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Totally Involved - DieHard Fantasy Challenge - 2019 v18 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2378Deadwood Prowlers201413
3377Beamer City Bad Boys20184
4 (tie)364Deadwood Prowlers20132
 364Boston Breakers20193
8353Clutch City Cardiac Cats20187
9 (tie)352Dalton Dictators20129
 352Magic City Savages20199
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Cohutta Carnivores201710
217Noble Cremators200513
333Crystal Lake Crushers20024
434Jax Raiders200611
5 (tie)37Carpet Capital Bandits20056
 37Jax Raiders20044
 37Whitfield Central Warlords20043
838Jax Raiders20024
939Jax Raiders20065
1040Jax Raiders20043
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150Tarheels200513Noble Cremators (50-17)
253Timbervale Lumberjacks200510Noble Cremators (53-51)
354River City Fins20065Jax Raiders (54-39)
4 (tie)55Tarheels20055Carpet Capital Bandits (55-46)
 55Timbervale Lumberjacks20059Mike Jones (55-52)
656Carpet Capital Bandits20059Jax Raiders (56-43)
757CovDub Deucesiders20063Jax Raiders (57-54)
858Carpet Capital Bandits20049Jax Raiders (58-53)
959Tarheels20058Timbervale Lumberjacks (59-48)
1060Saucon Valley FF200210Derby City Rage (60-58)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1334Tarheels201813Gville Sequel (334-339)
2316Cohutta Carnivores20121Air Force 1 (316-321)
3 (tie)314Venice Beasts20193Johnstown Trojans (314-330)
 314Venice Beasts20195Gville Sequel (314-317)
5313Clutch City Cardiac Cats201813Boston Breakers (313-336)
6310Dalton Dictators20134Edinburg Nightmare (310-319)
7 (tie)308River City Fins201213Calhoun YellowJackets (308-311)
 308Calhoun YellowJackets20131River City Fins (308-314)
 308Alpharetta Assassins20138Crystal Lake Crushers (308-313)
 308Edinburg Nightmare201413Deadwood Prowlers (308-378)
Most Combined Points
1686Deadwood Prowlers vs Edinburg Nightmare (378-308)201413
2685Mavericks vs Tarheels (381-304)201313
3673Gville Sequel vs Tarheels (339-334)201813
4649Boston Breakers vs Clutch City Cardiac Cats (336-313)201813
5644Johnstown Trojans vs Venice Beasts (330-314)20193
6638Tarheels vs Mavericks (351-287)201414
7637Air Force 1 vs Cohutta Carnivores (321-316)20121
8636Indep MO Prekals vs Dalton Dictators (338-298)20136
9633Gville Sequel vs Oxford Oxen (339-294)20189
10631Gville Sequel vs Venice Beasts (317-314)20195
Fewest Combined Point
167Tarheels vs Noble Cremators (50-17)200513
293River City Fins vs Jax Raiders (54-39)20065
399Carpet Capital Bandits vs Jax Raiders (56-43)20059
4101Tarheels vs Carpet Capital Bandits (55-46)20055
5104Timbervale Lumberjacks vs Noble Cremators (53-51)200510
6 (tie)105Noble Cremators vs Carpet Capital Bandits (68-37)20056
 105Carpet Capital Bandits vs Whitfield Central Warlords (68-37)20043
8 (tie)107Cloud of Dust vs Whitfield Central Warlords (63-44)200613
 107Noble Cremators vs Jax Raiders (73-34)200611
 107Timbervale Lumberjacks vs Mike Jones (55-52)20059
 107Tarheels vs Timbervale Lumberjacks (59-48)20058
Victory Margin
1256Edinburg Nightmare201710Cohutta Carnivores (256-0)
2171Clutch City Cardiac Cats201811Amboy Bolts (331-160)
3170Varnell DAWGS20195Amboy Bolts (298-128)
4169Beamer City Bad Boys201813Pittsburgh Rats (317-148)
5167Tarheels20142Cottonwood Dinos (348-181)
6161Varnell DAWGS20191Pittsburgh Rats (324-163)
7159Dalton Dictators20129Cohutta Carnivores (352-193)
8158Crystal Lake Crushers201711Jayhawks (313-155)
9151Boston Breakers201912Amboy Bolts (303-152)
10149Carpet Capital Bandits201413Jayhawks (335-186)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50Valley Ranch Mustangs200611Amboy Bolts (109-108.5)
 0.50Valley Ranch Mustangs20054Canton Connection (130.5-130)
 0.50Duval Dragons20051Williamsburg Whitetails (94-93.5)
4 (tie)1Independence Demolition20059Crystal Lake Crushers (73-72)
 1Independence Demolition200610Whitfield Central Warlords (79-78)
 1Cloud of Dust20061Noble Cremators (65-64)
 1Tarheels20054Cloud of Dust (83-82)
 1Tarheels20075Carpet Capital Bandits (122-121)
 1Tarheels20129Crystal Lake Crushers (277-276)
 1Saucon Valley FF20021Whitfield Central Warlords (84-83)
 1Valley Ranch Mustangs200711Cohutta Carnivores (118-117)
 1Cohutta Volunteers20047Canton Connection (166-165)
 1Duval Dragons20072Valley Ranch Mustangs (157-156)
 1Deadwood Prowlers200715Sugarland Express (118-117)
 1Cohutta Carnivores20111Air Force 1 (130-129)
 1Crossplains Catamounts20061Amboy Bolts (100.5-99.5)
 1Tunnel Hill Tigers20058Amboy Bolts (91.5-90.5)
 1Tunnel Hill Tigers20067Williamsburg Whitetails (106.5-105.5)
 1Noble Cremators200911Mavericks (123-122)
 1Amboy Bolts20119Deadwood Prowlers (130-129)
 1Dug Gap Grizzlies200712Amboy Bolts (108-107)
 1CovDub Deucesiders20066Whitfield Central Warlords (81-80)
 1CovDub Deucesiders20113Tarheels (101-100)
 1Mavericks200714Calhoun YellowJackets (132-131)
 1Sugarland Express20078Duval Dragons (83-82)
 1Independence Freedom20113Valley Ranch Mustangs (145-144)
 1Independence Freedom20113Dug Gap Grizzlies (145-144)
 1New Town Tide20096Tarheels (144-143)
 1Cottonwood Dinos20103Calhoun YellowJackets (101-100)
 1Cottonwood Dinos20119Carpet Capital Bandits (105-104)

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