFL)
Rosedale Fantasy Football League
Roster Wars
Roster Wars Minor League
Rough Riders Fantasy Football League
Rounders XV
Rumbl'n Bumbl'n Stumbl'n Fantasy League