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Red Zone Blitz est 2008 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1249.5San Antonio Saints201211
2 (tie)227.3Kalamazoo Wolverines201214
 227.3Sacramento Assassins201210
4223.6Philadelphia Bubonic Rats20127
5222.7Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain20123
6217.8Denver Destroyers20123
7211.6Philadelphia Bubonic Rats20126
8210.6Seattle Executioners20126
9206.5San Diego Ronin20122
10203.9Seattle Executioners201212
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144Columbus Buckeye Dawgs20117
245.9Seattle Executioners201110
346.1Seattle Executioners20118
456.1San Jose Snipers20117
563.4Seattle Executioners20113
665.6San Jose Snipers201110
766.5Columbus Buckeye Dawgs201114
867.6Seattle Executioners201111
967.8Denver Destroyers20129
1074.8El Paso Vipers20116
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
184.5Columbus Buckeye Dawgs201110San Jose Snipers (84.5-65.6)
292.3Sacramento Assassins20113Seattle Executioners (92.3-63.4)
392.4Las Vegas Gamblers20117Seattle Executioners (92.4-84)
493Las Vegas Gamblers201112Seattle Executioners (93-84.8)
5 (tie)99.2Columbus Buckeye Dawgs201210San Jose Snipers (99.2-97.1)
 99.2Sacramento Assassins201113Seattle Executioners (99.2-97.8)
7104Las Vegas Aces20128Columbus Buckeye Dawgs (104-101.1)
8106.7Kalamazoo Wolverines201211Dallas Desperados (106.7-98.5)
9106.9Seattle Executioners201114El Paso Vipers (106.9-105.1)
10109.5Grants Pirates20129Denver Destroyers (109.5-67.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1181.7St Louis Hammerheads201113Philadelphia Bubonic Rats (181.7-189.6)
2179.5Las Vegas Aces201213Sacramento Assassins (179.5-195)
3175.9Seattle Executioners20123Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain (175.9-222.7)
4 (tie)172.5San Antonio Saints201212Kalamazoo Wolverines (172.5-184.6)
 172.5Las Vegas Aces20124San Antonio Saints (172.5-178.5)
6169.5Seattle Executioners201213Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain (169.5-193.9)
7167.7San Antonio Saints20126Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain (167.7-188.1)
8166.4Las Vegas Aces201212Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain (166.4-190)
9164.9Dallas Desperados20126Seattle Executioners (164.9-210.6)
10164.8St Louis Hammerheads20125Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain (164.8-195.2)
Most Combined Points
1398.8San Antonio Saints vs El Paso Vipers (249.5-149.3)201211
2398.6Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain vs Seattle Executioners (222.7-175.9)20123
3375.5Seattle Executioners vs Dallas Desperados (210.6-164.9)20126
4374.5Sacramento Assassins vs Las Vegas Aces (195-179.5)201213
5371.3Philadelphia Bubonic Rats vs St Louis Hammerheads (189.6-181.7)201113
6368.9Philadelphia Bubonic Rats vs Los Angeles Lightning (211.6-157.3)20126
7368.6Los Angeles Lightning vs San Diego Ronin (184.3-184.3)20123
8363.4Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain vs Seattle Executioners (193.9-169.5)201213
9360Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain vs St Louis Hammerheads (195.2-164.8)20125
10357.1Kalamazoo Wolverines vs San Antonio Saints (184.6-172.5)201212
Fewest Combined Points
1150.1Columbus Buckeye Dawgs vs San Jose Snipers (84.5-65.6)201110
2155.7Sacramento Assassins vs Seattle Executioners (92.3-63.4)20113
3169.5Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain vs Seattle Executioners (123.4-46.1)20118
4170.6Los Angeles Lightning vs San Jose Snipers (114.5-56.1)20117
5176.4Las Vegas Gamblers vs Seattle Executioners (92.4-84)20117
6177.3Grants Pirates vs Denver Destroyers (109.5-67.8)20129
7177.8Las Vegas Gamblers vs Seattle Executioners (93-84.8)201112
8184.7Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain vs Seattle Executioners (117.1-67.6)201111
9186.2Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Seattle Executioners (140.3-45.9)201110
10186.6Kalamazoo Wolverines vs El Paso Vipers (111.8-74.8)20116
Victory Margin
1123.9Sacramento Assassins201210Kalamazoo Wolverines (227.3-103.4)
2120.6Kalamazoo Wolverines201214El Paso Vipers (227.3-106.7)
3107.1Denver Destroyers20113Columbus Buckeye Dawgs (202.3-95.2)
4107Salt Lake City 40oz of Pain20128Denver Destroyers (198.2-91.2)
5102.4San Diego Ronin20122San Jose Snipers (206.5-104.1)
6101.8Philadelphia Bubonic Rats20127Dallas Desperados (223.6-121.8)
7100.8Philadelphia Bubonic Rats20117Columbus Buckeye Dawgs (144.8-44)
8100.2San Antonio Saints201211El Paso Vipers (249.5-149.3)
994.4Kalamazoo Wolverines201110Seattle Executioners (140.3-45.9)
1088St Louis Hammerheads20127Kalamazoo Wolverines (181-93)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Dallas Desperados20122El Paso Vipers (158.2-157.9)
20.50Columbus Buckeye Dawgs20121Denver Destroyers (147.4-146.9)
30.80El Paso Vipers20128San Jose Snipers (140.6-139.8)
41Kalamazoo Wolverines20117San Antonio Saints (111-110)
5 (tie)1.40Sacramento Assassins201113Seattle Executioners (99.2-97.8)
 1.40Seattle Executioners20127Grants Pirates (136-134.6)
71.80Seattle Executioners201114El Paso Vipers (106.9-105.1)
82.10Columbus Buckeye Dawgs201210San Jose Snipers (99.2-97.1)
9 (tie)2.90San Diego Ronin201110St Louis Hammerheads (156.3-153.4)
 2.90Las Vegas Aces20128Columbus Buckeye Dawgs (104-101.1)

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