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Topdog Keeper Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1354Tamiami Wildcats20104
2349Clifton Rockets201012
3 (tie)338Independence Brawlers201012
 338Florida Beach Tar Balls20107
5335Eastford Fun Bags201010
6 (tie)331Independence Brawlers201011
 331Edinburg Nightmare20105
8 (tie)330Independence Brawlers201010
 330Toontown Trainwreckers20102
10318TampaBay RiverKings20104
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1137Whitfield Whitetails20105
2140Toontown Trainwreckers20108
3150Whitfield Whitetails20108
4159Whitfield Whitetails20109
5160Whitfield Whitetails20101
6164Whitfield Whitetails20104
7169Cape Vincent Crushers20104
8174Edinburg Nightmare201014
9 (tie)175KC Hawks20104
 175Catacomb Gangsters20105
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1200Catacomb Gangsters20109Toontown Trainwreckers (200-177)
2203Toontown Trainwreckers20104KC Hawks (203-175)
3204Clifton Rockets20101Whitfield Whitetails (204-160)
4208Clifton Rockets201013Austin Schrute's Beet Farmers (208-191)
5 (tie)211Florida Beach Tar Balls20102Whitfield Whitetails (211-179)
 211Disney Warthogs20105Whitfield Whitetails (211-137)
7214Indian River Reds20108Whitfield Whitetails (214-150)
8216Catacomb Gangsters20108Tamiami Wildcats (216-192)
9217Austin Schrute's Beet Farmers20103Whitfield Whitetails (217-186)
10221Cape Vincent Crushers20109Whitfield Whitetails (221-159)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1314KC Hawks20108Florida Beach Tar Balls (314-317)
2301Toontown Trainwreckers201010Eastford Fun Bags (301-335)
3288Clifton Rockets201010Independence Brawlers (288-330)
4 (tie)284Edinburg Nightmare20103Tamiami Wildcats (284-299)
 284Florida Beach Tar Balls20109Independence Brawlers (284-290)
6 (tie)280KC Hawks20103Cape Vincent Crushers (280-289)
 280TampaBay RiverKings201015Florida Beach Tar Balls (280-291)
8277Independence Brawlers20104TampaBay RiverKings (277-318)
9276Tamiami Wildcats201011Eastford Fun Bags (276-310)
10274Florida Beach Tar Balls201016Disney Warthogs (274-300)
Most Combined Points
1636Eastford Fun Bags vs Toontown Trainwreckers (335-301)201010
2631Florida Beach Tar Balls vs KC Hawks (317-314)20108
3618Independence Brawlers vs Clifton Rockets (330-288)201010
4609Independence Brawlers vs KC Hawks (338-271)201012
5598Toontown Trainwreckers vs Edinburg Nightmare (330-268)20102
6595TampaBay RiverKings vs Independence Brawlers (318-277)20104
7589Clifton Rockets vs Whitfield Whitetails (349-240)201012
8586Eastford Fun Bags vs Tamiami Wildcats (310-276)201011
9583Tamiami Wildcats vs Edinburg Nightmare (299-284)20103
10 (tie)574Disney Warthogs vs Florida Beach Tar Balls (300-274)201016
 574Independence Brawlers vs Florida Beach Tar Balls (290-284)20109
Fewest Combined Points
1348Disney Warthogs vs Whitfield Whitetails (211-137)20105
2 (tie)364Clifton Rockets vs Whitfield Whitetails (204-160)20101
 364Indian River Reds vs Whitfield Whitetails (214-150)20108
4377Catacomb Gangsters vs Toontown Trainwreckers (200-177)20109
5378Toontown Trainwreckers vs KC Hawks (203-175)20104
6380Cape Vincent Crushers vs Whitfield Whitetails (221-159)20109
7387Windsor City Rage vs Whitfield Whitetails (223-164)20104
8390Florida Beach Tar Balls vs Whitfield Whitetails (211-179)20102
9396Windsor City Rage vs Toontown Trainwreckers (256-140)20108
10399Clifton Rockets vs Austin Schrute's Beet Farmers (208-191)201013
Victory Margin
1185Tamiami Wildcats20104Cape Vincent Crushers (354-169)
2131Florida Beach Tar Balls20105Catacomb Gangsters (306-175)
3 (tie)116Independence Brawlers201011Whitfield Whitetails (331-215)
 116Windsor City Rage20108Toontown Trainwreckers (256-140)
5111Disney Warthogs20101Eastford Fun Bags (314-203)
6110Edinburg Nightmare20105Cape Vincent Crushers (331-221)
7 (tie)109Clifton Rockets201012Whitfield Whitetails (349-240)
 109Disney Warthogs201014Edinburg Nightmare (283-174)
9106Florida Beach Tar Balls20107Disney Warthogs (338-232)
10104Disney Warthogs20104Clifton Rockets (294-190)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)2Cape Vincent Crushers20106TampaBay RiverKings (271-269)
 2Florida Beach Tar Balls20101Austin Schrute's Beet Farmers (255-253)
3 (tie)3Florida Beach Tar Balls20108KC Hawks (317-314)
 3Disney Warthogs20103Windsor City Rage (273-270)
54Edinburg Nightmare201012TampaBay RiverKings (239-235)
66Independence Brawlers20109Florida Beach Tar Balls (290-284)
7 (tie)9Cape Vincent Crushers20103KC Hawks (289-280)
 9Catacomb Gangsters20102Disney Warthogs (252-243)
910Tamiami Wildcats201014Clifton Rockets (245-235)
10 (tie)11Cape Vincent Crushers20108Clifton Rockets (246-235)
 11Clifton Rockets20106Catacomb Gangsters (258-247)
 11Clifton Rockets20105Eastford Fun Bags (261-250)
 11Florida Beach Tar Balls201015TampaBay RiverKings (291-280)

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