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Gridiron Gladiators Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2219Cussing Parrots20124
3217.8Fighting Amish20096
5205.5Cussing Parrots20096
6200.9Cussing Parrots20091
7198.8Fighting Amish20105
8197Greenville Gamebreakers20073
9196.3No Time To Bleed (Stratford)201011
10195.4Racine Ramblers201214
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
140Swamp Donkeys20074
242Mighty Midgets20078
343Racine Ramblers20075
444.8Lollipop Guild20097
554Deep Fat Friars20083
655Swamp Donkeys200715
756.3Dem Duke Boys20109
8 (tie)57Cussing Parrots20074
 57Dem Duke Boys20078
 57Mighty Midgets200710
 57Swamp Donkeys20078
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
157Swamp Donkeys20078Dem Duke Boys (57-57) TB
270Dem Duke Boys200710Mighty Midgets (70-57)
373Swamp Donkeys20075Mighty Midgets (73-67)
4 (tie)79Pimp My Gimp20077Swamp Donkeys (79-68)
 79Deep Fat Friars200814Oxy-Morons (79-79) TB
680.1Pimp My Gimp20095Cussing Parrots (80.1-58.4)
782Cussing Parrots200716Oxy-Morons (82-63)
883.9Cussing Parrots20127Pimp My Gimp (83.9-71.2)
9 (tie)87Greenville Gamebreakers20086Deep Fat Friars (87-79)
 87Cussing Parrots20075Pimp My Gimp (87-83)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1178.4Mossbacks201214Racine Ramblers (178.4-195.4)
2170.5Greenville Gamebreakers200914Oxy-Morons (170.5-174.4)
3168Greenville Gamebreakers20129Supermodels (168-188.5)
4167Mossbacks20073Pimp My Gimp (167-192)
5164.6Cobra Kai20125Cussing Parrots (164.6-177.9)
6164Sweet Nectar20076Greenville Gamebreakers (164-168)
7163.2The CON-way201210Cussing Parrots (163.2-166)
8162.9Racine Ramblers201112War Monkeys (162.9-168.2)
9159.9Racine Ramblers20124Greenville Gamebreakers (159.9-174.7)
10159.2Mossbacks20127Cobra Kai (159.2-192.5)
Most Combined Points
1373.8Racine Ramblers vs Mossbacks (195.4-178.4)201214
2372.1Fighting Amish vs Racine Ramblers (217.8-154.3)20096
3364.2Oxy-Morons vs Razorbacks (231.2-133)20112
4359Pimp My Gimp vs Mossbacks (192-167)20073
5356.5Supermodels vs Greenville Gamebreakers (188.5-168)20129
6352Cussing Parrots vs War Monkeys (219-133)20124
7351.7Cobra Kai vs Mossbacks (192.5-159.2)20127
8345.8Cussing Parrots vs Oxy-Morons (205.5-140.3)20096
9344.9Oxy-Morons vs Greenville Gamebreakers (174.4-170.5)200914
10342.5Cussing Parrots vs Cobra Kai (177.9-164.6)20125
Fewest Combined Points
1114Dem Duke Boys vs Swamp Donkeys (57-57)20078
2127Dem Duke Boys vs Mighty Midgets (70-57)200710
3138.5Pimp My Gimp vs Cussing Parrots (80.1-58.4)20095
4140Swamp Donkeys vs Mighty Midgets (73-67)20075
5145Cussing Parrots vs Oxy-Morons (82-63)200716
6147Pimp My Gimp vs Swamp Donkeys (79-68)20077
7153Oxy-Morons vs Swamp Donkeys (113-40)20074
8155.1Cussing Parrots vs Pimp My Gimp (83.9-71.2)20127
9158Oxy-Morons vs Deep Fat Friars (79-79)200814
10160Sweet Nectar vs Greenville Gamebreakers (90-70)200715
Victory Margin
1126.7Fighting Amish20105The CON-way (198.8-72.1)
2123Fighting Amish20086Oxy-Morons (194-71)
3122.5Pimp My Gimp20109Dem Duke Boys (178.8-56.3)
4 (tie)106Greenville Gamebreakers20073Fighting Amish (197-91)
 106Deep Fat Friars20077Fighting Amish (170-64)
6105.2Racine Ramblers20097Boltergeist (193.8-88.6)
7102.6Pimp My Gimp201014Mossbacks (169.3-66.7)
8102.2Cussing Parrots20091No Time To Bleed (Guerrica) (200.9-98.7)
9102Mossbacks20083Greenville Gamebreakers (162-60)
1098.2Oxy-Morons20112Razorbacks (231.2-133)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Supermodels201211Razorbacks (111.3-111.2)
2 (tie)0.20Greenville Gamebreakers200915Swamp Donkeys (118.4-118.2)
 0.20Cussing Parrots201110The CON-way (127.9-127.7)
40.50Mossbacks201012Cussing Parrots (94.4-93.9)
5 (tie)0.70Oxy-Morons20108Mossbacks (122.2-121.5)
 0.70Supermodels20118Cussing Parrots (137.8-137.1)
7 (tie)1Pimp My Gimp20082Racine Ramblers (123-122)
 1Dem Duke Boys20079Racine Ramblers (102-101)
 1Dem Duke Boys200716Deep Fat Friars (107-106)
 1Racine Ramblers20085Mighty Midgets (93-92)

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