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Mr. Jackson's Neighborhood Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1207.4Young Gunz20207
6175.4Pour One Out for Mahomes20209
7174.65Team Bubba202013
10170.4Pour One Out for Mahomes20204
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
125.9Kevin's Team20205
253.9Kevin's Team20206
367.7The Upward Spiral20208
468.25Pour One Out for Mahomes202010
676.55Kevin's Team202011
777.6Prestige Worldwide202010
982.65Kevin's Team202010
1083.45Kevin's Team202013
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
179.3CHARKNADO202011Kevin's Team (79.3-76.55)
282.65Kevin's Team202010Prestige Worldwide (82.65-77.6)
392.35AggSwagg202014CHARKNADO (92.35-70.8)
496.7The Upward Spiral20209Prestige Worldwide (96.7-93.55)
597.85Cobra Kai20205Kevin's Team (97.85-25.9)
698.6Team Bubba20206The Fantasy Chef (98.6-97.65)
7101.05The Upward Spiral20203Kevin's Team (101.05-85.85)
8101.25Kevin's Team20204The Fantasy Chef (101.25-96.8)
9102.3Team Bubba20208The Fantasy Chef (102.3-93.7)
10103.2The Upward Spiral20202Kevin's Team (103.2-87.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1162.15Lone Star Brewtality20205Pour One Out for Mahomes (162.15-162.3)
2161.3The Fantasy Chef20203Nuk-Town (161.3-197.25)
3160.2Prestige Worldwide20202Team Bubba (160.2-161.65)
4158.25Pour One Out for Mahomes20203Nuk-Town (158.25-197.25)
5155.25Team Bubba20204CHARKNADO (155.25-157.05)
6153.9Pour One Out for Mahomes202012AggSwagg (153.9-162.6)
7152.65Cobra Kai20204Nuk-Town (152.65-168.6)
8150.65Lone Star Brewtality202015Nuk-Town (150.65-173.95)
9150.5Prestige Worldwide202012Cobra Kai (150.5-166.65)
10150.3Pour One Out for Mahomes202013Team Bubba (150.3-174.65)
Most Combined Points
1358.55Nuk-Town vs The Fantasy Chef (197.25-161.3)20203
2355.5Nuk-Town vs Pour One Out for Mahomes (197.25-158.25)20203
3324.95Team Bubba vs Pour One Out for Mahomes (174.65-150.3)202013
4324.6Nuk-Town vs Lone Star Brewtality (173.95-150.65)202015
5324.45Pour One Out for Mahomes vs Lone Star Brewtality (162.3-162.15)20205
6 (tie)321.85Team Bubba vs Prestige Worldwide (161.65-160.2)20202
 321.85Nuk-Town vs AggSwagg (186.25-135.6)202016
8321.25Nuk-Town vs Cobra Kai (168.6-152.65)20204
9318.95Nuk-Town vs The Fantasy Chef (179.4-139.55)20202
10317.15Cobra Kai vs Prestige Worldwide (166.65-150.5)202012
Fewest Combined Points
1123.75Cobra Kai vs Kevin's Team (97.85-25.9)20205
2155.85CHARKNADO vs Kevin's Team (79.3-76.55)202011
3160.25Kevin's Team vs Prestige Worldwide (82.65-77.6)202010
4163.15AggSwagg vs CHARKNADO (92.35-70.8)202014
5170.65Prestige Worldwide vs Kevin's Team (116.75-53.9)20206
6172.15CHARKNADO vs The Upward Spiral (104.45-67.7)20208
7181.55Pour One Out for Mahomes vs Kevin's Team (127.65-53.9)20206
8186.9The Upward Spiral vs Kevin's Team (101.05-85.85)20203
9188.05Lone Star Brewtality vs Kevin's Team (162.15-25.9)20205
10190.25The Upward Spiral vs Prestige Worldwide (96.7-93.55)20209
Victory Margin
1136.25Lone Star Brewtality20205Kevin's Team (162.15-25.9)
2115.25Young Gunz20207Kevin's Team (207.4-92.15)
399.85Young Gunz20207Cobra Kai (207.4-107.55)
489.85Nuk-Town202010Pour One Out for Mahomes (158.1-68.25)
582.3Pour One Out for Mahomes202011CHARKNADO (161.6-79.3)
677Nuk-Town20205The Fantasy Chef (194.85-117.85)
776.65Nuk-Town20207Kevin's Team (168.8-92.15)
876The Upward Spiral202016Prestige Worldwide (166.55-90.55)
973.95Nuk-Town20205Young Gunz (194.85-120.9)
1073.75Pour One Out for Mahomes20206Kevin's Team (127.65-53.9)
Least Victory Margin
10.15Pour One Out for Mahomes20205Lone Star Brewtality (162.3-162.15)
20.35Lone Star Brewtality20203CHARKNADO (122.65-122.3)
30.45Prestige Worldwide20201Lone Star Brewtality (133.5-133.05)
40.95Team Bubba20206The Fantasy Chef (98.6-97.65)
51.10Prestige Worldwide20208Cobra Kai (127.05-125.95)
61.45Team Bubba20202Prestige Worldwide (161.65-160.2)
71.70Cobra Kai20202AggSwagg (147.75-146.05)
81.80CHARKNADO20204Team Bubba (157.05-155.25)
92.05Lone Star Brewtality202012Team Bubba (125.45-123.4)
10 (tie)2.15Kevin's Team20209Team Bubba (118.95-116.8)
 2.15AggSwagg20205Prestige Worldwide (113.75-111.6)

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