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FNFL Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1319.6Nanaimo Dirty Birds20168
2315Nanaimo Dirty Birds20079
3312.1Raleigh Railhawks201413
4309.2Woodbury Bullet Ants20184
5305Kentucky Thunderchickens20102
6303.4Lakehead Gold20131
7 (tie)303Tacoma Tiburones20077
 303New Orleans Hurricanes20123
9302.7Alpha Company20109
10302.1Lakehead Gold20144
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1268.2Kentucky Thunderchickens201515Nanaimo Dirty Birds (268.2-282.4)
2263.8Blackstoops Hypnotoad20182Nanaimo Dirty Birds (263.8-300)
3261.6New Orleans Hurricanes20138Nanaimo Dirty Birds (261.6-262.3)
4260.4Miami Evil Pandas20119Kentucky Thunderchickens (260.4-267.4)
5259.5Lakeville Lunatics20124Alpha Company (259.5-266.2)
6258Brockville Brawlers20173Kentucky Thunderchickens (258-273)
7257.2DC Defenders20102Kentucky Thunderchickens (257.2-305)
8 (tie)256.1Hyvinkaa Butchers20131Nanaimo Dirty Birds (256.1-259.7)
 256.1Decatur Staleys201816Raleigh Railhawks (256.1-271.2)
10254.6Kentucky Thunderchickens20131New Orleans Hurricanes (254.6-259.2)
Most Combined Points
1566.2Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs New Orleans Hurricanes (319.6-246.6)20168
2563.8Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Blackstoops Hypnotoad (300-263.8)20182
3562.2Kentucky Thunderchickens vs DC Defenders (305-257.2)20102
4554.8Raleigh Railhawks vs Tampa Bay Tigers (312.1-242.7)201413
5550.6Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Kentucky Thunderchickens (282.4-268.2)201515
6536.3Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Raleigh Railhawks (283.3-253)201811
7532.9Alpha Company vs DC Defenders (283.2-249.7)200915
8531Kentucky Thunderchickens vs Brockville Brawlers (273-258)20173
9529Lakehead Gold vs San Diego Thunder (302.1-226.9)20144
10528.3Fort Dick Woodies vs Liberty Rebels (285.8-242.5)20131
Victory Margin
1193.1New Orleans Hurricanes201410North Nanaimo Tycoons (285-91.9)
2181.6Woodbury Bullet Ants20184Blackstoops Hypnotoad (309.2-127.6)
3170.4New Orleans Hurricanes20096San Francisco Quakes (284.7-114.3)
4167Nanaimo Dirty Birds20079Ann Arbor Arsenal (315-148)
5148.3Tampa Bay Tigers20154North Nanaimo Tycoons (249.7-101.4)
6147.5Decatur Staleys201810Washington DC MadMen (273.3-125.8)
7146.5Alpha Company20119Charlotte Dragons (260-113.5)
8134.4Lakehead Gold20131Houston Tanks (303.4-169)
9133.5Liberty Rebels20156North Nanaimo Tycoons (247.6-114.1)
10130.7Alpha Company20099Charlotte Dragons (283.1-152.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.10California Clash 20097Tacoma Tiburones (201.2-201.1)
2 (tie)0.20Raleigh Railhawks20181Brockville Brawlers (191.9-191.7)
 0.20Maui Mustangs201510Liberty Rebels (207.2-207)
4 (tie)0.30Lakehead Gold20132Florida Mean Machine (245.2-244.9)
 0.30Raleigh Railhawks201411Nanaimo Dirty Birds (196.5-196.2)
6 (tie)0.40Tacoma Tiburones20099Houston Tanks (215.5-215.1)
 0.40Kentucky Thunderchickens20114Houston Tanks (227.4-227)
8 (tie)0.50Trojan Explosion20069Alpha Company (133-132.5)
 0.50Woodbury Bullet Ants201711Kentucky Thunderchickens (230-229.5)
10 (tie)0.60New Orleans Hurricanes201712Raleigh Railhawks (239-238.4)
 0.60Windsor City Rage20104New Orleans Hurricanes (167.8-167.2)

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