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Tidewater Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1177.12Clevelands Dream20153
2170Christian Mingle200414
4160.04Doctor Bills201011
5155.92The Gridiron Geeks20153
7152.42The Flukes20113
8152.12Ben Jamin20153
9151.52Ranger Up20112
10150.24Christian Mingle20159
11 (tie)150Jims Jets200516
 150Da Man200412
13148.98Johns Jets20153
14148.56Forlorn Owls201513
15148Christian Mingle200716
16147.7Reville in Victory20158
17 (tie)147The Buckeye Blitz20048
 147Fighting Irish20073
19146.62Johns Jets20148
20146.38The Flukes201413
21146The Flukes20111
22145Da Noles200612
23144.94Two Mannings One Cup20155
24144.72Manolos Magic20114
25 (tie)144Big D200614
27143.66Motown Beatdown20156
28 (tie)141.8Dismal Swamp Devils20103
30141Big D20066
31140.74The Flukes201414
33140The Buckeye Blitz20066
34139.98Bucs Heat N Air20159
35139.14Ben Jamin20139
36138.38Two Mannings One Cup20152
37137.84Shake N Bake20158
39137Patriotic Phins200410
40136.4The Stink Palm Pegasus20124
41136.04Reville in Victory201515
42136Big D200612
43135.28Bucs Heat N Air20134
44135.04The Stink Palm Pegasus201214
45 (tie)135Manolos Magic200611
47134.64Dismal Swamp Devils201512
48134.36The Buckeye Blitz201113
49134.24The Flukes201115
50134El Finito20077
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
126.9Fighting Irish201111
2 (tie)28Christian Mingle20044
 28Most Best Offense20055
429.1Patriotic Phins201110
529.32The Gridiron Geeks20117
632Patriotic Phins20087
732.38Clevelands Dream201312
832.66The Brady Bunch20118
9 (tie)33Big D20059
 33The Flukes20089
11 (tie)34Clevelands Dream20084
 34Biscuits & Gravy200715
1334.7Patriotic Phins201512
1435The Beach Bums20048
1535.68Big D20139
16 (tie)36Clevelands Dream20081
 36Jims Jets200611
 36Da Noles20054
1936.24The Real Taylor20145
2036.5The Stink Palm Pegasus201313
2136.54Clevelands Dream20138
2236.82The Real Taylor20137
2437.98Shake N Bake20135
2538Da Noles20065
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144.62Comanche201312Clevelands Dream (44.62-32.38)
246Lees Eagles20058Da Noles (46-43)
348Johns Jets20075I-95ers (48-46)
450Manolos Magic20075The Flukes (50-41)
5 (tie)51Da Noles20081The Beach Bums (51-42)
 51Trashman20088Randys Pack (51-45)
751.58El Finito20107The Hush Puppies (51.58-50.46)
851.74The Brady Bunch201111Patriotic Phins (51.74-47.98)
952P-town20083Jarhead (52-44)
1052.76El Finito20098Trashman (52.76-49.16)
1153Da Boyiez20087Patriotic Phins (53-32)
1253.28Comanche20115Ranger Up (53.28-50.98)
13 (tie)54Angry Pirates20055Jons Niners (54-44)
 54Patriotic Phins20075Fighting Irish (54-49)
1554.02Most Best Offense20109Purple City Byrd Gang (54.02-49.82)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1132.8El Finito20153Two Mannings One Cup (132.8-133.86)
2126.3Princess20158Virginia Veterans (126.3-126.94)
3119.98Princess201214The Stink Palm Pegasus (119.98-135.04)
4119.64Ben Jamin20155Two Mannings One Cup (119.64-144.94)
5119.3P-town20157Da Boyiez (119.3-128.24)
6118.9Mountain Men20153Johns Jets (118.9-148.98)
7118.1Da Boyiez201510Shake N Bake (118.1-121.22)
8116.46Ben Jamin201514Motown Beatdown (116.46-118.6)
9116.1El Finito201114Ranger Up (116.1-122.7)
10115.42Princess20112Ranger Up (115.42-151.52)
11115.4Doctor Bills201513Forlorn Owls (115.4-148.56)
12 (tie)115Jims Jets200413Dismal Swamp Devils (115-117)
 115Angry Pirates200610The Buckeye Blitz (115-118)
14114.96The Gridiron Geeks20152Team Locals (114.96-118.64)
15114.74The Lone Rangers20138El Finito (114.74-121)
Most Combined Points
1267.88Johns Jets vs Mountain Men (148.98-118.9)20153
2266.94Ranger Up vs Princess (151.52-115.42)20112
3266.66Two Mannings One Cup vs El Finito (133.86-132.8)20153
4264.58Two Mannings One Cup vs Ben Jamin (144.94-119.64)20155
5263.96Forlorn Owls vs Doctor Bills (148.56-115.4)201513
6255.06Manolos Magic vs Comanche (144.72-110.34)20114
7255.02The Stink Palm Pegasus vs Princess (135.04-119.98)201214
8253.94Clevelands Dream vs Reville in Victory (177.12-76.82)20153
9253.24Virginia Veterans vs Princess (126.94-126.3)20158
10251.58Ben Jamin vs Team Locals (152.12-99.46)20153
11249.7Doctor Bills vs Johns Jets (160.04-89.66)201011
12247.54Da Boyiez vs P-town (128.24-119.3)20157
13245.58Reville in Victory vs Doctor Bills (147.7-97.88)20158
14244.16Motown Beatdown vs The Gridiron Geeks (143.66-100.5)20156
15243.32P-town vs The Lone Rangers (140.06-103.26)20096
16 (tie)241.72The Buckeye Blitz vs Clevelands Dream (134.36-107.36)201113
 241.72Bucs Heat N Air vs Fire Crackaz (139.98-101.74)20159
18241.16The Flukes vs P-town (152.42-88.74)20113
19241The Shillelaghs vs Ben Jamin (126.96-114.04)20154
20239.84Motown Beatdown vs Christian Mingle (125.98-113.86)20155
21239.32Shake N Bake vs Da Boyiez (121.22-118.1)201510
22239.16The Flukes vs The Lone Rangers (146-93.16)20111
23238.8Ranger Up vs El Finito (122.7-116.1)201114
24238.74The Flukes vs The Gridiron Geeks (134.24-104.5)201115
25238.22Dismal Swamp Devils vs Ranger Up (130.72-107.5)20148
Fewest Combined Points
177Comanche vs Clevelands Dream (44.62-32.38)201312
281.48Ben Jamin vs Fighting Irish (54.58-26.9)201111
385Da Boyiez vs Patriotic Phins (53-32)20087
4 (tie)89Pleasure House Killas vs Christian Mingle (61-28)20044
 89Lees Eagles vs Da Noles (46-43)20058
690Big D vs Biscuits & Gravy (56-34)200715
791Manolos Magic vs The Flukes (50-41)20075
893Da Noles vs The Beach Bums (51-42)20081
994Johns Jets vs I-95ers (48-46)20075
1095Most Best Offense vs Comanche (55-40)200513
11 (tie)96Trashman vs Randys Pack (51-45)20088
 96P-town vs Jarhead (52-44)20083
1396.14Da Noles vs Da Boyiez (57.14-39)20108
1496.24Da Boyiez vs The Real Taylor (59.42-36.82)20137
1597Comanche vs Angry Pirates (56-41)20078
1697.44Most Best Offense vs The Real Taylor (61.2-36.24)20145
17 (tie)98Dismal Swamp Devils vs The Beach Bums (55-43)20049
 98Angry Pirates vs Jons Niners (54-44)20055
1998.74Lambeau Leap vs The Gridiron Geeks (69.42-29.32)20117
2099.72The Brady Bunch vs Patriotic Phins (51.74-47.98)201111
21100P-town vs Clevelands Dream (64-36)20081
22101.92El Finito vs Trashman (52.76-49.16)20098
23 (tie)102Jarhead vs Lambeau Leap (60-42)200713
 102Da Boyiez vs Bobcats (58-44)20088
25102.04El Finito vs The Hush Puppies (51.58-50.46)20107
Victory Margin
1106Da Man200412Virginia Veterans (150-44)
2103Christian Mingle200414Pleasure House Killas (170-67)
3102.3Princess20096Doctor Bills (169.76-67.46)
4100.3Clevelands Dream20153Reville in Victory (177.12-76.82)
5 (tie)90The Buckeye Blitz20066Patriotic Phins (140-50)
 90P-town200812Christian Mingle (135-45)
788.9The Gridiron Geeks20153P-town (155.92-67.02)
8 (tie)88Fighting Irish20076The Rebangaleers (129-41)
 88Fighting Irish20073Doctor Bills (147-59)
1086The Buckeye Blitz20048The Steamrollers (147-61)
1185.66Christian Mingle20159Ranger Up (150.24-64.58)
1285Big D20068Christian Mingle (128-43)
1382.16Fighting Irish20139Big D (117.84-35.68)
1481.36Lambeau Leap201011Patriotic Phins (120.44-39.08)
1580.12Doctor Bills20135Shake N Bake (118.1-37.98)
1679P-town200711Fah Q Blu (144-65)
1777P-town20079Patriotic Phins (155-78)
1876.92Most Best Offense20142Manolos Magic (116.34-39.42)
1976.82P-town20123Ranger Up (131.6-54.78)
2076.6Doctor Bills201210Patriotic Phins (119.3-42.7)
2175.92Shake N Bake20156Patriotic Phins (121.52-45.6)
2275Christian Mingle200711Dismal Swamp Devils (131-56)
2374.54Johns Jets20159Most Best Offense (112.66-38.12)
2474.28Christian Mingle201010The Shillelaghs (130.22-55.94)
2573.04Ben Jamin20139Da Boyiez (139.14-66.1)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.04Patriotic Phins20155Reville in Victory (66.84-66.8)
 0.04Da Noles201412The Gridiron Geeks (77.6-77.56)
30.06P-town20107Fighting Irish (67.76-67.7)
4 (tie)0.10Fighting Irish201510Reville in Victory (109.36-109.26)
 0.10Bucs Heat N Air201010Manolos Magic (107.78-107.68)
 0.10Ranger Up20129Lambeau Leap (68.24-68.14)
70.12P-town201511Team Locals (72.42-72.3)
80.18The Stink Palm Pegasus201012Comanche (95.26-95.08)
90.20The Uterus20092Princess (93.04-92.84)
10 (tie)0.22El Finito20145P-town (100.36-100.14)
 0.22Bucs Heat N Air20139Christian Mingle (97.7-97.48)
12 (tie)0.28El Finito20091Garys Men (85.72-85.44)
 0.28Killagrams20129Most Best Offense (78.92-78.64)
14 (tie)0.32Jims Jets20116Da Boyiez (63.1-62.78)
 0.32P-town20091Patriotic Phins (92.94-92.62)
 0.32The Uterus20099El Finito (98.44-98.12)
170.34El Finito20106Purple City Byrd Gang (67.92-67.58)
18 (tie)0.38The Flukes20142Ranger Up (67.62-67.24)
 0.38The Lone Rangers201214El Finito (82.68-82.3)
20 (tie)0.42The Stink Palm Pegasus20138Doctor Bills (64.5-64.08)
 0.42The Crawdads20111The Gridiron Geeks (74.4-73.98)
22 (tie)0.44Big D201013Ben Jamin (65.82-65.38)
 0.44Ben Jamin20132Christian Mingle (68.02-67.58)
24 (tie)0.48Da Boyiez20112Dirty Dolphins (61.5-61.02)
 0.48The Stink Palm Pegasus201212Da Noles (85.72-85.24)
 0.48Ginger Snap20091The Hush Puppies (88.42-87.94)

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