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Mutant League Football 2011 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)169Hoodfellas20113
 169Nasty Audibles201011
3168Make Way for Willie!!!201117
4 (tie)167DNYM201011
 167Queef Quaffles20105
6164Nasty Audibles20073
7163Taint of Greatness20082
8 (tie)161DNYM20079
 161Achewood Whiskey Dicks200711
 161The Kookamonga Cracker Killers201010
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
133Achewood Whiskey Dicks201017
241Taint of Greatness20109
3 (tie)48The Kookamonga Cracker Killers20075
 48The Kookamonga Cracker Killers20104
 48The Bears201014
7 (tie)50Make Way for Willie!!!20096
 50Taint of Greatness200811
9 (tie)53Make Way for Willie!!!200917
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
159Taint of Greatness200813Hoodfellas (59-55)
266Taint of Greatness201014The Bears (66-48)
3 (tie)76The Kookamonga Cracker Killers20074Hoodfellas (76-74)
 76Leroy20091The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (76-70)
5 (tie)77Queef Quaffles20083Sanchez' Dirty Crew (77-66)
 77Leroy201017Taint of Greatness (77-76)
778Hoodfellas201011The Bears (78-77)
8 (tie)79Queef Quaffles20075Tits and Pancakes (79-73)
 79Nasty Audibles200917Make Way for Willie!!! (79-53)
1080Make Way for Willie!!!20106DNYM (80-73)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1146Hoodfellas200714Achewood Whiskey Dicks (146-151)
2143The Kookamonga Cracker Killers201117Make Way for Willie!!! (143-168)
3141Nasty Audibles20096Hoodfellas (141-155)
4133Nasty Audibles20082Taint of Greatness (133-163)
5131The Kookamonga Cracker Killers201014Hoodfellas (131-147)
6127The Bears20096Leroy (127-130)
7 (tie)126Make Way for Willie!!!201114Achewood Whiskey Dicks (126-133)
 126Nasty Audibles20097The Bears (126-127)
9125Leroy20113Hoodfellas (125-169)
10124Nasty Audibles20103Hoodfellas (124-138)
Most Combined Points
1311Make Way for Willie!!! vs The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (168-143)201117
2297Achewood Whiskey Dicks vs Hoodfellas (151-146)200714
3 (tie)296Hoodfellas vs Nasty Audibles (155-141)20096
 296Taint of Greatness vs Nasty Audibles (163-133)20082
5294Hoodfellas vs Leroy (169-125)20113
6283Nasty Audibles vs The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (169-114)201011
7278Hoodfellas vs The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (147-131)201014
8271Make Way for Willie!!! vs DNYM (153-118)201113
9269Make Way for Willie!!! vs DNYM (159-110)200915
10268Achewood Whiskey Dicks vs Queef Quaffles (156-112)20073
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)114Taint of Greatness vs The Bears (66-48)201014
 114Taint of Greatness vs Hoodfellas (59-55)200813
3132Nasty Audibles vs Make Way for Willie!!! (79-53)200917
4138Nasty Audibles vs Hoodfellas (84-54)20086
5 (tie)143Taint of Greatness vs Tits and Pancakes (86-57)20083
 143Queef Quaffles vs Sanchez' Dirty Crew (77-66)20083
7146Leroy vs The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (76-70)20091
8 (tie)147Hoodfellas vs Taint of Greatness (84-63)201010
 147Achewood Whiskey Dicks vs Hoodfellas (87-60)20081
10148Taint of Greatness vs The Kookamonga Cracker Killers (100-48)20104
Victory Margin
1103Queef Quaffles20105Achewood Whiskey Dicks (167-64)
2102Nasty Audibles20073Hoodfellas (164-62)
3101Nasty Audibles20109Taint of Greatness (142-41)
491DNYM20076Hoodfellas (139-48)
587The Kookamonga Cracker Killers201017Achewood Whiskey Dicks (120-33)
680Hoodfellas201116Nasty Audibles (135-55)
779Sanchez' Dirty Crew200812Queef Quaffles (145-66)
877DNYM20091Achewood Whiskey Dicks (144-67)
975Achewood Whiskey Dicks200711Make Way for Willie!!! (161-86)
10 (tie)74DNYM20117The Bears (142-68)
 74The Kookamonga Cracker Killers201010Achewood Whiskey Dicks (161-87)

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