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703 Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1231.32The Neverborn20096
2212.5The Blood Orange20076
3210.84Oakton Juggernaut20085
4202.9Washington Bullets200914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
149.44West Caanan Coyotes20083
255.38The Neverborn200712
360.92Event Horizon20076
465.78The Ickey Shuffles200811
565.84Event Horizon200713
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.16T Real200811The Ickey Shuffles (73.16-65.78)
278.28The Ickey Shuffles20085T Real (78.28-75.14)
384.9The Neverborn20078The Ickey Shuffles (84.9-70.34)
485.32The Neverborn20101Sunday Slackers (85.32-77.58)
585.84Event Horizon20082The Ickey Shuffles (85.84-70.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1181.26West Caanan Coyotes200714The Blood Orange (181.26-192.8)
2166.24The Blood Orange200713Oakton Juggernaut (166.24-171.42)
3162.16Sunday Slackers201010Gestapo (162.16-187.88)
4160.24Washington Bullets20092Gestapo (160.24-171.04)
5156.08Donkey20073Oakton Juggernaut (156.08-162.46)
Most Combined Points
1374.06The Blood Orange vs West Caanan Coyotes (192.8-181.26)200714
2353.96The Neverborn vs West Caanan Coyotes (231.32-122.64)20096
3350.04Gestapo vs Sunday Slackers (187.88-162.16)201010
4348.76The Ickey Shuffles vs Gestapo (174.38-174.38)20072
5347.28Washington Bullets vs Oakton Juggernaut (199.32-147.96)201015
Fewest Combined Points
1138.94T Real vs The Ickey Shuffles (73.16-65.78)200811
2142.46The Ickey Shuffles vs West Caanan Coyotes (93.02-49.44)20083
3145.14T Real vs The Neverborn (89.76-55.38)200712
4153.42The Ickey Shuffles vs T Real (78.28-75.14)20085
5155.24The Neverborn vs The Ickey Shuffles (84.9-70.34)20078
Victory Margin
1128.66Washington Bullets200914Plague (202.9-74.24)
2125.56Mindcrickets20079The Ickey Shuffles (202.18-76.62)
3116.28Washington Bullets20088Event Horizon (188.06-71.78)
4108.68The Neverborn20096West Caanan Coyotes (231.32-122.64)
599.72Donkey20074West Caanan Coyotes (168.26-68.54)
Least Victory Margin
10.04Plague20081Event Horizon (129.5-129.46)
20.06Mindcrickets20072Event Horizon (138.26-138.2)
3 (tie)0.34The Neverborn200710Mindcrickets (122.28-121.94)
 0.34Donkey20087Oakton Juggernaut (120.02-119.68)
5 (tie)0.76Plague20106The Neverborn (106.36-105.6)
 0.76Plague20072West Caanan Coyotes (127.02-126.26)

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