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FNFL Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1319.6Nanaimo Dirty Birds20168
2315Nanaimo Dirty Birds20079
3312.8Nanaimo Dirty Birds201915
4312.1Raleigh Railhawks201413
5309.2Woodbury Bullet Ants20184
6306.7Raleigh Railhawks20193
7305.2Nanaimo Dirty Birds20209
8305Kentucky Thunderchickens20102
9303.4Lakehead Gold20131
10 (tie)303Tacoma Tiburones20077
 303New Orleans Hurricanes20123
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1268.2Kentucky Thunderchickens201515Nanaimo Dirty Birds (268.2-282.4)
2263.8Blackstoops Hypnotoad20182Nanaimo Dirty Birds (263.8-300)
3261.6New Orleans Hurricanes20138Nanaimo Dirty Birds (261.6-262.3)
4260.4Miami Evil Pandas20119Kentucky Thunderchickens (260.4-267.4)
5259.5Lakeville Lunatics20124Alpha Company (259.5-266.2)
6258Brockville Brawlers20173Kentucky Thunderchickens (258-273)
7257.2DC Defenders20102Kentucky Thunderchickens (257.2-305)
8 (tie)256.1Hyvinkaa Butchers20131Nanaimo Dirty Birds (256.1-259.7)
 256.1Decatur Staleys201816Raleigh Railhawks (256.1-271.2)
10255Decatur Staleys201915Nanaimo Dirty Birds (255-312.8)
Most Combined Points
1567.8Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Decatur Staleys (312.8-255)201915
2566.2Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs New Orleans Hurricanes (319.6-246.6)20168
3563.8Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Blackstoops Hypnotoad (300-263.8)20182
4562.2Kentucky Thunderchickens vs DC Defenders (305-257.2)20102
5554.8Raleigh Railhawks vs Tampa Bay Tigers (312.1-242.7)201413
6553.9Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Woodbury Bullet Ants (299.7-254.2)201916
7552.3Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs North Nanaimo Tycoons (305.2-247.1)20209
8550.6Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Kentucky Thunderchickens (282.4-268.2)201515
9536.3Nanaimo Dirty Birds vs Raleigh Railhawks (283.3-253)201811
10532.9Alpha Company vs DC Defenders (283.2-249.7)200915
Victory Margin
1193.1New Orleans Hurricanes201410North Nanaimo Tycoons (285-91.9)
2181.6Woodbury Bullet Ants20184Blackstoops Hypnotoad (309.2-127.6)
3170.4New Orleans Hurricanes20096San Francisco Quakes (284.7-114.3)
4167Nanaimo Dirty Birds20079Ann Arbor Arsenal (315-148)
5148.3Tampa Bay Tigers20154North Nanaimo Tycoons (249.7-101.4)
6147.5Decatur Staleys201810Washington DC MadMen (273.3-125.8)
7146.5Alpha Company20119Charlotte Dragons (260-113.5)
8134.4Lakehead Gold20131Houston Tanks (303.4-169)
9133.5Liberty Rebels20156North Nanaimo Tycoons (247.6-114.1)
10130.7Alpha Company20099Charlotte Dragons (283.1-152.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.10California Clash 20097Tacoma Tiburones (201.2-201.1)
2 (tie)0.20Tampa Bay Tigers20201Sydney Spartans (213.3-213.1)
 0.20Raleigh Railhawks20181Brockville Brawlers (191.9-191.7)
 0.20Maui Mustangs201510Liberty Rebels (207.2-207)
 0.20Sydney Spartans20204Washington DC MadMen (200.4-200.2)
6 (tie)0.30Lakehead Gold20132Florida Mean Machine (245.2-244.9)
 0.30Raleigh Railhawks201411Nanaimo Dirty Birds (196.5-196.2)
 0.30Woodbury Bullet Ants201914Blackstoops Hypnotoad (236.2-235.9)
9 (tie)0.40Tacoma Tiburones20099Houston Tanks (215.5-215.1)
 0.40Kentucky Thunderchickens20114Houston Tanks (227.4-227)

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