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League of Meat Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1146.52Glenn Wohl20124
2137.18John Beneventano201413
3128.34Ed Soder200413
4123.78John Beneventano20008
5122.6Mike Dranoff199412
6121.9Mike Dranoff20053
7120.96Paul Hansen200810
8120.6Mike Dranoff20195
9120.16Bob Lucido199513
10120.04Glenn Wohl20203
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Norm Collier20102
 0Mike Dranoff20102
 0Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould20102
 0Rick Finch20102
 0Ed Soder20102
63.46Jeff Smith19936
74.3Bob Lucido19928
85.6Bob Lucido19929
96.06Ed Martin / Bill Guth200613
107.02Ed Soder200715
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
115.76Norm Collier19921Bob Lucido (15.76-14.44)
218.02Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould19945Dan Cipoletti / Paul Kondo (18.02-16.74)
318.8John Beneventano199612Ed Martin / Bill Guth (18.8-14.44)
419.18Bob Lucido20024Ed Martin / Bill Guth (19.18-11.48)
522.1Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould19986John Beneventano (22.1-16.02)
623.92Ed Martin / Bill Guth199315Jeff Smith (23.92-21.32)
724.38Dan Cipoletti / Paul Kondo19964Ed Soder (24.38-21.84)
825.02Ken White19992Dan Cipoletti / Paul Kondo (25.02-21.82)
925.14Ed Martin / Bill Guth19965John Beneventano (25.14-23.74)
1025.28Ken White20074Mike Dranoff (25.28-24.92)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1104.86Norm Collier20139Bob Reilley (104.86-110.46)
2103.9Mike Dranoff20019Paul Hansen (103.9-106.18)
3102.18John Beneventano20096Norm Collier (102.18-110.48)
4101.48Joe Shiffler201413John Beneventano (101.48-137.18)
598.88Norm Collier200511Glenn Wohl (98.88-108.6)
696.32John Beneventano201410Ken White (96.32-100.06)
794.86Glenn Wohl20184Ed Miller (94.86-109.66)
894.56Bob Lucido20124Glenn Wohl (94.56-146.52)
994.32Greg Tartaglia201513Ed Martin / Bill Guth (94.32-104.78)
1093.98Joe Shiffler20112John Beneventano (93.98-103.6)
Most Combined Points
1241.08Glenn Wohl vs Bob Lucido (146.52-94.56)20124
2238.66John Beneventano vs Joe Shiffler (137.18-101.48)201413
3215.32Bob Reilley vs Norm Collier (110.46-104.86)20139
4213.22John Beneventano vs Norm Collier (123.78-89.44)20008
5212.66Norm Collier vs John Beneventano (110.48-102.18)20096
6210.08Paul Hansen vs Mike Dranoff (106.18-103.9)20019
7207.86Glenn Wohl vs Ken White (146.52-61.34)20124
8207.48Glenn Wohl vs Norm Collier (108.6-98.88)200511
9204.68Ed Martin / Bill Guth vs Bob Lucido (111.38-93.3)20164
10204.52Ed Miller vs Glenn Wohl (109.66-94.86)20184
Fewest Combined Points
130.2Norm Collier vs Bob Lucido (15.76-14.44)19921
230.46Tom Young vs Bob Lucido (26.16-4.3)19928
330.66Bob Lucido vs Ed Martin / Bill Guth (19.18-11.48)20024
432.78Ed Martin / Bill Guth vs Jeff Smith (29.32-3.46)19936
533.24John Beneventano vs Ed Martin / Bill Guth (18.8-14.44)199612
634.12Mike Dranoff vs Greg Tartaglia (26.38-7.74)19936
734.3Joe Shiffler vs Ed Soder (27.28-7.02)200715
834.76Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould vs Dan Cipoletti / Paul Kondo (18.02-16.74)19945
937.24Joe Shiffler vs Norm Collier (37.24-0)20102
1038.12Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould vs John Beneventano (22.1-16.02)19986
Victory Margin
1102.38Paul Hansen200810Joe Shiffler (120.96-18.58)
295.56Mike Dranoff199412Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould (122.6-27.04)
3 (tie)93.22Bob Lucido20102Mike Dranoff (93.22-0)
 93.22Bob Lucido20102Rick Finch (93.22-0)
592.46Dave Beneventano19986Bob Lucido (107.04-14.58)
690.46Paul Hansen201513John Beneventano (104.32-13.86)
788.28Dave Beneventano19985Rick Finch (103.32-15.04)
885.94Joe Shiffler201915Rich Gagnon (115.86-29.92)
985.18Glenn Wohl20124Ken White (146.52-61.34)
1083.98Dave Beneventano20102Rick Finch (83.98-0)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.02Dave Beneventano20198Greg Tartaglia (63.9-63.88)
 0.02Mike Dranoff20155Greg Tartaglia (91.26-91.24)
30.04Ed Martin / Bill Guth20038Rich Gagnon (85.14-85.1)
40.06Norm Collier20068Dave Beneventano (77.56-77.5)
5 (tie)0.08Paul Hansen201310Bob Reilley (65.46-65.38)
 0.08Glenn Wohl19984Chris Talmage / Jeff Gould (62.02-61.94)
 0.08Glenn Wohl20023Dave Beneventano (73.04-72.96)
 0.08Rick Finch200814Bob Lucido (43.7-43.62)
9 (tie)0.10Jim McDermott20187Ed Miller (87.76-87.66)
 0.10Bob Reilley20143Norm Collier (60.98-60.88)

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