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US Football League - USFLnation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1134Las Vegas Outlaws200612
2126Buffalo Bisons20079
3125Michigan Panthers20068
4123San Antonio Gunslingers20071
5122Philadelphia Stars20073
6121Philadelphia Stars200710
7120Michigan Panthers200612
8 (tie)119Michigan Panthers20067
 119Michigan Panthers20069
10118Philadelphia Stars200616
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
122New Jersey Generals200714
223New Jersey Generals20063
326Jacksonville Falcons20075
430Jacksonville Falcons20078
5 (tie)32Arizona Cardinals20065
 32Lynchburg Cats20075
737New Jersey Generals20076
838New Jersey Generals20062
939Lynchburg Cats20076
1042New Jersey Generals20061
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
145Pittsburgh Maulers20078Jacksonville Falcons (45-30)
251Jacksonville Falcons200716Oakland InVaders (51-50)
352San Antonio Gunslingers200710Jacksonville Falcons (52-46)
456Buffalo Bisons20074Lynchburg Cats (56-46)
5 (tie)60Pittsburgh Maulers20068Oakland InVaders (60-53)
 60New Jersey Generals20069Oakland InVaders (60-54)
 60Oakland InVaders20074New Jersey Generals (60-57)
861Arizona Cardinals20071New Jersey Generals (61-51)
962Jacksonville Falcons20074Michigan Panthers (62-52)
10 (tie)63San Antonio Gunslingers20079Pittsburgh Maulers (63-59)
 63Chicago Blitz20076New Jersey Generals (63-37)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1112Philadelphia Stars200610Michigan Panthers (112-115)
2107Philadelphia Stars200612Las Vegas Outlaws (107-134)
3 (tie)106Chicago Blitz20068Michigan Panthers (106-125)
 106Chicago Blitz20071San Antonio Gunslingers (106-123)
5104Oakland InVaders20073Philadelphia Stars (104-122)
6101Buffalo Bisons20076Michigan Panthers (101-104)
7 (tie)99San Antonio Gunslingers20074Las Vegas Outlaws (99-105)
 99Lynchburg Cats20072Jacksonville Falcons (99-110)
9 (tie)97Jacksonville Falcons20064New Jersey Generals (97-103)
 97Kansas City Chiefs20068Jacksonville Falcons (97-98)
Most Combined Points
1241Las Vegas Outlaws vs Philadelphia Stars (134-107)200612
2231Michigan Panthers vs Chicago Blitz (125-106)20068
3229San Antonio Gunslingers vs Chicago Blitz (123-106)20071
4227Michigan Panthers vs Philadelphia Stars (115-112)200610
5226Philadelphia Stars vs Oakland InVaders (122-104)20073
6211Michigan Panthers vs Chicago Blitz (120-91)200612
7210Chicago Blitz vs Buffalo Bisons (115-95)200711
8209Jacksonville Falcons vs Lynchburg Cats (110-99)20072
9207Philadelphia Stars vs San Antonio Gunslingers (114-93)20064
10205Michigan Panthers vs Buffalo Bisons (104-101)20076
Fewest Combined Points
175Pittsburgh Maulers vs Jacksonville Falcons (45-30)20078
288Lynchburg Cats vs New Jersey Generals (66-22)200714
394Lynchburg Cats vs San Antonio Gunslingers (47-47)200613
498San Antonio Gunslingers vs Jacksonville Falcons (52-46)200710
5100Chicago Blitz vs New Jersey Generals (63-37)20076
6101Jacksonville Falcons vs Oakland InVaders (51-50)200716
7102Buffalo Bisons vs Lynchburg Cats (56-46)20074
8107Philadelphia Stars vs Lynchburg Cats (75-32)20075
9 (tie)110Oakland InVaders vs Arizona Cardinals (78-32)20065
 110Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo Bisons (65-45)200713
Victory Margin
171Philadelphia Stars20063New Jersey Generals (94-23)
270Philadelphia Stars200710New Jersey Generals (121-51)
368Philadelphia Stars200616Michigan Panthers (118-50)
459Buffalo Bisons20075Jacksonville Falcons (85-26)
5 (tie)57Pittsburgh Maulers200611Arizona Cardinals (110-53)
 57Las Vegas Outlaws20073Lynchburg Cats (107-50)
756Arizona Cardinals200613Jacksonville Falcons (110-54)
854Jacksonville Falcons20067Oakland InVaders (112-58)
9 (tie)52Pittsburgh Maulers20077Michigan Panthers (97-45)
 52San Antonio Gunslingers200714Buffalo Bisons (112-60)
 52Michigan Panthers200714Pittsburgh Maulers (112-60)
 52Lynchburg Cats20062New Jersey Generals (90-38)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Jacksonville Falcons200716Oakland InVaders (51-50)
 1Jacksonville Falcons20068Kansas City Chiefs (98-97)
 1Chicago Blitz20067Lynchburg Cats (80-79)
4 (tie)2Philadelphia Stars200714Arizona Cardinals (77-75)
 2Arizona Cardinals20072Oakland InVaders (87-85)
6 (tie)3Pittsburgh Maulers20069Chicago Blitz (80-77)
 3Pittsburgh Maulers20073Arizona Cardinals (92-89)
 3Michigan Panthers20076Buffalo Bisons (104-101)
 3Michigan Panthers200610Philadelphia Stars (115-112)
 3Chicago Blitz200713Las Vegas Outlaws (86-83)
 3Oakland InVaders20074New Jersey Generals (60-57)
 3Kansas City Chiefs20062Chicago Blitz (81-78)

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