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Ultimate Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1234AZ Manic Hispanics202114
2224One Eyed Willies201313
3219My Little Brothers201413
4 (tie)215One Eyed Willies20203
6212Screaming Cheetahs201011
9209Land Sharks202012
10207The Attack201515
Most Combined Points
1400Miracle vs Hellhounds (211-189)20203
2398My Little Brothers vs Hellhounds (219-179)201413
3389Screaming Cheetahs vs Land Sharks (212-177)201011
4382Howser's Hogs vs Compton's Crushers (196-186)20148
5380AZ Manic Hispanics vs Screaming Cheetahs (203-177)202016
6379One Eyed Willies vs Screaming Cheetahs (215-164)20203
7376.6Haunted Hydra vs Screaming Cheetahs (188.5-188.1)20222
8373Land Sharks vs AZ Manic Hispanics (209-164)202012
9 (tie)371Screaming Cheetahs vs Land Sharks (206-165)202015
 371My Little Brothers vs Land Sharks (191-180)20215
Victory Margin
1150AZ Manic Hispanics202114My Little Brothers (234-84)
2123One Eyed Willies201313Hellhounds (224-101)
3120Miracle20202Compton's Crushers (210-90)
4103J.B.'s Pimp Squad201012Compton's Crushers (176-73)
5101Hellhounds201015Screaming Cheetahs (196-95)
6100The Attack20173Hellhounds (198-98)
798My Little Brothers201414Miracle (177-79)
896Land Sharks201811My Little Brothers (187-91)
995One Eyed Willies20172Screaming Cheetahs (181-86)
1090Miracle20195One Eyed Willies (183-93)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1189Hellhounds20203Miracle (189-211)
2188.1Screaming Cheetahs20222Haunted Hydra (188.1-188.5)
3186Compton's Crushers20148Howser's Hogs (186-196)
4181Compton's Crushers20184Miracle (181-187)
5 (tie)180Screaming Cheetahs202113AZ Manic Hispanics (180-188)
 180Land Sharks20215My Little Brothers (180-191)
7179Hellhounds201413My Little Brothers (179-219)
8 (tie)177Screaming Cheetahs202016AZ Manic Hispanics (177-203)
 177Land Sharks201011Screaming Cheetahs (177-212)
10 (tie)176J.B.'s Pimp Squad20168My Little Brothers (176-188)
 176The Attack202011Screaming Cheetahs (176-187)

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