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Great Lakes Classic 8 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1147.1*DoCoMo VIII20088
3132.35*DoCoMo VIII20087
4130.45*DoCoMo VIII200816
5129.9*Scotch, Rocks20084
7126.35*DoCoMo VIII200811
8124.7*DoCoMo VIII200810
9123.5All Faulk'ed Up200815
10122.55*Lizard Thicket200813
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
250.9BrownsROCK 820083
451.85*Cullman Coyotes20084
553.6*Cullman Coyotes20087
654.45*Yaba Daba Doo20087
856.35BrownsROCK 820085
959.15BrownsROCK 820086
1060.25BrownsROCK 8200813
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.5BrownsROCK 820089*Bo's (73.5-63.2)
280All Faulk'ed Up200811*Lizard Thicket (80-73)
383.05All Faulk'ed Up20088*Capital City Cowboys (83.05-78.55)
483.45*Yaba Daba Doo20088*Cullman Coyotes (83.45-77.35)
586.85All Faulk'ed Up20085BrownsROCK 8 (86.85-56.35)
688.5*Annihilators20086*Cullman Coyotes (88.5-82.7)
788.65*Lizard Thicket20085*Capital City Cowboys (88.65-80.6)
890.15*Cullman Coyotes20089*Scotch, Rocks (90.15-90.15) TB
9 (tie)91.25*Bo's20088*Scotch, Rocks (91.25-79.15)
 91.25*Lizard Thicket20089*Annihilators (91.25-78.95)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1111.1*Scotch, Rocks20085*Yaba Daba Doo (111.1-111.6)
2107.7*Capital City Cowboys200815All Faulk'ed Up (107.7-123.5)
3106.2*Scotch, Rocks200815*DoCoMo VIII (106.2-119.6)
4104.15BrownsROCK 8200812*DoCoMo VIII (104.15-118.25)
5104*Lizard Thicket200814*Scotch, Rocks (104-105.05)
6103.75*Capital City Cowboys200813*Cullman Coyotes (103.75-110.3)
7103.3*Yaba Daba Doo200810*DoCoMo VIII (103.3-124.7)
8102.35*Scotch, Rocks200812*Annihilators (102.35-106.3)
9101.3*Yaba Daba Doo200813*Lizard Thicket (101.3-122.55)
10100.2*Scotch, Rocks20083*Annihilators (100.2-110.4)
Most Combined Points
1240.25*DoCoMo VIII vs *Annihilators (147.1-93.15)20088
2232.35*DoCoMo VIII vs *Lizard Thicket (132.35-100)20087
3231.2All Faulk'ed Up vs *Capital City Cowboys (123.5-107.7)200815
4228*DoCoMo VIII vs *Yaba Daba Doo (124.7-103.3)200810
5225.8*DoCoMo VIII vs *Scotch, Rocks (119.6-106.2)200815
6223.85*Lizard Thicket vs *Yaba Daba Doo (122.55-101.3)200813
7222.7*Yaba Daba Doo vs *Scotch, Rocks (111.6-111.1)20085
8222.4*DoCoMo VIII vs BrownsROCK 8 (118.25-104.15)200812
9215.7*Capital City Cowboys vs *DoCoMo VIII (116.7-99)20086
10214.05*Cullman Coyotes vs *Capital City Cowboys (110.3-103.75)200813
Fewest Combined Points
1136.7BrownsROCK 8 vs *Bo's (73.5-63.2)20089
2143.2All Faulk'ed Up vs BrownsROCK 8 (86.85-56.35)20085
3144.95All Faulk'ed Up vs *Cullman Coyotes (91.35-53.6)20087
4153All Faulk'ed Up vs *Lizard Thicket (80-73)200811
5156.9*Yaba Daba Doo vs All Faulk'ed Up (93.15-63.75)20083
6158.15*Annihilators vs BrownsROCK 8 (97.9-60.25)200813
7158.55*Bo's vs *Annihilators (107.35-51.2)20085
8159.4*DoCoMo VIII vs BrownsROCK 8 (108.5-50.9)20083
9160.1*Lizard Thicket vs *Bo's (120.55-39.55)200810
10160.75*Capital City Cowboys vs *Cullman Coyotes (108.9-51.85)20084
Victory Margin
181*Lizard Thicket200810*Bo's (120.55-39.55)
280.6*Bo's20087*Yaba Daba Doo (135.05-54.45)
364.8*DoCoMo VIII200816All Faulk'ed Up (130.45-65.65)
463.6*Scotch, Rocks20084All Faulk'ed Up (129.9-66.3)
562.2*DoCoMo VIII200813*Bo's (118.45-56.25)
657.6*DoCoMo VIII20083BrownsROCK 8 (108.5-50.9)
757.05*Capital City Cowboys20084*Cullman Coyotes (108.9-51.85)
856.15*Bo's20085*Annihilators (107.35-51.2)
953.95*DoCoMo VIII20088*Annihilators (147.1-93.15)
1052.95*DoCoMo VIII200811*Scotch, Rocks (126.35-73.4)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50*Capital City Cowboys20087*Annihilators (99.8-99.3)
 0.50*Yaba Daba Doo20085*Scotch, Rocks (111.6-111.1)
31.05*Scotch, Rocks200814*Lizard Thicket (105.05-104)
43.95*Annihilators200812*Scotch, Rocks (106.3-102.35)
54.50All Faulk'ed Up20088*Capital City Cowboys (83.05-78.55)
65.80*Annihilators20086*Cullman Coyotes (88.5-82.7)
76.05*Cullman Coyotes200811*Bo's (92.1-86.05)
86.10*Yaba Daba Doo20088*Cullman Coyotes (83.45-77.35)
96.55*Cullman Coyotes200813*Capital City Cowboys (110.3-103.75)
107All Faulk'ed Up200811*Lizard Thicket (80-73)

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