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Great Lakes Classic 5 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2164.65*It Is What It Is200711
3156.6*Raging Rhinos20066
4153.55*NH Pain Society20053
5152.9*Naked Bootleg20058
6151.55*ALL FAULKED UP200515
7149.9*Sun Devils20066
8146.8*Raging Rhinos20067
9144.7*NH Pain Society20076
10144.55*Midwest Mafia20056
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
133.1*It Is What It Is20084
237.6*Naked Bootleg20055
341.1*It Is What It Is200710
441.2*Oregon Donors 520073
6 (tie)46.3*Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap20076
 46.3*Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap20077
848.25*Browns ClassicROCK20067
948.75*Raging Rhinos200813
1049.9*It Is What It Is20086
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.2*Browns ClassicROCK200611*The Space Cowboys (60.2-55.8)
261.05*ALL FAULKED UP200611*SteamRollers (61.05-56.85)
364.2*Playaction20061*The Space Cowboys (64.2-54.2)
466.45*Upstate SacTech20086*Playaction (66.45-60.35)
570.95*Playaction20068*ALL FAULKED UP (70.95-68.8)
671.65*It Is What It Is20065*SteamRollers (71.65-62.5)
772*SteamRollers20059*SUICIDEWATCH (72-62.5)
873.55*Upstate SacTech20065*The Space Cowboys (73.55-54.05)
974.25*NH Pain Society200510*SteamRollers (74.25-69.15)
1074.45*Upstate SacTech20066*Playaction (74.45-72.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1139.85*Playaction200711*It Is What It Is (139.85-164.65)
2139.75*NH Pain Society20066*Raging Rhinos (139.75-156.6)
3124.8*Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap20073*Playaction (124.8-172.6)
4123.8*Sun Devils20067*Playaction (123.8-135)
5123.1*ALL FAULKED UP20054*Naked Bootleg (123.1-137.3)
6123.05*SteamRollers20079*Playaction (123.05-123.8)
7121.1*Sun Devils20072*SteamRollers (121.1-126.15)
8119.15*Raging Rhinos20064*Browns ClassicROCK (119.15-121)
9118.3*Raging Rhinos20071*Playaction (118.3-124.8)
10117.45*Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap200712*Oregon Donors 5 (117.45-118.05)
Most Combined Points
1304.5*It Is What It Is vs *Playaction (164.65-139.85)200711
2297.4*Playaction vs *Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap (172.6-124.8)20073
3296.35*Raging Rhinos vs *NH Pain Society (156.6-139.75)20066
4260.4*Naked Bootleg vs *ALL FAULKED UP (137.3-123.1)20054
5258.8*Playaction vs *Sun Devils (135-123.8)20067
6251.05*Raging Rhinos vs *The Space Cowboys (146.8-104.25)20067
7249.95*NH Pain Society vs *SUICIDEWATCH (153.55-96.4)20053
8247.25*SteamRollers vs *Sun Devils (126.15-121.1)20072
9246.95*Playaction vs *NH Pain Society (133.35-113.6)20072
10246.85*Playaction vs *SteamRollers (123.8-123.05)20079
Fewest Combined Points
1116*Browns ClassicROCK vs *The Space Cowboys (60.2-55.8)200611
2117.9*ALL FAULKED UP vs *SteamRollers (61.05-56.85)200611
3118.4*Playaction vs *The Space Cowboys (64.2-54.2)20061
4126.8*Upstate SacTech vs *Playaction (66.45-60.35)20086
5127.6*Upstate SacTech vs *The Space Cowboys (73.55-54.05)20065
6128.05*Oregon Donors 5 vs *It Is What It Is (94.95-33.1)20084
7128.95*Upstate SacTech vs *Browns ClassicROCK (80.7-48.25)20067
8130.25*VTCats vs *Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap (83.95-46.3)20076
9134.15*It Is What It Is vs *SteamRollers (71.65-62.5)20065
10134.3*It Is What It Is vs *Naked Bootleg (96.7-37.6)20055
Victory Margin
193.2*NH Pain Society20076*Oregon Donors 5 (144.7-51.5)
283.75*ALL FAULKED UP200515*Naked Bootleg (151.55-67.8)
378.55*NH Pain Society20086*Oregon Donors 5 (136.2-57.65)
468.9*It Is What It Is200611*Upstate SacTech (119.6-50.7)
568.85*Playaction200610*It Is What It Is (124.6-55.75)
668.5*Sun Devils20066*It Is What It Is (149.9-81.4)
767.3*Sun Devils20086*It Is What It Is (117.2-49.9)
866.5*VTCats20079*Oregon Donors 5 (123.7-57.2)
964.6*Midwest Mafia200511*SteamRollers (127.25-62.65)
1062.8*Midwest Mafia20056*SUICIDEWATCH (144.55-81.75)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Ponderous Pachyderms200810*Sun Devils (88.5-88.3)
20.25*SteamRollers20071*Oregon Donors 5 (97.5-97.25)
3 (tie)0.35*NH Pain Society20073*VTCats (109.75-109.4)
 0.35*Upstate SacTech20061*NH Pain Society (97.25-96.9)
50.50*VTCats200711*Sun Devils (99.65-99.15)
6 (tie)0.60*NH Pain Society200815*Sun Devils (103.4-102.8)
 0.60*ALL FAULKED UP20063*Browns ClassicROCK (86.45-85.85)
 0.60*Oregon Donors 5200712*Matriculating With 65 Toss Power Trap (118.05-117.45)
90.70*It Is What It Is20088*VTCats (90.75-90.05)
100.75*Playaction20079*SteamRollers (123.8-123.05)

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