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Beer League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1157.1Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20076
2154.84Sore Losers (Jens)20078
3153.72red headed Step Children(Opie)20105
4149Drunken Bastards(Bri)20047
5147.78Donkey Punchers(Oz)20053
6 (tie)143Jester's Ded(Spiv)200412
 143Sore Losers (Jens)20098
8142.36Sore Losers (Jens)20088
9141.88red headed Step Children(Opie)200615
10141.44Cougar's Cougars(Mark)20073
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
118.54red headed Step Children(Opie)200511
222.72Jester's Ded(Spiv)200711
323.98J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime)20078
425Jester's Ded(Spiv)20045
526.84Spivey's Unpaid Rent Bill(Adam)20068
628.92Donkey Punchers(Oz)20097
730.06J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime)20058
830.5Spivey's Unpaid Rent Bill(Adam)20067
931.7J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime)201012
1032Cougar's Cougars(Mark)20038
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
142.46Sore Losers (Jens)20069J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime) (42.46-40.74)
248Cougar's Cougars(Mark)200310Jester's Ded(Spiv) (48-41)
351Jester's Ded(Spiv)20034red headed Step Children(Opie) (51-49)
453Sore Losers (Jens)20047Cougar's Cougars(Mark) (53-52)
556Cougar's Cougars(Mark)20035red headed Step Children(Opie) (56-54)
656.58Donkey Punchers(Oz)200813Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian) (56.58-52.88)
757.54Donkey Punchers(Oz)20108Seattle's BEAST (Matt) (57.54-40.9)
858.58Seattle's BEAST (Matt)20086Motor Boatin Son'ofa Bitches(Doug) (58.58-51.74)
960.46J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime)20054red headed Step Children(Opie) (60.46-41.3)
1060.8Sore Losers (Jens)200611Donkey Punchers(Oz) (60.8-56.82)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1126.5Drunken Bastards(Bri)20102Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey) (126.5-134.04)
2124Sore Losers (Jens)200412Jester's Ded(Spiv) (124-143)
3120.48Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey)20052Jester's Ded(Spiv) (120.48-120.58)
4119.68Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20053Donkey Punchers(Oz) (119.68-147.78)
5117.2Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian)201010Motor Boatin Son'ofa Bitches(Doug) (117.2-133.18)
6117Sore Losers (Jens)20034Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) (117-122)
7115.14Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20084Jester's Ded(Spiv) (115.14-118.1)
8115Donkey Punchers(Oz)20048Drunken Bastards(Bri) (115-137)
9114.94Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)200512Jester's Ded(Spiv) (114.94-125.8)
10114.74Yakshimash(Sean)20097Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) (114.74-128.06)
Most Combined Points
1267.46Donkey Punchers(Oz) vs Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) (147.78-119.68)20053
2267Jester's Ded(Spiv) vs Sore Losers (Jens) (143-124)200412
3260.54Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey) vs Drunken Bastards(Bri) (134.04-126.5)20102
4252Drunken Bastards(Bri) vs Donkey Punchers(Oz) (137-115)20048
5250.38Motor Boatin Son'ofa Bitches(Doug) vs Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian) (133.18-117.2)201010
6249.26Sore Losers (Jens) vs Cougar's Cougars(Mark) (154.84-94.42)20078
7247.36Sore Losers (Jens) vs red headed Step Children(Opie) (142.36-105)20088
8244.08red headed Step Children(Opie) vs Jester's Ded(Spiv) (153.72-90.36)20105
9242.88red headed Step Children(Opie) vs Jester's Ded(Spiv) (139.44-103.44)20092
10242.8Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) vs Yakshimash(Sean) (128.06-114.74)20097
Fewest Combined Points
183.2Sore Losers (Jens) vs J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime) (42.46-40.74)20069
289Cougar's Cougars(Mark) vs Jester's Ded(Spiv) (48-41)200310
393.28Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey) vs J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime) (69.3-23.98)20078
498.44Donkey Punchers(Oz) vs Seattle's BEAST (Matt) (57.54-40.9)20108
5100Jester's Ded(Spiv) vs red headed Step Children(Opie) (51-49)20034
6101.76J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime) vs red headed Step Children(Opie) (60.46-41.3)20054
7105Sore Losers (Jens) vs Cougar's Cougars(Mark) (53-52)20047
8109.46Donkey Punchers(Oz) vs Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian) (56.58-52.88)200813
9109.88Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) vs Cougar's Cougars(Mark) (75.96-33.92)20074
10 (tie)110Cougar's Cougars(Mark) vs red headed Step Children(Opie) (56-54)20035
 110Jester's Ded(Spiv) vs Spivey's Unpaid Rent Bill(Adam) (69-41)20037
Victory Margin
1110Sore Losers (Jens)20045Jester's Ded(Spiv) (135-25)
286.14Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)200511red headed Step Children(Opie) (104.68-18.54)
383.3Donkey Punchers(Oz)20068Spivey's Unpaid Rent Bill(Adam) (110.14-26.84)
477.68Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey)20084Sore Losers (Jens) (122.46-44.78)
575.42red headed Step Children(Opie)20097Donkey Punchers(Oz) (104.34-28.92)
673.78Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20076Drunken Bastards(Bri) (157.1-83.32)
770.94Donkey Punchers(Oz)20064Cougar's Cougars(Mark) (133.52-62.58)
869Drunken Bastards(Bri)20047red headed Step Children(Opie) (149-80)
968.4Seattle's BEAST (Matt)201014Donkey Punchers(Oz) (118.1-49.7)
1068.3Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian)201012J-Town Slippy Fists (Jaime) (100-31.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Jester's Ded(Spiv)20052Westside Dawg Catcher(Joey) (120.58-120.48)
20.26Donkey Punchers(Oz)200615Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) (80.14-79.88)
30.28Yakshimash(Sean)20106Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C) (99.38-99.1)
40.36Drunken Bastards(Bri)200616red headed Step Children(Opie) (98.92-98.56)
50.42Seattle's BEAST (Matt)200916Yakshimash(Sean) (74.78-74.36)
60.50Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20102Seattle's BEAST (Matt) (75.16-74.66)
70.52Spivey's Unpaid Rent Bill(Adam)200613Sore Losers (Jens) (77.04-76.52)
80.54Seattle's BEAST (Matt)20089Sore Losers (Jens) (90.18-89.64)
90.66Donkey Punchers(Oz)200715red headed Step Children(Opie) (81.98-81.32)
100.72Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mike C)20085Chris William's Hurniated Left Nut(Ian) (75.04-74.32)

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