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Xtreme Dynasty League est 2010 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1169.2Philadelphia Brawlers201011
2162.4Utah Lollygaggers20112
3159.3Portland Rampage20109
4158.5Philadelphia Brawlers20112
5158.1Indiana Ice201011
6157.1Utah Lollygaggers20111
7154.3Portland Rampage20123
8154St Louis Hammerheads20113
9153.8Pittsburgh Maulers201212
10153.2Utah Lollygaggers20119
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
145.2San Diego FireStorm20115
245.3Portland Rampage201211
350.6Utah Lollygaggers20104
450.8Indiana Ice201110
554.5Pittsburgh Piranhas20108
655.1San Diego FireStorm201215
755.5Utah Lollygaggers20102
859Indiana Ice20105
959.5Salt Lake City Devil Dogs201016
1060.2Indiana Ice20104
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
172.7Indiana Ice20102St Louis Hammerheads (72.7-64.5)
277.6Pittsburgh Maulers20104St Louis Hammerheads (77.6-75)
379.4Arizona Gunslingers20125Las Vegas Casinos (79.4-74.3)
480.8Pittsburgh Maulers20117Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (80.8-71.6)
581.4Arizona Gunslingers20118Pittsburgh Maulers (81.4-79.9)
682Pittsburgh Piranhas201014Philadelphia Brawlers (82-79.4)
782.1Philadelphia Brawlers201111St Louis Hammerheads (82.1-77.1)
8 (tie)83Pittsburgh Maulers201111Homewood Homicide (83-77.6)
 83Indiana Ice20123St Louis Hammerheads (83-81.2)
1083.1Philadelphia Brawlers20106Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (83.1-74.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1143.5Philadelphia Brawlers201212Pittsburgh Maulers (143.5-153.8)
2132Pittsburgh Maulers20124Philadelphia Brawlers (132-135.4)
3131.1Philadelphia Brawlers20125St Louis Hammerheads (131.1-149.4)
4129.4Portland Rampage20103Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (129.4-137.5)
5128.1San Diego FireStorm20123Arizona Gunslingers (128.1-130.1)
6127.9Pittsburgh Piranhas20102Homewood Homicide (127.9-131.3)
7127.6Pittsburgh Maulers201216Utah Lollygaggers (127.6-129.4)
8124.8Arizona Gunslingers20124Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (124.8-143.4)
9122.3Pittsburgh Piranhas201113St Louis Hammerheads (122.3-128)
10122San Diego FireStorm20112Utah Lollygaggers (122-162.4)
Most Combined Points
1297.3Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia Brawlers (153.8-143.5)201212
2284.4Utah Lollygaggers vs San Diego FireStorm (162.4-122)20112
3280.5St Louis Hammerheads vs Philadelphia Brawlers (149.4-131.1)20125
4275.8Philadelphia Brawlers vs Pittsburgh Maulers (158.5-117.3)20112
5270.6Philadelphia Brawlers vs St Louis Hammerheads (169.2-101.4)201011
6268.2Salt Lake City Devil Dogs vs Arizona Gunslingers (143.4-124.8)20124
7267.4Philadelphia Brawlers vs Pittsburgh Maulers (135.4-132)20124
8267.1Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia Brawlers (147.3-119.8)201010
9266.9Salt Lake City Devil Dogs vs Portland Rampage (137.5-129.4)20103
10266.2Pittsburgh Maulers vs Homewood Homicide (151.7-114.5)201213
Fewest Combined Points
1135.6Arizona Gunslingers vs San Diego FireStorm (90.4-45.2)20115
2137.2Indiana Ice vs St Louis Hammerheads (72.7-64.5)20102
3149.7Indiana Ice vs Pittsburgh Maulers (83.4-66.3)201014
4152.4Pittsburgh Maulers vs Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (80.8-71.6)20117
5152.6Pittsburgh Maulers vs St Louis Hammerheads (77.6-75)20104
6153.7Arizona Gunslingers vs Las Vegas Casinos (79.4-74.3)20125
7156.7Pittsburgh Piranhas vs Pittsburgh Maulers (85.3-71.4)20109
8158Philadelphia Brawlers vs Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (83.1-74.9)20106
9158.1Salt Lake City Devil Dogs vs Las Vegas Casinos (86.5-71.6)20122
10159.2Philadelphia Brawlers vs St Louis Hammerheads (82.1-77.1)201111
Victory Margin
1100.2Salt Lake City Devil Dogs201211Portland Rampage (145.5-45.3)
297.8St Louis Hammerheads201110Indiana Ice (148.6-50.8)
391.3Homewood Homicide20104Indiana Ice (151.5-60.2)
482.1Arizona Gunslingers201215San Diego FireStorm (137.2-55.1)
578.1Portland Rampage20109Arizona Gunslingers (159.3-81.2)
677.8Pittsburgh Piranhas20122Homewood Homicide (147.4-69.6)
775.6Salt Lake City Devil Dogs20104Utah Lollygaggers (126.2-50.6)
873.8Pittsburgh Piranhas201016Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (133.3-59.5)
972.4Pittsburgh Maulers20126Portland Rampage (146.7-74.3)
1071.2St Louis Hammerheads201116Arizona Gunslingers (146.5-75.3)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Philadelphia Brawlers20114Pittsburgh Piranhas (104.5-104.4)
21Pittsburgh Piranhas20128Arizona Gunslingers (117.9-116.9)
31.50Arizona Gunslingers20118Pittsburgh Maulers (81.4-79.9)
4 (tie)1.80Homewood Homicide201210Pittsburgh Piranhas (118.2-116.4)
 1.80Utah Lollygaggers201216Pittsburgh Maulers (129.4-127.6)
 1.80San Diego FireStorm20103Las Vegas Casinos (113.3-111.5)
 1.80Indiana Ice20123St Louis Hammerheads (83-81.2)
 1.80Portland Rampage201111Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (113.3-111.5)
9 (tie)1.90St Louis Hammerheads20106Portland Rampage (99.3-97.4)
 1.90San Diego FireStorm20119Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (103.6-101.7)
 1.90San Diego FireStorm20113Las Vegas Casinos (117.4-115.5)

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