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Dolphins Fan League 1 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1181.8*No Name D20077
2173.5*Marks Brothers20069
3165.85*Pauls War Field20072
4164.8Forces of Nature20087
5161.25Dan Fast Fish200712
6156.8*Shula's Perfect 7220052
7155.25*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)20073
8153.75Dan Fast Fish200610
9153.4*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)20071
10152.85*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)200711
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
139.9*The Perfect Season20076
243.05*Air Marino20069
343.6*Jim Jensen's Psychos200613
443.8*Jim Jensen's Psychos200611
545.3*Jim Jensen's Psychos20059
645.6*Shula's Perfect 7220079
746.8*Jim Jensen's Psychos20069
847.2*The Perfect Season200713
9 (tie)48.2*Lucky Number 1320066
 48.2*Lucky Number 13200811
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146.8*Jim Jensen's Psychos20069*Air Marino (46.8-43.05)
259.95*No Name D20058*Pauls War Field (59.95-49.2)
364.55*Pauls War Field20061*Zonk's Army (64.55-61.7)
4 (tie)68.05*The storm20077*Shula's Perfect 72 (68.05-63.85)
 68.05*Big Tuna200813*No Name D (68.05-60.55)
669.9*Pauls War Field200613*Jim Jensen's Psychos (69.9-43.6)
771.7*Chambers Boys20065*The Killer B's (71.7-69.05)
872.2*Zonk's Army200611*Lucky Number 13 (72.2-65.9)
972.4*Marks Brothers20063*Jim Jensen's Psychos (72.4-64.35)
1075.05*The Perfect Season200810*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) (75.05-75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1135.95*Air Marino20058*The Killer B's (135.95-140.45)
2132.85*No Name D200711*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) (132.85-152.85)
3127.85*The Killer B's20064Dan Fast Fish (127.85-130.6)
4127.65*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)200813*Da Hawaiian Dolphin (127.65-130.1)
5126.75*Big Tuna20082Forces of Nature (126.75-136.85)
6125.25*Marks Brothers200713*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) (125.25-131.5)
7123.45*Csonka's Bullies20053*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) (123.45-129.6)
8123.2*Saban's Saviors200511*The Killer B's (123.2-125.1)
9121.8*Lucky Number 1320057Dan Fast Fish (121.8-142.1)
10121.5*Big Tuna200810*Shula's Perfect 72 (121.5-126.55)
Most Combined Points
1285.7*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) vs *No Name D (152.85-132.85)200711
2278.3*No Name D vs *Hi, I'm Mark (181.8-96.5)20077
3277.15Dan Fast Fish vs *Marks Brothers (161.25-115.9)200712
4276.4*The Killer B's vs *Air Marino (140.45-135.95)20058
5271.55*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) vs *The storm (155.25-116.3)20073
6269.85*Shula's Perfect 72 vs *Csonka's Bullies (156.8-113.05)20052
7267.95*Hi, I'm Mark vs *Pauls War Field (147.25-120.7)20076
8263.9Dan Fast Fish vs *Lucky Number 13 (142.1-121.8)20057
9263.6Forces of Nature vs *Big Tuna (136.85-126.75)20082
10261.45*WinWanSuun vs *Big Tuna (152.2-109.25)20086
Fewest Combined Points
189.85*Jim Jensen's Psychos vs *Air Marino (46.8-43.05)20069
2109.15*No Name D vs *Pauls War Field (59.95-49.2)20058
3113.5*Pauls War Field vs *Jim Jensen's Psychos (69.9-43.6)200613
4118.55*The storm vs *The Perfect Season (78.65-39.9)20076
5126.25*Pauls War Field vs *Zonk's Army (64.55-61.7)20061
6127.7*Air Marino vs *Jim Jensen's Psychos (76.1-51.6)20061
7128.6*Big Tuna vs *No Name D (68.05-60.55)200813
8131.9*The storm vs *Shula's Perfect 72 (68.05-63.85)20077
9136.75*Marks Brothers vs *Jim Jensen's Psychos (72.4-64.35)20063
10138.1*Zonk's Army vs *Lucky Number 13 (72.2-65.9)200611
Victory Margin
1103.75*Marks Brothers20069*No Name D (173.5-69.75)
298.35Forces of Nature20087*YK Cavaliers (164.8-66.45)
385.3*No Name D20077*Hi, I'm Mark (181.8-96.5)
484.6*Pauls War Field20072*Mercury Rising (165.85-81.25)
582.25*Lucky Number 13200613Dan Fast Fish (144.45-62.2)
680.4*Csonka's Bullies20059*Jim Jensen's Psychos (125.7-45.3)
777.35*Pauls War Field200611*Chambers Boys (126.35-49)
876.45*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)20063*Air Marino (126.05-49.6)
966.35*Da Hawaiian Dolphin200811*Lucky Number 13 (114.55-48.2)
1065.4*Pauls War Field20064*Air Marino (120.55-55.15)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.05*Pauls War Field20068*The Killer B's (86.5-86.45)
 0.05*The Perfect Season200810*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag) (75.05-75)
30.10*MVP JT(Saban's a Dirt Bag)20084*No Name D (103.4-103.3)
40.25*Pauls War Field20062*Marks Brothers (117.6-117.35)
50.45*No Name D20056*Air Marino (94.55-94.1)
60.55*WinWanSuun20088*YK Cavaliers (102.05-101.5)
70.70*Lucky Number 13200814*YK Cavaliers (98.7-98)
80.90*Jim Jensen's Psychos20052Dan Fast Fish (104.3-103.4)
9 (tie)1.10*Csonka's Bullies200511*Pauls War Field (104.85-103.75)
 1.10*Zonk's Army20053*Saban's Saviors (92.5-91.4)

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