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Mr. Jackson's Neighborhood Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1194.1The Fantasy Chef20148
2191.8Lone Star Brewtality201413
3190.7Young Gunz201412
4189.55Lone Star Brewtality20135
6187.05Kevin's Team201413
7185.1Kevin's Team20148
8184.5Lone Star Brewtality201313
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
367.85Prestige Worldwide20145
5 (tie)70.05Pour One Out for Mahomes201415
771.05Cobra Kai201314
8 (tie)73Nuk-Town201212
 73Cobra Kai201210
1074.2The Fantasy Chef20137
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
178.35The Upward Spiral201411Nuk-Town (78.35-68.5)
286CHARKNADO20125Cobra Kai (86-85)
390.05Pour One Out for Mahomes20147AggSwagg (90.05-66.2)
494Nuk-Town201211CHARKNADO (94-91)
594.35Team Bubba201413AggSwagg (94.35-84.55)
695AggSwagg201211Young Gunz (95-80)
795.3Cobra Kai201311Prestige Worldwide (95.3-82.5)
895.45Cobra Kai201312AggSwagg (95.45-93.6)
996Nuk-Town20122Young Gunz (96-87)
1098.95Cobra Kai20135The Fantasy Chef (98.95-80.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1173.25Cobra Kai201413Lone Star Brewtality (173.25-191.8)
2160.2Prestige Worldwide20202Team Bubba (160.2-161.65)
3157Young Gunz201410The Fantasy Chef (157-158.45)
4154.15The Upward Spiral20134The Fantasy Chef (154.15-159.95)
5152.9Team Bubba20135Lone Star Brewtality (152.9-189.55)
6150.35Young Gunz20131Team Bubba (150.35-178.5)
7147.75Cobra Kai20202Team Bubba (147.75-161.65)
8147CHARKNADO201214The Fantasy Chef (147-161)
9 (tie)146.05AggSwagg20202Prestige Worldwide (146.05-160.2)
 146.05AggSwagg20202Cobra Kai (146.05-147.75)
Most Combined Points
1365.05Lone Star Brewtality vs Cobra Kai (191.8-173.25)201413
2342.45Lone Star Brewtality vs Team Bubba (189.55-152.9)20135
3332.85Young Gunz vs Pour One Out for Mahomes (190.7-142.15)201412
4329.25Lone Star Brewtality vs AggSwagg (184.5-144.75)201313
5328.85Team Bubba vs Young Gunz (178.5-150.35)20131
6321.85Team Bubba vs Prestige Worldwide (161.65-160.2)20202
7318.95Nuk-Town vs The Fantasy Chef (179.4-139.55)20202
8316.4CHARKNADO vs Cobra Kai (184.4-132)20145
9315.45The Fantasy Chef vs Young Gunz (158.45-157)201410
10314.2Nuk-Town vs Pour One Out for Mahomes (179.4-134.8)20202
Fewest Combined Points
1146.85The Upward Spiral vs Nuk-Town (78.35-68.5)201411
2156.25Pour One Out for Mahomes vs AggSwagg (90.05-66.2)20147
3169.2Team Bubba vs Pour One Out for Mahomes (99.15-70.05)201415
4171CHARKNADO vs Cobra Kai (86-85)20125
5173Young Gunz vs Cobra Kai (100-73)201210
6175AggSwagg vs Young Gunz (95-80)201211
7177.8Cobra Kai vs Prestige Worldwide (95.3-82.5)201311
8178.9Team Bubba vs AggSwagg (94.35-84.55)201413
9179.25Cobra Kai vs The Fantasy Chef (98.95-80.3)20135
10182.7Prestige Worldwide vs AggSwagg (123.8-58.9)201412
Victory Margin
198CHARKNADO20121Lone Star Brewtality (177-79)
297.35Nuk-Town201915AggSwagg (180.1-82.75)
393.05Young Gunz20149Cobra Kai (178.55-85.5)
492.3CHARKNADO201414The Fantasy Chef (187.65-95.35)
589.3The Fantasy Chef20148Team Bubba (194.1-104.8)
682.1Nuk-Town20135Young Gunz (179.2-97.1)
781Kevin's Team20148AggSwagg (185.1-104.1)
879.4Pour One Out for Mahomes201410Nuk-Town (155.75-76.35)
979.3Kevin's Team20143Pour One Out for Mahomes (161.9-82.6)
1077.8Kevin's Team201313Young Gunz (158.75-80.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Cobra Kai20146The Upward Spiral (134.35-134.3)
20.30Pour One Out for Mahomes20148Lone Star Brewtality (122-121.7)
30.45Prestige Worldwide20201Lone Star Brewtality (133.5-133.05)
4 (tie)1The Upward Spiral20128CHARKNADO (113-112)
 1Nuk-Town20121The Upward Spiral (105-104)
 1Pour One Out for Mahomes201213Prestige Worldwide (103-102)
 1CHARKNADO20125Cobra Kai (86-85)
 1Prestige Worldwide20128The Fantasy Chef (141-140)
9 (tie)1.15Pour One Out for Mahomes20146Kevin's Team (107.7-106.55)
 1.15Pour One Out for Mahomes201413The Fantasy Chef (138.8-137.65)

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