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Armchair Quarterbacks Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1200Chicago ETs20207
2 (tie)191Lead Slingers201616
 191United We Stand20233
4189I Want the Throne20234
5 (tie)184The Outsiders20188
 184Luckness Monster20148
7182Lead Slingers201610
8181Chi-Town Mafia20233
9180I Want the Throne20191
10179Lead Slingers201614
11177Chi-Town Mafia20187
12176BW Brawlers20185
13 (tie)175I Want the Throne201912
 175Beast Mode20168
 1752nd II None: Nemesis20228
16 (tie)174BW Brawlers20207
 174The Outsiders20185
18 (tie)173Cole Train20156
 173Cole Train20161
20172Windy City Outlaws20184
21 (tie)171Lead Slingers20145
 171K-Town Patriots20202
 171Windy City Outlaws202313
 171The Art of Black & Gold20184
25 (tie)170Lead Slingers20187
 170Chicago ETs20224
 170Elk Slayers20184
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
155Chicago ETs202112Skull Crushers (55-13)
263Lead Slingers20157Luckness Monster (63-59)
364Chicago ETs201614BW Brawlers (64-58)
466Cole Train20133Bum Raaps (66-64)
567Cole Train201514BW Brawlers (67-65)
668United We Stand202110Skull Crushers (68-60)
771Champion Ship20154Bum Raaps (71-68)
872Lead Slingers20219The Seminoles (72-67)
9 (tie)74Lead Slingers20139The Art of Black & Gold (74-61)
 742nd II None: Nemesis20176Moby Ditka (74-61)
 74Bum Raaps20137Chicago ETs (74-73)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1153Luckness Monster20158Windy City Outlaws (153-154)
2 (tie)150Moby Ditka201614Lead Slingers (150-179)
 150Moby Ditka201962nd II None: Nemesis (150-155)
 150Luckness Monster20156Cole Train (150-173)
5149The Seminoles20233BW Brawlers (149-156)
6148Chicago ETs20184The Art of Black & Gold (148-171)
7 (tie)147Lead Slingers20191I Want the Throne (147-180)
 147K-Town Patriots20233United We Stand (147-191)
 147Luckness Monster20159K-Town Patriots (147-150)
10 (tie)146I Want the Throne202116BW Brawlers (146-150)
 146BW Brawlers20202The Art of Black & Gold (146-147)
Most Combined Points
1338United We Stand vs K-Town Patriots (191-147)20233
2329Lead Slingers vs Moby Ditka (179-150)201614
3327I Want the Throne vs Lead Slingers (180-147)20191
4323Cole Train vs Luckness Monster (173-150)20156
5319The Art of Black & Gold vs Chicago ETs (171-148)20184
6 (tie)3092nd II None: Nemesis vs Beast Mode (175-134)20228
 309BW Brawlers vs United We Stand (169-140)20215
8 (tie)308Chi-Town Mafia vs Windy City Outlaws (181-127)20233
 308I Want the Throne vs K-Town Patriots (164-144)20238
 308United We Stand vs Lead Slingers (164-144)20202
Fewest Combined Points
168Chicago ETs vs Skull Crushers (55-13)202112
293Windy City Outlaws vs Skull Crushers (93-0)202114
3104K-Town Patriots vs The Outsiders (104-0)201817
4120BW Brawlers vs Skull Crushers (120-0)202113
5 (tie)122Lead Slingers vs Luckness Monster (63-59)20157
 122Chicago ETs vs BW Brawlers (64-58)201614
7124Chicago ETs vs Bum Raaps (80-44)201313
8128United We Stand vs Skull Crushers (68-60)202110
9 (tie)130Windy City Outlaws vs The Outsiders (130-0)201816
 130Cole Train vs Bum Raaps (66-64)20133
Victory Margin
1130Windy City Outlaws201816The Outsiders (130-0)
2120BW Brawlers202113Skull Crushers (120-0)
3107Chicago ETs20207Windy City Outlaws (200-93)
4104K-Town Patriots201817The Outsiders (104-0)
5 (tie)97Chicago ETs201513Lead Slingers (169-72)
 97Chi-Town Mafia20228The Seminoles (163-66)
796Lead Slingers201616Moby Ditka (191-95)
895Luckness Monster20148Cole Train (184-89)
994Beast Mode202210The Seminoles (132-38)
10 (tie)93Windy City Outlaws202114Skull Crushers (93-0)
 93The Outsiders20185Moby Ditka (174-81)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Lead Slingers20196Chi-Town Mafia (82-81)
 1Lead Slingers201313BW Brawlers (113-112)
 1Lead Slingers202011I Want the Throne (140-139)
 1K-Town Patriots202072nd II None: Nemesis (100-99)
 1K-Town Patriots20187BW Brawlers (110-109)
 1The Seminoles202113Chicago ETs (100-99)
 1Chicago ETs20201K-Town Patriots (93-92)
 1Chicago ETs20179Lead Slingers (124-123)
 1Chicago ETs20212The Seminoles (144-143)
 1BW Brawlers202214The Seminoles (77-76)
 1BW Brawlers201911Beast Mode (93-92)
 1BW Brawlers20135Moby Ditka (95-94)
 1BW Brawlers201916Beast Mode (109-108)
 1Windy City Outlaws201912Chicago ETs (105-104)
 1Windy City Outlaws20158Luckness Monster (154-153)
 1The Art of Black & Gold201711Elk Slayers (145-144)
 1The Art of Black & Gold20202BW Brawlers (147-146)
 12nd II None: Nemesis201610Beast Mode (100-99)
 12nd II None: Nemesis20173Windy City Outlaws (112-111)
 12nd II None: Nemesis20187Elk Slayers (113-112)
 12nd II None: Nemesis20181Chi-Town Mafia (131-130)
 12nd II None: Nemesis20222Windy City Outlaws (134-133)
 1Chi-Town Mafia20239Beast Mode (105-104)
 1Moby Ditka20189BW Brawlers (88-87)
 1Moby Ditka201417The Art of Black & Gold (107-106)
 1Moby Ditka201910Chi-Town Mafia (130-129)
 1Moby Ditka20169BW Brawlers (145-144)
 1Bum Raaps201413Cole Train (126-125)

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