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Superior League 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1178.5*DoCoMo II20066
2170.7*Superior Cats II20076
3168.5*Tekela BRAT KATs200412
6162.2*Superior Cats II20053
7162.1*Tekela BRAT KATs20069
8160.95*Superior Cats II200711
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
243.7*Dixie Raiders20086
344.3*The Rumblin Rams200812
444.85*Hodge Podge20077
546.1*Superior Cats II20054
647*Dixie Raiders20081
747.3*Canadian Bacon20057
847.5*all faulked up20034
947.65*Smells Like Smurf20054
1048.15Hurricane Horror200411
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.85Kill em All200411Hurricane Horror (60.85-48.15)
262.25Hurricane Horror20033*all faulked up (62.25-50.55)
362.95*BrownsROCK20083*VINCERO (62.95-61.35)
464.85*Tekela BRAT KATs20031Hurricane Horror (64.85-53.7)
566.1*Bulldogz20085*Upstate SacTech (66.1-63.5)
666.8*Spoons20085*Dixie Raiders (66.8-56.6)
768.35Kill em All20036*Smells Like Smurf (68.35-50.7)
868.9Hurricane Horror20043*Smells Like Smurf (68.9-62.15)
969.4*Fantastic One20064*Mutt Cutts (69.4-62.9)
1070.25*Freak Nation20055*WAHEENAHS (70.25-67.65)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1138.45*Tekela BRAT KATs200310*Superior Cats II (138.45-153.8)
2137.35Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE)200412*WayFastFish (137.35-164.9)
3130.9*Bulldogz20073*DoCoMo II (130.9-141.5)
4130.35*Tekela BRAT KATs200711*Superior Cats II (130.35-160.95)
5129.6*Bulldogz20077*Spoons (129.6-130.55)
6129.45*Tekela BRAT KATs200812*DoCoMo II (129.45-136.35)
7126.95Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE)200413*DoCoMo II (126.95-149.6)
8126.85*WAHEENAHS20054*Tekela BRAT KATs (126.85-142.1)
9123.55Kill em All200315*WayFastFish (123.55-127.4)
10122.8*all faulked up200612*Tekela BRAT KATs (122.8-131.5)
Most Combined Points
1302.25*WayFastFish vs Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE) (164.9-137.35)200412
2292.25*Superior Cats II vs *Tekela BRAT KATs (153.8-138.45)200310
3 (tie)291.3*Superior Cats II vs *Tekela BRAT KATs (160.95-130.35)200711
 291.3*Superior Cats II vs *Bulldogz (170.7-120.6)20076
5276.55*DoCoMo II vs Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE) (149.6-126.95)200413
6272.4*DoCoMo II vs *Bulldogz (141.5-130.9)20073
7268.95*Tekela BRAT KATs vs *WAHEENAHS (142.1-126.85)20054
8265.8*DoCoMo II vs *Tekela BRAT KATs (136.35-129.45)200812
9260.5*DoCoMo II vs *WAHEENAHS (178.5-82)20066
10260.15*Spoons vs *Bulldogz (130.55-129.6)20077
Fewest Combined Points
1109Kill em All vs Hurricane Horror (60.85-48.15)200411
2112.8Hurricane Horror vs *all faulked up (62.25-50.55)20033
3118.55*Tekela BRAT KATs vs Hurricane Horror (64.85-53.7)20031
4119.05Kill em All vs *Smells Like Smurf (68.35-50.7)20036
5119.7*Smells Like Smurf vs *Canadian Bacon (72.4-47.3)20057
6120.7*The Rumblin Rams vs *Dixie Raiders (77-43.7)20086
7123.4*Spoons vs *Dixie Raiders (66.8-56.6)20085
8124.3*BrownsROCK vs *VINCERO (62.95-61.35)20083
9128.4Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *Fantastic One (73.75-54.65)200611
10128.8*all faulked up vs *BestBum (76.6-52.2)20036
Victory Margin
196.5*DoCoMo II20066*WAHEENAHS (178.5-82)
295.35*Freak Nation20077*Hodge Podge (140.2-44.85)
395*Superior Cats II20053*Smells Like Smurf (162.2-67.2)
486.2*Tekela BRAT KATs200412*Smells Like Smurf (168.5-82.3)
583.6*Tekela BRAT KATs200714*Freak Nation (138.35-54.75)
682.85*BestBum20043*Superior Cats II (163.05-80.2)
782.25*Tekela BRAT KATs20069Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (162.1-79.85)
881.25*Tekela BRAT KATs20059*DoCoMo II (148.25-67)
979.45*WayFastFish20064*Freak Nation (137.1-57.65)
1077.7*Tekela BRAT KATs200615*The Space Cowboys (149.8-72.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*WayFastFish200410*BrownsROCK (99.8-99.75)
20.10Kill em All20048*BrownsROCK (111.55-111.45)
3 (tie)0.25Kill em All200311*BestBum (92.25-92)
 0.25*D&B Maniacs20086*Upstate SacTech (94.75-94.5)
50.30*Superior Cats II20041*Tekela BRAT KATs (94-93.7)
60.40*DoCoMo II20051*Tekela BRAT KATs (121.5-121.1)
70.50*BrownsROCK20076*WayFastFish (89.55-89.05)
80.55*DoCoMo II20081*Superior Cats II (83.95-83.4)
90.70Hurricane Horror200310Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE) (91.45-90.75)
100.80Jagermeister Shots (TEAM FOR SALE)20033*Superior Cats II (80.45-79.65)

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