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John Candy Memorial League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1111Seatle Sonic Reducers20068
2108Jason's Argonutz200413
3102Seatle Sonic Reducers20069
4100Winnipeg Whiskey Dix200612
5 (tie)99Arizona State Young Guns200412
 99Seatle Sonic Reducers20066
 99Seatle Sonic Reducers20067
 99Seatle Sonic Reducers200616
997Da Bills200210
10 (tie)96Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses200610
 96Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses200614
 96Da Bills20027
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
15Bad Boys199711
27New York Knights19946
3 (tie)8Bad Boys19977
 8Saratoga Thoroughbreds19946
5 (tie)9Joans Jocks199710
 9Da Bills20023
711Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses20053
8 (tie)13Winnipeg Whiskey Dix19948
 13Vicodine Packers19976
10 (tie)15Kitchener Kegstands19979
 15Saratoga Thoroughbreds19949
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
123Jason's Argonutz200513Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (23-21)
2 (tie)26Winnipeg Whiskey Dix19973N.F.C.I.H. (26-20)
 26You Suck Larry Kowal199710Kitchener Kegstands (26-23)
 26Saratoga Thoroughbreds19945Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (26-25)
5 (tie)27Seatle Sonic Reducers20044ROLLING ROCK (27-23)
 27Misfits19977Winnipeg Whiskey Dix (27-23)
7 (tie)28Arizona State Young Guns20041Bad Boys (28-19)
 28Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers20031Joans Jocks (28-22)
9 (tie)29High Rollers19977Arizona State Young Guns (29-26)
 29Vicodine Packers19973High Rollers (29-25)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
184moon crickets200612Winnipeg Whiskey Dix (84-100)
278Thunder Cats200413Jason's Argonutz (78-108)
377Raider Nation20066moon crickets (77-90)
476Joans Jocks200412Arizona State Young Guns (76-99)
573Butte ButterFaces200410Jason's Argonutz (73-79)
6 (tie)72Butte ButterFaces20066Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (72-76)
 72Winnipeg Whiskey Dix200511Seatle Sonic Reducers (72-83)
 72Seatle Sonic Reducers200210Boston Crabs (72-73)
 72High Rollers200315Joans Jocks (72-92)
 72High Rollers200413Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (72-86)
Most Combined Points
1186Jason's Argonutz vs Thunder Cats (108-78)200413
2184Winnipeg Whiskey Dix vs moon crickets (100-84)200612
3180Seatle Sonic Reducers vs Arizona State Young Guns (111-69)20068
4175Arizona State Young Guns vs Joans Jocks (99-76)200412
5167moon crickets vs Raider Nation (90-77)20066
6164Joans Jocks vs High Rollers (92-72)200315
7163Joans Jocks vs Seatle Sonic Reducers (92-71)200313
8162Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses vs Arizona State Young Guns (96-66)200610
9160Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses vs Arizona State Young Guns (96-64)200614
10158Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses vs High Rollers (86-72)200413
Fewest Combined Points
141Vanbieswarlocks vs Bad Boys (36-5)199711
242Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers vs moon crickets (21-21)20059
344Jason's Argonutz vs Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (23-21)200513
445Vanbieswarlocks vs Da Bills (36-9)20023
546Winnipeg Whiskey Dix vs N.F.C.I.H. (26-20)19973
647Arizona State Young Guns vs Bad Boys (28-19)20041
7 (tie)48High Rollers vs Joans Jocks (39-9)199710
 48Saratoga Thoroughbreds vs Winnipeg Whiskey Dix (35-13)19948
 48Thick Pricks vs Kitchener Kegstands (31-17)19975
10 (tie)49You Suck Larry Kowal vs Kitchener Kegstands (26-23)199710
 49Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses vs Arizona State Young Guns (33-16)199411
Victory Margin
181Seatle Sonic Reducers20066Joans Jocks (99-18)
267N.F.C.I.H.19977Bad Boys (75-8)
360Seatle Sonic Reducers20069moon crickets (102-42)
455Winnipeg Whiskey Dix20034Butte ButterFaces (87-32)
554Da Bills20027Thunder Cats (96-42)
6 (tie)53Joans Jocks20034Bad Boys (95-42)
 53Butte ButterFaces20058Thunder Cats (91-38)
8 (tie)52Joans Jocks19977Kitchener Kegstands (79-27)
 52High Rollers200210Vanbieswarlocks (84-32)
 52Vanbieswarlocks20024Boston Crabs (72-20)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Bad Boys19974Vanbieswarlocks (51-50)
 1Bad Boys200212Thunder Cats (70-69)
 1Joans Jocks200411Thunder Cats (50-49)
 1Joans Jocks200414Thunder Cats (55-54)
 1Butte ButterFaces20068Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers (55-54)
 1Butte ButterFaces200616Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers (64-63)
 1Winnipeg Whiskey Dix20033Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers (35-34)
 1Arizona State Young Guns20025Da Bills (48-47)
 1Arizona State Young Guns19946Tuskaloosa Treepeople (53-52)
 1Seatle Sonic Reducers20043Bad Boys (44-43)
 1Nova Scotia Knuckledraggers20046Jason's Argonutz (47-46)
 1Jason's Argonutz20067Winnipeg Whiskey Dix (51-50)
 1Raider Nation20064Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (52-51)
 1High Rollers200214Winnipeg Whiskey Dix (36-35)
 1High Rollers20045Bad Boys (46-45)
 1High Rollers200215Vanbieswarlocks (58-57)
 1High Rollers20026Boston Crabs (61-60)
 1Boston Crabs200210Seatle Sonic Reducers (73-72)
 1Da Bills20022Kaisertown Flamingoes (43-42)
 1Saratoga Thoroughbreds19945Harborcreek Hopeless Slackasses (26-25)
 1Saratoga Thoroughbreds199414League Average (56-55)

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