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DynastyOGs '19 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1282Cobra Command20126
2275LB Gangbangers20112
3273Cobra Command201012
4272The Program20163
5270THE WAY SHE GOES!!!20109
7 (tie)267Kiss da Baby20148
 267Cobra Command20111
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
177The Program20104
283The Program201311
387Rusty Trombone20153
594Killa Bills201911
696THE WAY SHE GOES!!!201713
7 (tie)98Kiss da Baby20179
 98Forties 'n Nines201613
 98Forties 'n Nines20178
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1105No Engrish 20153Rusty Trombone (105-87)
2117No Engrish 201095th Dynasty (117-116)
3120No Engrish 20104The Program (120-77)
4124Rain City Ballers20155No Engrish (124-108)
5128Kiss da Baby201614The Program (128-120)
6130Killa Bills201912Rusty Trombone (130-127)
7133LB Gangbangers20156No Engrish (133-128)
8 (tie)135Kiss da Baby20147No Engrish (135-126)
 135No Engrish 20195LB Gangbangers (135-131)
 135Toots Champs - Semin Holes20171THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (135-120)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1242Ochenta y Cuatro20123The Kosher Burrito (242-256)
2 (tie)229Forties 'n Nines20148Kiss da Baby (229-267)
 229The Kosher Burrito201211Cobra Command (229-236)
 229Rusty Trombone20113THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (229-233)
5227Cobra Command20112The Kosher Burrito (227-238)
6225The Program20157HoOpleheads (225-262)
7224Cobra Command20113FFC (224-255)
8222Rusty Trombone20183THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (222-229)
9221THE WAY SHE GOES!!!20126Kiss da Baby (221-226)
10 (tie)220Kiss da Baby201012Cobra Command (220-273)
 220FFC20124HoOpleheads (220-221)
Most Combined Points
1498The Kosher Burrito vs Ochenta y Cuatro (256-242)20123
2496Kiss da Baby vs Forties 'n Nines (267-229)20148
3493Cobra Command vs Kiss da Baby (273-220)201012
4487HoOpleheads vs The Program (262-225)20157
5479FFC vs Cobra Command (255-224)20113
6476Cobra Command vs LB Gangbangers (282-194)20126
7 (tie)465Cobra Command vs The Kosher Burrito (236-229)201211
 465The Kosher Burrito vs Cobra Command (238-227)20112
9 (tie)463Rain City Ballers vs Forties 'n Nines (252-211)20153
 463Kiss da Baby vs The Kosher Burrito (252-211)201413
Fewest Combined Points
1192No Engrish vs Rusty Trombone (105-87)20153
2197No Engrish vs The Program (120-77)20104
3232Rain City Ballers vs No Engrish (124-108)20155
4233No Engrish vs 5th Dynasty (117-116)20109
5 (tie)248LB Gangbangers vs THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (136-112)201710
 248Kiss da Baby vs The Program (128-120)201614
7 (tie)249Cobra Command vs FFC (137-112)20139
 249No Engrish vs FFC (146-103)20172
9250THE WAY SHE GOES!!! vs HoOpleheads (137-113)20128
10254Forties 'n Nines vs THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (136-118)20159
Highest Margin of Victory
1132Rusty Trombone20196Kiss da Baby (237-105)
2130HoOpleheads20132The Kosher Burrito (264-134)
3121The Program20183Cobra Command (238-117)
4118The Program20163Ochenta y Cuatro (272-154)
5117HoOpleheads201810Forties 'n Nines (268-151)
6116THE WAY SHE GOES!!!20109The Program (270-154)
7113Forties 'n Nines20114THE WAY SHE GOES!!! (259-146)
8112The Kosher Burrito20119LB Gangbangers (256-144)
9110HoOpleheads201513Rusty Trombone (244-134)
10107Cobra Command201311The Program (190-83)

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