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Western States Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1158Colorado Ghost Riders200915
2157Riley County Rangers20096
3 (tie)152Colorado Ghost Riders20092
 152Colorado Ghost Riders200910
5 (tie)148Colorado Ghost Riders200914
 148Southwest Border Jumpers200912
7143Pacific NW Beast20096
8141Sacramento Rivercats20099
9140Riley County Rangers20092
10139Riley County Rangers20098
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
133DPs El Paso County Ballers200811
252Neveda Hellfish20089
3 (tie)53Southwest Border Jumpers20085
 53San Antonio Doctors of Doom200811
5 (tie)54DPs El Paso County Ballers20081
 54Puget Sound Power20087
 54Riley County Rangers20087
8 (tie)56DPs El Paso County Ballers20082
 56Riley County Rangers20088
 56Sacramento Rivercats20087
Most Combined Points
1286Riley County Rangers vs Puget Sound Power (157-129)20096
2280Southwest Border Jumpers vs Riley County Rangers (148-132)200912
3274Colorado Ghost Riders vs Riley County Rangers (158-116)200915
4267Orange County Bonecrushers vs Sacramento Rivercats (136-131)200911
5257Sacramento Rivercats vs Riley County Rangers (135-122)20097
6256Riley County Rangers vs Colorado Ghost Riders (139-117)20098
7251Pacific NW Beast vs Orange County Bonecrushers (143-108)20096
8 (tie)247Colorado Ghost Riders vs Puget Sound Power (148-99)200914
 247Riley County Rangers vs Pacific NW Beast (131-116)200911
10244Colorado Ghost Riders vs Sacramento Rivercats (152-92)20092
Fewest Combined Points
186San Antonio Doctors of Doom vs DPs El Paso County Ballers (53-33)200811
2108Riley County Rangers vs Puget Sound Power (54-54)20087
3125San Antonio Doctors of Doom vs DPs El Paso County Ballers (71-54)20081
4129DPs El Paso County Ballers vs Riley County Rangers (72-57)20084
5132Riley County Rangers vs Pacific NW Beast (71-61)20081
6133Southwest Border Jumpers vs Sacramento Rivercats (72-61)20094
7135Sacramento Rivercats vs Puget Sound Power (78-57)20086
8 (tie)136San Antonio Doctors of Doom vs Riley County Rangers (80-56)20088
 136Orange County Bonecrushers vs Puget Sound Power (72-64)20089
10140Neveda Hellfish vs Puget Sound Power (73-67)20097
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
153San Antonio Doctors of Doom200811DPs El Paso County Ballers (53-33)
2 (tie)71Riley County Rangers20081Pacific NW Beast (71-61)
 71San Antonio Doctors of Doom20081DPs El Paso County Ballers (71-54)
4 (tie)72Southwest Border Jumpers20094Sacramento Rivercats (72-61)
 72DPs El Paso County Ballers20084Riley County Rangers (72-57)
 72Orange County Bonecrushers20089Puget Sound Power (72-64)
773Neveda Hellfish20097Puget Sound Power (73-67)
876DPs El Paso County Ballers20088Puget Sound Power (76-74)
977Riley County Rangers20085Colorado Ghost Riders (77-71)
1078Sacramento Rivercats20086Puget Sound Power (78-57)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1132Riley County Rangers200912Southwest Border Jumpers (132-148)
2131Sacramento Rivercats200911Orange County Bonecrushers (131-136)
3129Puget Sound Power20096Riley County Rangers (129-157)
4122Riley County Rangers20097Sacramento Rivercats (122-135)
5117Colorado Ghost Riders20098Riley County Rangers (117-139)
6 (tie)116Pacific NW Beast200911Riley County Rangers (116-131)
 116Riley County Rangers200915Colorado Ghost Riders (116-158)
8 (tie)114Pacific NW Beast200910San Antonio Doctors of Doom (114-119)
 114Riley County Rangers20095Neveda Hellfish (114-123)
10113Puget Sound Power20098Southwest Border Jumpers (113-126)
Victory Margin
180Boise Blaze200915Pacific NW Beast (137-57)
273Colorado Ghost Riders200910Neveda Hellfish (152-79)
360Colorado Ghost Riders20092Sacramento Rivercats (152-92)
4 (tie)58Sacramento Rivercats20099Pacific NW Beast (141-83)
 58Orange County Bonecrushers20091Neveda Hellfish (117-59)
656Neveda Hellfish20087Sacramento Rivercats (112-56)
755Puget Sound Power200813Pacific NW Beast (128-73)
853Orange County Bonecrushers20086San Antonio Doctors of Doom (115-62)
9 (tie)52Colorado Ghost Riders20089Neveda Hellfish (104-52)
 52Boise Blaze200914Southwest Border Jumpers (116-64)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1DPs El Paso County Ballers200812Sacramento Rivercats (85-84)
 1Buffalo Boozers20082San Antonio Doctors of Doom (101-100)
3 (tie)2DPs El Paso County Ballers20088Puget Sound Power (76-74)
 2Sacramento Rivercats20095Puget Sound Power (88-86)
53Neveda Hellfish200912Orange County Bonecrushers (86-83)
6 (tie)4Colorado Ghost Riders20097San Antonio Doctors of Doom (81-77)
 4DPs El Paso County Ballers200810Pacific NW Beast (79-75)
 4Neveda Hellfish200812Orange County Bonecrushers (97-93)
 4Buffalo Boozers20089Riley County Rangers (103-99)
10 (tie)5Boise Blaze200911Southwest Border Jumpers (116-111)
 5San Antonio Doctors of Doom200910Pacific NW Beast (119-114)
 5Orange County Bonecrushers200911Sacramento Rivercats (136-131)

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