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MUD BALLERS FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1159Chinese Bandits20076
3146Chinese Bandits200515
5140Kamikaze Raiders200714
6 (tie)139Hong Kong Phooeys200413
 139Snot Bubbles20047
8138Kamikaze Raiders200510
9 (tie)137Chinese Bandits200511
 137Chinese Bandits200512
 137Kamikaze Raiders200410
 137Snot Bubbles20048
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1127Chinese Bandits200410Kamikaze Raiders (127-137)
2123Hong Kong Phooeys200410Shanks for Nothin' (123-136)
3121Old Guy's Warriors200416Shanks for Nothin' (121-126)
4 (tie)117Old Guy's Warriors20066Kamikaze Raiders (117-118)
 117Chinese Bandits200411Old Guy's Warriors (117-133)
 117Snot Bubbles20042Kamikaze Raiders (117-120)
7115Mamaz Boyz20058Hong Kong Phooeys (115-126)
8113Snot Bubbles200412Chinese Bandits (113-132)
9112Shanks for Nothin'200411Midixaphlopin (112-123)
10111Visalia Vermin20076Mamaz Boyz (111-113)
Most Combined Points
1264Kamikaze Raiders vs Chinese Bandits (137-127)200410
2259Shanks for Nothin' vs Hong Kong Phooeys (136-123)200410
3250Old Guy's Warriors vs Chinese Bandits (133-117)200411
4248Hong Kong Phooeys vs Mamaz Boyz (139-109)200413
5247Shanks for Nothin' vs Old Guy's Warriors (126-121)200416
6245Chinese Bandits vs Snot Bubbles (132-113)200412
7241Hong Kong Phooeys vs Mamaz Boyz (126-115)20058
8240Snot Bubbles vs Mamaz Boyz (139-101)20047
9238Kamikaze Raiders vs Midixaphlopin (140-98)200714
10 (tie)237Kamikaze Raiders vs Snot Bubbles (120-117)20042
 237Chinese Bandits vs Kamikaze Raiders (146-91)200515
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)37Shanks for Nothin'20056
4 (tie)40Shanks for Nothin'20059
 40Snot Bubbles20074
641Shanks for Nothin'20069
742Snot Bubbles20063
8 (tie)44Hong Kong Phooeys200510
 44Visalia Vermin20062
1045Snot Bubbles200711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146Chinese Bandits200710EL~Hombre (46-34)
252Old Guy's Warriors20074Snot Bubbles (52-40)
355Hong Kong Phooeys20074Midixaphlopin (55-54)
456Old Guy's Warriors200716Chinese Bandits (56-56) TB
5 (tie)58Old Guy's Warriors20052EL~Hombre (58-54)
 58Chinese Bandits20063Snot Bubbles (58-42)
 58Mamaz Boyz200610Shanks for Nothin' (58-49)
860Old Guy's Warriors20076Midixaphlopin (60-37)
961Midixaphlopin20059Shanks for Nothin' (61-40)
1062Visalia Vermin20079Snot Bubbles (62-48)
Fewest Combined Points
180Chinese Bandits vs EL~Hombre (46-34)200710
292Old Guy's Warriors vs Snot Bubbles (52-40)20074
397Old Guy's Warriors vs Midixaphlopin (60-37)20076
4100Chinese Bandits vs Snot Bubbles (58-42)20063
5101Midixaphlopin vs Shanks for Nothin' (61-40)20059
6107Mamaz Boyz vs Shanks for Nothin' (58-49)200610
7109Hong Kong Phooeys vs Midixaphlopin (55-54)20074
8110Visalia Vermin vs Snot Bubbles (62-48)20079
9 (tie)112Old Guy's Warriors vs EL~Hombre (58-54)20052
 112Old Guy's Warriors vs Chinese Bandits (56-56)200716
Victory Margin
1100EL~Hombre20068Kamikaze Raiders (153-53)
296Chinese Bandits20076Snot Bubbles (159-63)
377Snot Bubbles20044Midixaphlopin (135-58)
475Old Guy's Warriors20051Shanks for Nothin' (123-48)
569Chinese Bandits20049Mamaz Boyz (127-58)
664Shanks for Nothin'200513Visalia Vermin (122-58)
763Chinese Bandits200512Kamikaze Raiders (137-74)
861Kamikaze Raiders200715EL~Hombre (122-61)
9 (tie)60Kamikaze Raiders20053Mamaz Boyz (111-51)
 60EL~Hombre20062Old Guy's Warriors (119-59)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Kamikaze Raiders20041Midixaphlopin (103-102)
 1Kamikaze Raiders20066Old Guy's Warriors (118-117)
 1Hong Kong Phooeys20074Midixaphlopin (55-54)
4 (tie)2Old Guy's Warriors20047Midixaphlopin (88-86)
 2Chinese Bandits200713Snot Bubbles (77-75)
 2Chinese Bandits20058Visalia Vermin (90-88)
 2Kamikaze Raiders20072Midixaphlopin (85-83)
 2Mamaz Boyz200511Old Guy's Warriors (98-96)
 2Mamaz Boyz20076Visalia Vermin (113-111)
 2Shanks for Nothin'200415Snot Bubbles (79-77)
 2Shanks for Nothin'20043Midixaphlopin (105-103)
 2Hong Kong Phooeys200511EL~Hombre (106-104)
 2EL~Hombre200713Shanks for Nothin' (80-78)
 2Visalia Vermin20053Midixaphlopin (84-82)

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