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Gridiron Immortals Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2213Crafty Cougars201610
3205Pwnd Pussies201513
4200Rare Clam Gutts201313
5 (tie)196Fighting Guppies20228
 196Rare Clam Gutts20187
 196Elephant Ninjas202313
10191Fighting Guppies20203
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Kingphinz20131
 0Noob Team20191
444Hard Knox201511
549Sir John A's Army20225
6 (tie)54Southern Comfort20196
 54Southern Comfort20209
956Rare Clam Gutts202114
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168Ruff Ryders201614Laces Out (68-64)
2 (tie)79Southern Comfort20192Laces Out (79-68)
 79Mr Wu's Pigs201912Elephant Ninjas (79-77)
480Kingphinz201411Junkyard Dawgs (80-77)
581Laces Out201917Southern Comfort (81-68)
682Hard Knox20166Southern Comfort (82-76)
783Elephant Ninjas201715Laces Out (83-81)
8 (tie)84Fighting Guppies20194Noob Team (84-80)
 84Kingphinz20102Fighting Guppies (84-83)
1085Pwnd Pussies201511Hard Knox (85-44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1169Southern Comfort202111Mooseheads (169-173)
2 (tie)166Rare Clam Gutts20184Mooseheads (166-183)
 166Crafty Cougars20212Healthy White Baby (166-171)
4 (tie)161Fighting Guppies200914Juggernauts (161-188)
 161Juggernauts20082Magic Mushrooms (161-189)
6 (tie)158Fighting Guppies200713Southern Comfort (158-172)
 158Hotel Luxury Linens20101Juggernauts (158-159)
 158Crafty Cougars20195Elephant Ninjas (158-179)
 158Junkyard Dawgs201513Pwnd Pussies (158-205)
10 (tie)157Fighting Guppies202015Noobian Goddess (157-165)
 157Magic Mushrooms201313Rare Clam Gutts (157-200)
Most Combined Points
1363Pwnd Pussies vs Junkyard Dawgs (205-158)201513
2 (tie)360Crafty Cougars vs Fighting Guppies (213-147)201610
 360Mooseheads vs Noobian Goddess (232-128)202016
4357Rare Clam Gutts vs Magic Mushrooms (200-157)201313
5350Magic Mushrooms vs Juggernauts (189-161)20082
6 (tie)349Juggernauts vs Fighting Guppies (188-161)200914
 349Mooseheads vs Rare Clam Gutts (183-166)20184
8347Elephant Ninjas vs The Gunners (196-151)202313
9342Mooseheads vs Southern Comfort (173-169)202111
10340Mooseheads vs Juggernauts (195-145)20209
Fewest Combined Points
1129Pwnd Pussies vs Hard Knox (85-44)201511
2130Magic Mushrooms vs Kingphinz (130-0)20131
3 (tie)132Ruff Ryders vs Laces Out (68-64)201614
 132Laces Out vs Noob Team (132-0)20191
5147Southern Comfort vs Laces Out (79-68)20192
6149Laces Out vs Southern Comfort (81-68)201917
7 (tie)154Southern Comfort vs Laces Out (92-62)201513
 154Southern Comfort vs Fighting Guppies (92-62)201617
9155Southern Comfort vs Kingphinz (97-58)20142
10156Mr Wu's Pigs vs Elephant Ninjas (79-77)201912
Victory Margin
1132Laces Out20191Noob Team (132-0)
2130Magic Mushrooms20131Kingphinz (130-0)
3129Mooseheads201113Her Majesty's Thunder (189-60)
4125Crafty Cougars20149Kingphinz (167-42)
5123Southern Comfort202114Rare Clam Gutts (179-56)
6116Magic Mushrooms200711Southern Comfort (187-71)
7112Fighting Guppies20228Sir John A's Army (196-84)
8108Juggernauts20118Her Majesty's Thunder (184-76)
9104Mooseheads202016Noobian Goddess (232-128)
10102Mooseheads20189Juggernauts (176-74)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Fighting Guppies20088Mob Squad (127-126)
 1Fighting Guppies202012Juggernauts (139-138)
 1Juggernauts20081Fighting Guppies (125-124)
 1Juggernauts201012Van's Apostles (132-131)
 1Juggernauts20101Hotel Luxury Linens (159-158)
 1Kingphinz20102Fighting Guppies (84-83)
 1Southern Comfort202312Rare Clam Gutts (140-139)
 1Southern Comfort201212Rare Clam Gutts (145-144)
 1Rare Clam Gutts200715Magic Mushrooms (94-93)
 1Van's Apostles20108Mooseheads (99-98)
 1Mooseheads20151Pwnd Pussies (123-122)
 1Hotel Luxury Linens201213Juggernauts (109-108)
 1Hotel Luxury Linens20158Mooseheads (113-112)
 1Hotel Luxury Linens20162Hard Knox (126-125)
 1Hotel Luxury Linens201413Juggernauts (131-130)
 1Crafty Cougars20229Fighting Guppies (102-101)
 1Crafty Cougars20183Her Majesty's Thunder (138-137)
 1Her Majesty's Thunder20206Juggernauts (113-112)
 1Her Majesty's Thunder201111Magic Mushrooms (114-113)
 1Her Majesty's Thunder201910Southern Comfort (125-124)
 1Junkyard Dawgs20126Fighting Guppies (103-102)
 1Junkyard Dawgs20163Mooseheads (151-150)
 1Laces Out20153Rare Clam Gutts (110-109)
 1Laces Out20151Ruff Ryders (125-124)
 1Mr Wu's Pigs201915Laces Out (94-93)
 1Mr Wu's Pigs20229Healthy White Baby (95-94)
 1Elephant Ninjas201914Fighting Guppies (121-120)
 1Elephant Ninjas20217Healthy White Baby (142-141)
 1Healthy White Baby202314Her Majesty's Thunder (116-115)
 1The Notorious Northmen20223Southern Comfort (129-128)

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