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Bay City Brewers Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
2280Zombie Docs200413
5262Mexican Barking Spiders202016
6261Mexican Barking Spiders20215
7254Juices Fruit200413
8253huf dun willys200415
9252Lost Dogs201011
10251Juices Fruit200415
11 (tie)250Thunderstruck20225
 250Juices Fruit200711
13249huf dun willys200414
14248Mexican Barking Spiders20107
15246Mexican Barking Spiders20184
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Arizona Vipers20073
 0Flawless Cleavages20051
 0Flawless Cleavages20064
 0huf dun willys20093
 0The Conquistadors200811
 0WhoopAss Inc.200414
 0Mississippi Delta Blues20067
 0Mississippi Delta Blues20089
 0Lost Dogs20085
 0Mexican Barking Spiders20077
 0Mexican Barking Spiders20088
 0Mexican Barking Spiders20224
 0Gallifrey Judoons20211
 0Lion to Myself201711
 0Sneaky Pete's20157
 0Sneaky Pete's201711
 0Bad Boyz20227
 0Florida Chargers20225
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10IGFYU202215Molon Labe (0-0) TB
2 (tie)62Charleston Chiefs200314Prepare for Impact (62-16)
 62Thunderstruck20082Arizona Vipers (62-61)
4 (tie)76Mississippi Delta Blues20092Mexican Barking Spiders (76-70)
 76The Replacements201310BC Wonderlickers (76-62)
681The E'Ville Outlaws20037He Hate Me (81-62)
783South End Whalers200914Mexican Barking Spiders (83-72)
885Yesterdays_Corn201415Redzone Intimidators (85-75)
9 (tie)87Thunderstruck20079Redzone Intimidators (87-82)
 87Flawless Cleavages20052The Conquistadors (87-82)
 87The Conquistadors20074Thunderstruck (87-82)
 87House of Spears20117Gallifrey Judoons (87-72)
13 (tie)88Yesterdays_Corn201510Redzone Intimidators (88-80)
 88Prepare for Impact20035Charleston Chiefs (88-50)
 88Redzone Intimidators20066Flawless Cleavages (88-48)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1261Mexican Barking Spiders20215Thunderstruck (261-264)
2230Thunderstruck20047Juices Fruit (230-243)
3213Thunderstruck202016Mexican Barking Spiders (213-262)
4 (tie)211Juices Fruit200411IGFYU (211-238)
 211Mexican Barking Spiders201410Cougars (211-222)
6206Charleston Chiefs200410Juices Fruit (206-222)
7203Redzone Intimidators20187Mexican Barking Spiders (203-223)
8202Arizona Vipers200310Thunderstruck (202-231)
9201Cougars201810Mexican Barking Spiders (201-213)
10200IGFYU201414Mexican Barking Spiders (200-230)
11199IGFYU20196Redzone Intimidators (199-201)
12 (tie)198Charleston Chiefs20186Bounty Hunterz (198-206)
 198House of Spears201117Thunderstruck (198-206)
14197Crackin’ Cold Ones202114Yesterdays_Corn (197-215)
15195Mexican Barking Spiders201412Flying Squirrels (195-216)
Most Combined Points
1525Thunderstruck vs Mexican Barking Spiders (264-261)20215
2475Mexican Barking Spiders vs Thunderstruck (262-213)202016
3473Juices Fruit vs Thunderstruck (243-230)20047
4458Outsiders vs Thunderstruck (300-158)202017
5449IGFYU vs Juices Fruit (238-211)200411
6 (tie)433Thunderstruck vs Arizona Vipers (231-202)200310
 433Cougars vs Mexican Barking Spiders (222-211)201410
 433Mexican Barking Spiders vs Charleston Chiefs (243-190)20188
9431Mexican Barking Spiders vs Cougars (248-183)20107
10430Mexican Barking Spiders vs IGFYU (230-200)201414
11 (tie)428Charleston Chiefs vs IGFYU (240-188)200412
 428Juices Fruit vs Charleston Chiefs (222-206)200410
13426Mexican Barking Spiders vs Redzone Intimidators (223-203)20187
14419Thunderstruck vs Charleston Chiefs (244-175)20221
15418huf dun willys vs Zombie Docs (253-165)200415
Fewest Combined Points
178Charleston Chiefs vs Prepare for Impact (62-16)200314
293Redzone Intimidators vs Mexican Barking Spiders (93-0)20077
3101Molon Labe vs Florida Chargers (101-0)20225
4110Mexican Barking Spiders vs huf dun willys (110-0)20093
5112The Conquistadors vs Lost Dogs (112-0)20085
6118Molon Labe vs Mexican Barking Spiders (118-0)20224
7122huf dun willys vs Flawless Cleavages (122-0)20051
8123Thunderstruck vs Arizona Vipers (62-61)20082
9135Gallifrey Judoons vs Sneaky Pete's (135-0)201711
10136Redzone Intimidators vs Flawless Cleavages (88-48)20066
11 (tie)138Prepare for Impact vs Charleston Chiefs (88-50)20035
 138Mexican Barking Spiders vs Arizona Vipers (138-0)20073
 138The Replacements vs BC Wonderlickers (76-62)201310
14 (tie)140The Conquistadors vs Flawless Cleavages (140-0)20064
 140Cougars vs Lion to Myself (140-0)201711

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