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The Big Hit Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1137.95Brush Fire20053
2137.3The Syndicate20055
3135.5Bad Beat20053
4134.2Big Slick200511
5133.1Galloping Gnus200511
6129.45The Neil Cavuto Experience20053
7126.9Bad Beat20054
8125.6Paranoid Android20054
9124.1The Neil Cavuto Experience20056
10123.1Gang Green20054
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136.85Writ Of Certiorari200513
247.95The Nuts20056
350.2The Neil Cavuto Experience200515
452.15Writ Of Certiorari20055
554.45The Syndicate200510
654.55Big D200510
755.45Galloping Gnus20057
856.25Big Slick20052
957.5Gang Green200512
1059.55Galloping Gnus20055
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
165.85Paranoid Android20055Writ Of Certiorari (65.85-52.15)
273.8Big Slick20059Paranoid Android (73.8-71.4)
374.1Big Slick20053Galloping Gnus (74.1-71.25)
476.5The Syndicate20059Writ Of Certiorari (76.5-76.4)
576.55Paranoid Android20051Big D (76.55-60.35)
680Art Of War20056Big Slick (80-61.7)
780.55Brush Fire20058The Syndicate (80.55-75.75)
880.85Brush Fire20056Writ Of Certiorari (80.85-75.05)
981.15Brush Fire200510Big D (81.15-54.55)
1082.45The Nuts20055Big Slick (82.45-76.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1129.45The Neil Cavuto Experience20053Brush Fire (129.45-137.95)
2123.1Gang Green20054Paranoid Android (123.1-125.6)
3122.3Gang Green20055The Syndicate (122.3-137.3)
4113.05The Nuts200511Art Of War (113.05-117.5)
5104.85Bad Beat200511Big Slick (104.85-134.2)
6104.35The Neil Cavuto Experience20055Big D (104.35-109.95)
7104.1The Neil Cavuto Experience200512Bad Beat (104.1-118.3)
8103.5Gang Green20053Bad Beat (103.5-135.5)
9100.25Gang Green20056Galloping Gnus (100.25-106.45)
1099.35Big D200512Galloping Gnus (99.35-112.15)
Most Combined Points
1267.4Brush Fire vs The Neil Cavuto Experience (137.95-129.45)20053
2259.6The Syndicate vs Gang Green (137.3-122.3)20055
3248.7Paranoid Android vs Gang Green (125.6-123.1)20054
4239.05Big Slick vs Bad Beat (134.2-104.85)200511
5239Bad Beat vs Gang Green (135.5-103.5)20053
6230.55Art Of War vs The Nuts (117.5-113.05)200511
7222.4Bad Beat vs The Neil Cavuto Experience (118.3-104.1)200512
8218.55The Neil Cavuto Experience vs Paranoid Android (124.1-94.45)20056
9214.75Galloping Gnus vs Brush Fire (133.1-81.65)200511
10214.3Big D vs The Neil Cavuto Experience (109.95-104.35)20055
Fewest Combined Points
1118Paranoid Android vs Writ Of Certiorari (65.85-52.15)20055
2133.35Brush Fire vs The Neil Cavuto Experience (83.15-50.2)200515
3135.7Brush Fire vs Big D (81.15-54.55)200510
4136.9Paranoid Android vs Big D (76.55-60.35)20051
5140.65Bad Beat vs Writ Of Certiorari (103.8-36.85)200513
6141.7Art Of War vs Big Slick (80-61.7)20056
7142.65Galloping Gnus vs The Syndicate (88.2-54.45)200510
8144.85Bad Beat vs Galloping Gnus (85.3-59.55)20055
9145.2Big Slick vs Paranoid Android (73.8-71.4)20059
10145.35Big Slick vs Galloping Gnus (74.1-71.25)20053
Victory Margin
166.95Bad Beat200513Writ Of Certiorari (103.8-36.85)
265.95Big D20056The Nuts (113.9-47.95)
364.4Paranoid Android20057Galloping Gnus (119.85-55.45)
460.55The Nuts200512Gang Green (118.05-57.5)
553.35Big Slick200513The Neil Cavuto Experience (120.05-66.7)
651.45Galloping Gnus200511Brush Fire (133.1-81.65)
751.3Big Slick200510The Neil Cavuto Experience (115.35-64.05)
848.95The Nuts200510Paranoid Android (120.25-71.3)
945.3Art Of War20055Brush Fire (106.5-61.2)
1044.85Bad Beat20054Big Slick (126.9-82.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.10The Syndicate20059Writ Of Certiorari (76.5-76.4)
21.35Art Of War200514Galloping Gnus (97.05-95.7)
31.40Galloping Gnus20052The Neil Cavuto Experience (87.45-86.05)
41.55Paranoid Android200511Gang Green (85.35-83.8)
52.40Big Slick20059Paranoid Android (73.8-71.4)
62.50Paranoid Android20054Gang Green (125.6-123.1)
72.85Big Slick20053Galloping Gnus (74.1-71.25)
83.15The Syndicate20053Paranoid Android (98.7-95.55)
93.20Writ Of Certiorari200511The Neil Cavuto Experience (94.45-91.25)
103.25The Nuts200515Bad Beat (100.1-96.85)

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