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Lions Fans Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1207.2Victorious Secret200710
3174.5Kyle's All-Stars20073
4170.3Darth Angle20072
5168.35The Drunk Muppets200716
6165.3Victorious Secret200712
7164.7The Drunk Muppets20072
8163.65Clam Diggers20071
9163.1The Nation of Chad20073
10161.25Law Dogs20073
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
242.75The Drunk Muppets200513
343.45"The Dagda" 200510
445.35The Drunk Muppets200810
649.3The Nation of Chad20056
749.45CLUTCH CARR200513
850.45Darth Angle20059
950.5Darth Angle20068
1051Mary Jane200812
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163.85Pitpimps20059Darth Angle (63.85-50.45)
266Darth Angle200611Law Dogs (66-60.3)
367.3The Drunk Muppets20074Stryker (67.3-64.5)
469.9Kyle's All-Stars20058Stryker (69.9-67.7)
570.85Darth Angle20052Pitpimps (70.85-57.9)
671.5CLUTCH CARR20057Pitpimps (71.5-39.55)
771.55Law Dogs20065Pitpimps (71.55-60.6)
871.9Norfolk & Way Dudes20065Darth Angle (71.9-71.4)
973.55Stryker200616The Drunk Muppets (73.55-70.95)
1074.4The Nation of Chad20064CLUTCH CARR (74.4-63.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1157.65The Drunk Muppets20073Kyle's All-Stars (157.65-174.5)
2143.45Darth Angle200712CLUTCH CARR (143.45-147.05)
3133.35Darth Angle20073The Nation of Chad (133.35-163.1)
4133.15Kyle's All-Stars20071Clam Diggers (133.15-163.65)
5131.9Clam Diggers20079"The Dagda" (131.9-136.05)
6129.6Darth Angle200711Kyle's All-Stars (129.6-133.25)
7128.85Victorious Secret200713CLUTCH CARR (128.85-154.95)
8127.8Clam Diggers20078Kyle's All-Stars (127.8-128.3)
9126.1"The Dagda" 20054Law Dogs (126.1-136.25)
10125.8The Nation of Chad20079Pitpimps (125.8-131.2)
Most Combined Points
1332.15Kyle's All-Stars vs The Drunk Muppets (174.5-157.65)20073
2296.8Clam Diggers vs Kyle's All-Stars (163.65-133.15)20071
3296.45The Nation of Chad vs Darth Angle (163.1-133.35)20073
4295.55Stryker vs CLUTCH CARR (176.75-118.8)20072
5290.5CLUTCH CARR vs Darth Angle (147.05-143.45)200712
6286.95Victorious Secret vs Darth Angle (207.2-79.75)200710
7286.35Darth Angle vs Law Dogs (170.3-116.05)20072
8283.8CLUTCH CARR vs Victorious Secret (154.95-128.85)200713
9272.65CLUTCH CARR vs *Clam Diggers (154.4-118.25)200816
10272.6Law Dogs vs The Nation of Chad (150.95-121.65)200711
Fewest Combined Points
1111.05CLUTCH CARR vs Pitpimps (71.5-39.55)20057
2114.3Pitpimps vs Darth Angle (63.85-50.45)20059
3126.05The Drunk Muppets vs Stryker (80.15-45.9)20063
4126.3Darth Angle vs Law Dogs (66-60.3)200611
5128.75Darth Angle vs Pitpimps (70.85-57.9)20052
6131.8The Drunk Muppets vs Stryker (67.3-64.5)20074
7132.15Law Dogs vs Pitpimps (71.55-60.6)20065
8133.4*Clam Diggers vs The Nation of Chad (77.9-55.5)200814
9135.75Pitpimps vs Stryker (79.1-56.65)200510
10137.45*Nanook vs The Drunk Muppets (94.7-42.75)200513
Victory Margin
1127.45Victorious Secret200710Darth Angle (207.2-79.75)
290.85Victorious Secret20088Mary Jane (153.9-63.05)
389.95The Drunk Muppets20068Darth Angle (140.45-50.5)
479.75Law Dogs200515Darth Angle (135.05-55.3)
578.25*Clam Diggers20084CLUTCH CARR (140.7-62.45)
677.85Victorious Secret20085*Clam Diggers (131.2-53.35)
771.15Norfolk & Way Dudes20056The Nation of Chad (120.45-49.3)
869.65Norfolk & Way Dudes20089*Clam Diggers (122.35-52.7)
969.6The Drunk Muppets20072Victorious Secret (164.7-95.1)
1068.65Kyle's All-Stars200512"The Dagda" (140.95-72.3)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Darth Angle200514Kyle's All-Stars (82.3-82.2)
2 (tie)0.45CLUTCH CARR200610The Nation of Chad (94.5-94.05)
 0.45The Drunk Muppets200511Kyle's All-Stars (75.1-74.65)
4 (tie)0.50Norfolk & Way Dudes20065Darth Angle (71.9-71.4)
 0.50Kyle's All-Stars20078Clam Diggers (128.3-127.8)
60.60CLUTCH CARR20053"The Dagda" (76.85-76.25)
71.10The Drunk Muppets20067Pitpimps (105.6-104.5)
8 (tie)1.50Clam Diggers20069Victorious Secret (104.3-102.8)
 1.50Pitpimps20061Kyle's All-Stars (76-74.5)
101.55Ryan20088Kyle's All-Stars (94.95-93.4)

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