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2021 Vegas Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1150Peyton's Dream20215
2128.9Peyton's Dream202114
3128.05Black & Gold20215
4127.55All Americans202111
5123.55Shorty's Stagefreight20212
6123.2All Americans20215
7121.15Black & Gold20216
8120.8Uncle Cracker20213
9120.4Peyton's Dream20217
10117.25Uncle Cracker20216
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136.75San Diego Ballers20217
243.7Shorty's Stagefreight20219
345.45Peyton's Dream202112
448.3Grayden's All-Stars202110
548.6Shorty's Stagefreight202113
751.4Black & Gold202112
851.55Big Daddy20217
953.1Goff Who?20219
1053.2Shorty's Stagefreight202112
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
151.4Black & Gold202112Peyton's Dream (51.4-45.45)
251.55Big Daddy20217San Diego Ballers (51.55-36.75)
355.2Grayden's All-Stars20219Shorty's Stagefreight (55.2-43.7)
459.8LV Lions202110Grayden's All-Stars (59.8-48.3)
560.75Shorty's Stagefreight20218LV Lions (60.75-60.7)
664.7Shorty's Stagefreight202111Black & Gold (64.7-56.15)
765.4Grayden's All-Stars202111ImWe Todd-Ded (65.4-58.45)
866.85Grayden's All-Stars20216Big Daddy (66.85-64.25)
966.9Big Daddy202115Grayden's All-Stars (66.9-55.2)
1068.35LV Lions202114All Americans (68.35-65.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1104.9ImWe Todd-Ded20215All Americans (104.9-123.2)
2103.35All Americans20217Grayden's All-Stars (103.35-109)
3102.65Peyton's Dream202111Big Daddy (102.65-108.45)
499.25Uncle Cracker20212Black & Gold (99.25-112.4)
599.15Uncle Cracker20215Goff Who? (99.15-104.75)
694.45ImWe Todd-Ded20212Big Daddy (94.45-99.25)
794San Diego Ballers202113Big Daddy (94-98.75)
893.75Black & Gold20211San Diego Ballers (93.75-107.35)
992.4Goff Who?20213Peyton's Dream (92.4-101.1)
1091.55ImWe Todd-Ded20216Goff Who? (91.55-98.95)
Most Combined Points
1239Peyton's Dream vs San Diego Ballers (150-89)20215
2228.1All Americans vs ImWe Todd-Ded (123.2-104.9)20215
3212.35Grayden's All-Stars vs All Americans (109-103.35)20217
4211.65Black & Gold vs Uncle Cracker (112.4-99.25)20212
5211.5Peyton's Dream vs Uncle Cracker (128.9-82.6)202114
6211.1Big Daddy vs Peyton's Dream (108.45-102.65)202111
7205.4Uncle Cracker vs Big Daddy (120.8-84.6)20213
8203.9Goff Who? vs Uncle Cracker (104.75-99.15)20215
9202.6Uncle Cracker vs All Americans (117.25-85.35)20216
10201.1San Diego Ballers vs Black & Gold (107.35-93.75)20211
Fewest Combined Points
188.3Big Daddy vs San Diego Ballers (51.55-36.75)20217
296.85Black & Gold vs Peyton's Dream (51.4-45.45)202112
398.9Grayden's All-Stars vs Shorty's Stagefreight (55.2-43.7)20219
4108.1LV Lions vs Grayden's All-Stars (59.8-48.3)202110
5120.85Shorty's Stagefreight vs Black & Gold (64.7-56.15)202111
6121.45Shorty's Stagefreight vs LV Lions (60.75-60.7)20218
7122.1Big Daddy vs Grayden's All-Stars (66.9-55.2)202115
8122.9Black & Gold vs Goff Who? (69.8-53.1)20219
9123.85Grayden's All-Stars vs ImWe Todd-Ded (65.4-58.45)202111
10129.85San Diego Ballers vs Gunslingers (79.2-50.65)202110
Victory Margin
167.85All Americans202111San Diego Ballers (127.55-59.7)
266.45Black & Gold20215Grayden's All-Stars (128.05-61.6)
361Peyton's Dream20215San Diego Ballers (150-89)
450.85Black & Gold20216LV Lions (121.15-70.3)
549.65Shorty's Stagefreight20212Goff Who? (123.55-73.9)
648.35Uncle Cracker202113Shorty's Stagefreight (96.95-48.6)
747.8Gunslingers20214San Diego Ballers (111.1-63.3)
846.3Peyton's Dream202114Uncle Cracker (128.9-82.6)
943.05Peyton's Dream20217ImWe Todd-Ded (120.4-77.35)
1036.2Uncle Cracker20213Big Daddy (120.8-84.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Shorty's Stagefreight20218LV Lions (60.75-60.7)
20.70Grayden's All-Stars20214LV Lions (78.2-77.5)
30.85San Diego Ballers20213LV Lions (68.4-67.55)
42.30All Americans20211LV Lions (85.85-83.55)
52.50LV Lions202114All Americans (68.35-65.85)
62.60Grayden's All-Stars20216Big Daddy (66.85-64.25)
72.65Peyton's Dream20211Uncle Cracker (87.15-84.5)
82.75Shorty's Stagefreight20214Peyton's Dream (91.2-88.45)
92.90Grayden's All-Stars202112Uncle Cracker (82.2-79.3)
103.25Uncle Cracker202110ImWe Todd-Ded (82.8-79.55)

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