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United Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1224One Eyed Willies201313
2219My Little Brothers201413
4212Screaming Cheetahs201011
5207The Attack201515
6 (tie)204Screaming Cheetahs201012
8200My Little Brothers201612
9 (tie)199Land Sharks20139
 199My Little Brothers20184
Most Combined Points
1398My Little Brothers vs Hellhounds (219-179)201413
2389Screaming Cheetahs vs Land Sharks (212-177)201011
3382Howser's Hogs vs Compton's Crushers (196-186)20148
4368Miracle vs Compton's Crushers (187-181)20184
5364My Little Brothers vs J.B.'s Pimp Squad (188-176)20168
6363Howser's Hogs vs Miracle (198-165)20112
7356My Little Brothers vs Land Sharks (199-157)20184
8 (tie)349The Attack vs Hellhounds (183-166)20102
 349Miracle vs The Attack (204-145)20151
10347Miracle vs AZ Manic Hispanics (215-132)20191
Victory Margin
1123One Eyed Willies201313Hellhounds (224-101)
2103J.B.'s Pimp Squad201012Compton's Crushers (176-73)
3101Hellhounds201015Screaming Cheetahs (196-95)
4100The Attack20173Hellhounds (198-98)
598My Little Brothers201414Miracle (177-79)
696Land Sharks201811My Little Brothers (187-91)
795One Eyed Willies20172Screaming Cheetahs (181-86)
890Miracle20195One Eyed Willies (183-93)
988The Attack20186Miracle (185-97)
1087My Little Brothers20193Hellhounds (187-100)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1186Compton's Crushers20148Howser's Hogs (186-196)
2181Compton's Crushers20184Miracle (181-187)
3179Hellhounds201413My Little Brothers (179-219)
4177Land Sharks201011Screaming Cheetahs (177-212)
5176J.B.'s Pimp Squad20168My Little Brothers (176-188)
6167Screaming Cheetahs201810One Eyed Willies (167-168)
7 (tie)166Hellhounds20102The Attack (166-183)
 166Land Sharks20181Miracle (166-170)
 166One Eyed Willies201714J.B.'s Pimp Squad (166-169)
10165Miracle20112Howser's Hogs (165-198)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
14BVR ETR19967
27Gridiron Heroes200112
3 (tie)8Hellhounds200314
 8Compton's Crushers19964
59Red Zone19998
6 (tie)10House of Pain20006
 10Racine Legion19964
811Compton's Crushers199914
9 (tie)12Land Sharks200212
 12Howser's Hogs19962
 121st & Goal19979
 121st & Goal19987
 12Red Zone19983
Fewest Combined Points
122Compton's Crushers vs BVR ETR (18-4)19967
233BVR ETR vs Racine Legion (18-15)199613
3 (tie)34Howser's Hogs vs Screaming Cheetahs (18-16)199713
 34Dominators vs Motor City Malice (20-14)199612
5 (tie)36Gridiron Heroes vs 1st & Goal (24-12)19979
 36Howser's Hogs vs BVR ETR (20-16)19964
 36Gridiron Heroes vs Racine Legion (26-10)19964
8 (tie)37Gridiron Heroes vs Red Zone (25-12)19983
 37Dominators vs House of Pain (23-14)199710
 37BVR ETR vs Gridiron Heroes (23-14)19969
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)18Howser's Hogs199713Screaming Cheetahs (18-16)
 18Compton's Crushers19967BVR ETR (18-4)
 18BVR ETR199613Racine Legion (18-15)
4 (tie)20Howser's Hogs19961Screaming Cheetahs (20-18)
 20Howser's Hogs19964BVR ETR (20-16)
 20Dominators199612Motor City Malice (20-14)
721Screaming Cheetahs19976Motor City Malice (21-19)
8 (tie)23The Attack19996Red Zone (23-20)
 23Howser's Hogs20012Gridiron Heroes (23-19)
 23Dominators199710House of Pain (23-14)
 23Motor City Malice19972The Attack (23-15)
 23BVR ETR19969Gridiron Heroes (23-14)

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