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Return of the Champions XX Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1240.45Grindhouse Zombies20173
2240.1Angry Amish Avengers201313
3236.45Angels of Harlem20177
4229.28Krypton Knights201713
6226.93Grindhouse Zombies20132
7225.59Angels of Harlem201810
8223.42Grindhouse Zombies201810
9222.36Krypton Knights201711
10219.95Flaming Chankla Chuckers 20114
11218.12Speed Inc200413
12217.98Grindhouse Zombies201715
13217.88Stinky Pickles200413
14217.86Dark Phoenix201811
15217.5Fast Eddys Chili20171
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Omega Fiends20046
247.05Glitter Twins20044
349.42Fast Eddys Chili20159
451.74Glitter Twins200411
560.31Fast Eddys Chili20055
666.28Speed Inc20078
766.68Speed Inc201410
868.43St Louis Rules20115
969.75Speed Inc201511
1069.97Speed Inc20147
1170.19Omega Fiends20051
1270.29Glitter Twins20049
1371.15Speed Inc20177
1571.88Motown Lions20097
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
174.7Jeepsters20046Omega Fiends (74.7-0)
280.88Angels of Harlem20054Pissy Monkees (80.88-78.21)
385.95Motown Lions20044St Louis Rules (85.95-82.35)
486.52St Louis Rules200811Grindhouse Zombies (86.52-83.67)
589.71Alamo Assault20055Fast Eddys Chili (89.71-60.31)
689.73G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition20117St Louis Rules (89.73-85.19)
789.9Krypton Knights200611St Louis Rules (89.9-73.82)
890.38Phishermen200513Omega Fiends (90.38-85.7)
990.77Hitmen20082Motown Lions (90.77-89.16)
1091.71Samurai Warriors20063Speed Inc (91.71-81.6)
1192.74Motown Lions20075Phishermen (92.74-71.84)
1292.77Samurai Warriors20144G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition (92.77-91.91)
1393.54Samurai Warriors201412Angry Amish Avengers (93.54-83.85)
1494.01Hitmen20086Angry Amish Avengers (94.01-92.39)
1595.13Phishermen20048Old Schoolin (95.13-81.11)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1217.88Stinky Pickles200413Speed Inc (217.88-218.12)
2199.32Drunken Badgers20173Grindhouse Zombies (199.32-240.45)
3193.98Angels of Harlem201714Grindhouse Zombies (193.98-202.82)
4190.98Fast Eddys Chili201713G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition (190.98-213.53)
5189.28Angry Amish Avengers20173Drunken Badgers (189.28-199.32)
6189.06Fast Eddys Chili201810Angels of Harlem (189.06-225.59)
7187.54Ramrod Red Devils20174Grindhouse Zombies (187.54-202.34)
8186.86Krypton Knights20185Angels of Harlem (186.86-190.52)
9186.21Fast Eddys Chili20182Grindhouse Zombies (186.21-188.73)
10184.3Dark Phoenix20193Flaming Chankla Chuckers (184.3-216.35)
11182.35Angry Amish Avengers201315Jeepsters (182.35-191.92)
12181.32Drunken Badgers20176St Louis Rules (181.32-184.49)
13180.34Dark Phoenix201914Samurai Warriors (180.34-186.48)
14179.99Phishermen201811Angels of Harlem (179.99-184.89)
15178.83Angels of Harlem20193Dark Phoenix (178.83-184.3)
Most Combined Points
1439.77Grindhouse Zombies vs Drunken Badgers (240.45-199.32)20173
2436Speed Inc vs Stinky Pickles (218.12-217.88)200413
3414.65Angels of Harlem vs Fast Eddys Chili (225.59-189.06)201810
4407.21Angels of Harlem vs Dark Phoenix (236.45-170.76)20177
5404.51G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition vs Fast Eddys Chili (213.53-190.98)201713
6401.95Hitmen vs Angry Amish Avengers (227.77-174.18)201513
7400.65Flaming Chankla Chuckers vs Dark Phoenix (216.35-184.3)20193
8396.8Grindhouse Zombies vs Angels of Harlem (202.82-193.98)201714
9396.46Krypton Knights vs Samurai Warriors (222.36-174.1)201711
10395.51Grindhouse Zombies vs Flaming Chankla Chuckers (240.45-155.06)20173
11393.94Krypton Knights vs Jeepsters (229.28-164.66)201713
12389.88Grindhouse Zombies vs Ramrod Red Devils (202.34-187.54)20174
13388.6Drunken Badgers vs Angry Amish Avengers (199.32-189.28)20173
14388.23Angry Amish Avengers vs Hitmen (240.1-148.13)201313
15385.16Grindhouse Zombies vs Ramrod Red Devils (217.98-167.18)201715
Fewest Combined Points
174.7Jeepsters vs Omega Fiends (74.7-0)20046
2150.02Alamo Assault vs Fast Eddys Chili (89.71-60.31)20055
3151.96Phishermen vs Glitter Twins (100.22-51.74)200411
4157.52Alamo Assault vs Glitter Twins (110.47-47.05)20044
5159.09Angels of Harlem vs Pissy Monkees (80.88-78.21)20054
6163.72Krypton Knights vs St Louis Rules (89.9-73.82)200611
7164.58Motown Lions vs Phishermen (92.74-71.84)20075
8168.12Phishermen vs Speed Inc (96.13-71.99)201611
9168.3Motown Lions vs St Louis Rules (85.95-82.35)20044
10170.19St Louis Rules vs Grindhouse Zombies (86.52-83.67)200811
11172.35St Louis Rules vs Omega Fiends (102.16-70.19)20051
12172.86Fast Eddys Chili vs St Louis Rules (104.43-68.43)20115
13173.31Samurai Warriors vs Speed Inc (91.71-81.6)20063
14174.92G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition vs St Louis Rules (89.73-85.19)20117
15176.08Phishermen vs Omega Fiends (90.38-85.7)200513
Victory Margin
1122.24Ramrod Red Devils20177Speed Inc (193.39-71.15)
2120.71Phishermen20054Speed Inc (197.45-76.74)
3114.96Angels of Harlem20122G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition (213.34-98.38)
4112.71Angels of Harlem20045Chulos Barrio Boys (213.25-100.54)
5112.09Ramrod Red Devils20173Phishermen (206.33-94.24)
6111.48Grindhouse Zombies20132Speed Inc (226.93-115.45)
7108.79G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition20197Jeepsters (205.42-96.63)
8105.87Flaming Chankla Chuckers 20181Speed Inc (186.36-80.49)
9105.71Samurai Warriors20163Dark Phoenix (195.78-90.07)
10103.55Grindhouse Zombies20159Fast Eddys Chili (152.97-49.42)
11103.24Dark Phoenix20104Samurai Warriors (202.65-99.41)
12101.15Flaming Chankla Chuckers 201010St Louis Rules (199.64-98.49)
13101.06Speed Inc20158Angels of Harlem (177.62-76.56)
14100.82St Louis Rules200713Alamo Assault (187.96-87.14)
1599.54Drunken Badgers201513G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition (173.86-74.32)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Flaming Chankla Chuckers 20136Speed Inc (118.73-118.71)
20.03Motown Lions20094Stinky Pickles (146.1-146.07)
30.18Fast Eddys Chili20119Ramrod Red Devils (141.88-141.7)
4 (tie)0.24Samurai Warriors200915Dark Phoenix (163.67-163.43)
 0.24Speed Inc200413Stinky Pickles (218.12-217.88)
60.27Jeepsters200412Old Schoolin (130.72-130.45)
7 (tie)0.34Fast Eddys Chili20079Angry Amish Avengers (118.05-117.71)
 0.34Speed Inc20165Drunken Badgers (106.6-106.26)
90.37G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition20138Grindhouse Zombies (131.59-131.22)
100.41Dark Phoenix20069Speed Inc (149.84-149.43)
110.42Grindhouse Zombies20097Stinky Pickles (161.55-161.13)
120.43Ramrod Red Devils200911Krypton Knights (169.24-168.81)
13 (tie)0.50St Louis Rules20161Grindhouse Zombies (125.73-125.23)
 0.50G.A.M.E. Grown Ass Man Edition20173Fast Eddys Chili (151.55-151.05)
150.52St Louis Rules20159Krypton Knights (126.25-125.73)

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