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The Stud Stable Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1326.7Chubs ver 11.020092
4310.5Empire of Dirt20111
5302.7Empire of Dirt201014
7294.4Joel Dreessens20119
8292.5Clutch City200413
9292.3Chubs ver 11.020105
10290.6The Beauties200810
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
121.1Double Dippers201310
273.7Empire of Dirt200813
374.9Brew Crew20049
579.2Eat Mo'Chkn20117
780.3Eat Mo'Chkn201413
883.4Eat Mo'Chkn201312
984Double Dippers20139
1085Joel Dreessens20077
1186.5Joel Dreessens20107
1289.3Double Dippers20058
1390.5Clutch City20094
1491.4Eat Mo'Chkn20149
15 (tie)92Regulators20032
 92The Daisies20033
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1115.1Glory Hole Situation201414#swagger (115.1-109.5)
2116.3The Daisies20031Choders (116.3-78.9)
3119The Beauties200311Kutahounds (119-80)
4119.3#swagger201110Regulators (119.3-107.6)
5121The Daisies20032Regulators (121-92)
6121.4Red Army200513The Beauties (121.4-108)
7125.8Joel Dreessens20054The Beauties (125.8-118.1)
8127.7Chubs ver 11.0200710Joel Dreessens (127.7-124)
9 (tie)128Skeezers 20039Regulators (128-119)
 128DaBestDamnTeamPeriod20035Choders (128-124)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1263.8T-Town20148Chubs ver 11.0 (263.8-265.7)
2261.9#swagger20131Chubs ver 11.0 (261.9-271.3)
3248.9Empire of Dirt20148Joel Dreessens (248.9-274.7)
4245.5The Beauties200915Empire of Dirt (245.5-249.2)
5243.9Chubs ver 11.0200911Skeezers (243.9-256)
6241.1Double Dippers20149The Beauties (241.1-242.5)
7238.5Joel Dreessens20132Chubs ver 11.0 (238.5-242.6)
8237.4Chubs ver 11.020136Regulators (237.4-268.1)
9237.1Empire of Dirt20118Regulators (237.1-252.2)
10237Regulators201413Chubs ver 11.0 (237-240.8)
Most Combined Points
1557.5T-Town vs The Beauties (326.4-231.1)20122
2533.2Chubs ver 11.0 vs #swagger (271.3-261.9)20131
3529.5Chubs ver 11.0 vs T-Town (265.7-263.8)20148
4523.6Joel Dreessens vs Empire of Dirt (274.7-248.9)20148
5520.7Regulators vs Eat Mo'Chkn (288.6-232.1)200512
Fewest Combined Points
1195.2The Daisies vs Choders (116.3-78.9)20031
2199The Beauties vs Kutahounds (119-80)200311
3211.6Eat Mo'Chkn vs Double Dippers (190.5-21.1)201310
4213The Daisies vs Regulators (121-92)20032
5217Joel Dreessens vs Double Dippers (133-84)20139
Victory Margin
1191.7Regulators20077Joel Dreessens (276.7-85)
2188.7Empire of Dirt20111The Beauties (310.5-121.8)
3170.6Empire of Dirt20097Clutch City (269.4-98.8)
4169.4Eat Mo'Chkn201310Double Dippers (190.5-21.1)
5161The Daisies200310Choders (267-106)
6160.8Joel Dreessens20119The Beauties (294.4-133.6)
7158.1Eat Mo'Chkn200513Kutahounds (255.5-97.4)
8156.2Eat Mo'Chkn20056Clutch City (249.5-93.3)
9153.1The Beauties20091Clutch City (288.1-135)
10151.9Chubs ver 11.020105Glory Hole Situation (292.3-140.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Glory Hole Situation20072Skeezers (210.5-210.4)
2 (tie)0.20Double Dippers20105#swagger (170.2-170)
 0.20Double Dippers20075Eat Mo'Chkn (189-188.8)
4 (tie)0.30Double Dippers20091Chubs ver 11.0 (186.2-185.9)
 0.30Clutch City20044Skeezers (130.6-130.3)
6 (tie)0.40Joel Dreessens200911Clutch City (156.6-156.2)
 0.40The Beauties20074Glory Hole Situation (157.7-157.3)
 0.40Eat Mo'Chkn20114Red Army (187-186.6)
9 (tie)0.50Red Army20133T-Town (150.5-150)
 0.50Regulators200715The Beauties (158.7-158.2)

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