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LCFL XV Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1128Hermosa Lollygaggers200412
2117Hermosa Lollygaggers20043
3111Brass Knockers20068
4108Bronco Busters200413
5107Dead Money DeWitt20153
6106So Cal Spitoons20112
7103Brass Knockers200710
8102Hermosa Lollygaggers200410
9100Punjabi MC20149
1098Brass Knockers200511
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1-31Tears & Beers20094
2-25Tears & Beers200916
3-21Dead Money DeWitt20108
4 (tie)-19Punjabi MC201110
 -19Mumbai Marauders20078
6-16Mumbai Marauders201013
7 (tie)-14RKB Players Club20095
 -14So Cal Spitoons20068
9 (tie)-13Punjabi MC20076
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
15RKB Players Club200513OR Anas Platyrhynchos (5-4)
211RKB Players Club20118Punjabi MC (11-1)
312DonkeyPunch20089LBSC (12-10)
4 (tie)13Seathurms201511RKB Players Club (13--2)
 13Mumbai Marauders20098Seathurms (13--9)
6 (tie)15Muddogs20149Tears & Beers (15-9)
 15Seathurms20095RKB Players Club (15--14)
8 (tie)16Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc20156RKB Players Club (16-15)
 16Muddogs20108Tears & Beers (16-12)
 16RKB Players Club20088Brass Knockers (16-12)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
186Muddogs20112Punjabi MC (86-91)
280LBSC201011Tears & Beers (80-87)
378LBSC20144Dead Money DeWitt (78-94)
4 (tie)76Dead Money DeWitt20131RKB Players Club (76-79)
 76So Cal Spitoons20153Dead Money DeWitt (76-107)
6 (tie)75Muddogs201114Dead Money DeWitt (75-83)
 75RKB Players Club20053Dead Money DeWitt (75-83)
8 (tie)74LBSC200714Mumbai Marauders (74-86)
 74Hermosa Lollygaggers200416Bronco Busters (74-94)
1073Bronco Busters200412OR Anas Platyrhynchos (73-80)
Most Combined Points
1183Dead Money DeWitt vs So Cal Spitoons (107-76)20153
2177Punjabi MC vs Muddogs (91-86)20112
3174Bronco Busters vs LBSC (108-66)200413
4172Dead Money DeWitt vs LBSC (94-78)20144
5 (tie)171So Cal Spitoons vs Brass Knockers (106-65)20112
 171Hermosa Lollygaggers vs Muddogs (128-43)200412
7168Bronco Busters vs Hermosa Lollygaggers (94-74)200416
8167Tears & Beers vs LBSC (87-80)201011
9160Mumbai Marauders vs LBSC (86-74)200714
10 (tie)158Punjabi MC vs Dead Money DeWitt (100-58)20149
 158Dead Money DeWitt vs Muddogs (83-75)201114
 158Dead Money DeWitt vs RKB Players Club (83-75)20053
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)1Seathurms vs RKB Players Club (15--14)20095
 1So Cal Spitoons vs Tears & Beers (32--31)20094
33Brass Knockers vs Dead Money DeWitt (24--21)20108
44Mumbai Marauders vs Seathurms (13--9)20098
56Mumbai Marauders vs Tears & Beers (31--25)200916
69RKB Players Club vs OR Anas Platyrhynchos (5-4)200513
710Hermosa Lollygaggers vs Dead Money DeWitt (20--10)20065
8 (tie)11Muddogs vs Tears & Beers (20--9)201014
 11Seathurms vs RKB Players Club (13--2)201511
1012RKB Players Club vs Punjabi MC (11-1)20118
Victory Margin
193Brass Knockers200710Muddogs (103-10)
290Brass Knockers20126Punjabi MC (82--8)
388Brass Knockers200810Bronco Busters (94-6)
487Muddogs201110Punjabi MC (68--19)
586Hermosa Lollygaggers20043Dead Money DeWitt (117-31)
6 (tie)85Muddogs201410LBSC (82--3)
 85Hermosa Lollygaggers200412Muddogs (128-43)
882Brass Knockers20117Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc (90-8)
9 (tie)81Punjabi MC20097RKB Players Club (79--2)
 81DonkeyPunch20088Bronco Busters (75--6)

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