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Midnight Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2153Camden Wildcats200915
3150.4Galloping Gnus20095
5143.7Kitten Fajitas200910
6139.4The Beast20091
7136.3Open Team2200915
8135.7Kitten Fajitas200912
9135.3Machine Gun Jumblies20096
10133.8Kitten Fajitas20096
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
148.9Winnipeg Blue Bombers20095
249.2Punt, Pass and Click200912
350.2Winnipeg Blue Bombers200910
453Winnipeg Blue Bombers20097
656.5Winnipeg Blue Bombers20096
758.4In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette20091
8 (tie)61DA-BOYZ200914
 61Kitten Fajitas20095
1063.4Open Team220095
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.2Open Team2200914Galloping Gnus (73.2-63.6)
281.4In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette200910The Beast (81.4-69.6)
382.8Punt, Pass and Click20096Winnipeg Blue Bombers (82.8-56.5)
484.4DA-BOYZ200910Winnipeg Blue Bombers (84.4-50.2)
584.7Open Team220092DA-BOYZ (84.7-69)
685Galloping Gnus200912DA-BOYZ (85-81.3)
785.4Winnipeg Blue Bombers20091In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette (85.4-58.4)
885.9Galloping Gnus20093Pro Bowler (85.9-80.1)
986.3Pro Bowler200915Kitten Fajitas (86.3-71.7)
1086.9Camden Wildcats200910Galloping Gnus (86.9-71.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1122.3Kitten Fajitas20091The Beast (122.3-139.4)
2117.1Galloping Gnus20098DA-BOYZ (117.1-121.3)
3116.8Pro Bowler20099Punt, Pass and Click (116.8-118.8)
4113.8Punt, Pass and Click200914Pro Bowler (113.8-129.9)
5103.4Wudedudes200915Camden Wildcats (103.4-153)
6103Camden Wildcats20095Punt, Pass and Click (103-117.2)
7100DA-BOYZ20097Pro Bowler (100-101.8)
899.1Pro Bowler200911Machine Gun Jumblies (99.1-106.2)
998.7Machine Gun Jumblies200912Kitten Fajitas (98.7-135.7)
1098.6Winnipeg Blue Bombers200911Camden Wildcats (98.6-120.2)
Most Combined Points
1261.7The Beast vs Kitten Fajitas (139.4-122.3)20091
2257.8DA-BOYZ vs Camden Wildcats (162.5-95.3)20096
3256.4Camden Wildcats vs Wudedudes (153-103.4)200915
4243.7Pro Bowler vs Punt, Pass and Click (129.9-113.8)200914
5238.4DA-BOYZ vs Galloping Gnus (121.3-117.1)20098
6236.7Kitten Fajitas vs Open Team2 (143.7-93)200910
7235.9Wudedudes vs Camden Wildcats (144.1-91.8)20092
8235.6Punt, Pass and Click vs Pro Bowler (118.8-116.8)20099
9234.4Kitten Fajitas vs Machine Gun Jumblies (135.7-98.7)200912
10233.2Open Team2 vs The Beast (136.3-96.9)200915
Fewest Combined Points
1134.6DA-BOYZ vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers (84.4-50.2)200910
2136.8Open Team2 vs Galloping Gnus (73.2-63.6)200914
3139.3Punt, Pass and Click vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers (82.8-56.5)20096
4141.5Pro Bowler vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers (92.6-48.9)20095
5143.8Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette (85.4-58.4)20091
6150.9Wudedudes vs Kitten Fajitas (89.9-61)20095
7151In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette vs The Beast (81.4-69.6)200910
8151.9Punt, Pass and Click vs Wudedudes (96.8-55.1)20091
9153.7Open Team2 vs DA-BOYZ (84.7-69)20092
10155.4Machine Gun Jumblies vs Open Team2 (92-63.4)20095
Victory Margin
170.5Galloping Gnus20095In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette (150.4-79.9)
270.2Machine Gun Jumblies20096The Beast (135.3-65.1)
367.2DA-BOYZ20096Camden Wildcats (162.5-95.3)
463.4In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette200912Punt, Pass and Click (112.6-49.2)
562.8Punt, Pass and Click200913Galloping Gnus (131.6-68.8)
660.8Machine Gun Jumblies20097Winnipeg Blue Bombers (113.8-53)
756.7Camden Wildcats20097Open Team2 (122.5-65.8)
855.8Open Team2200911In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette (124.3-68.5)
953.9Pro Bowler20096Open Team2 (121.3-67.4)
1052.3Wudedudes20092Camden Wildcats (144.1-91.8)
Least Victory Margin
11.20Open Team2200912Wudedudes (88.9-87.7)
2 (tie)1.80Pro Bowler20091DA-BOYZ (92.1-90.3)
 1.80Pro Bowler20097DA-BOYZ (101.8-100)
42Punt, Pass and Click20099Pro Bowler (118.8-116.8)
52.20In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette20098Machine Gun Jumblies (96.2-94)
63.40Kitten Fajitas20092Winnipeg Blue Bombers (93.5-90.1)
73.70Galloping Gnus200912DA-BOYZ (85-81.3)
84.20DA-BOYZ20098Galloping Gnus (121.3-117.1)
94.50Open Team2200913The Beast (92.4-87.9)
105.30Camden Wildcats20099In Memory of Allen Siles O'dette (95.6-90.3)

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