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Federal League of Fantasy Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1146Oklahoma Drillers20072
2137Cumberland Polecats20064
3134Memphis Bulldogs200714
4 (tie)131Oldsmar Marauders200714
 131Sun City Springboks20079
6129Reading Royals200713
7128Cumberland Polecats20066
8127Topeka Tornadoes200610
9126Cumberland Polecats20073
10122Minnesota Maulers20061
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136Bristol Thunder20072
238Cumberland Polecats20075
340Vegas Devilfish20061
441Bristol Thunder200612
542Cumberland Polecats200611
643Reading Royals20063
7 (tie)44Oldsmar Marauders20075
 44Bristol Thunder20074
9 (tie)45Oklahoma Drillers20076
 45Cumberland Polecats200711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144Oldsmar Marauders20075Cumberland Polecats (44-38)
253Reading Royals200611Cumberland Polecats (53-42)
354Memphis Bulldogs20064Sun City Springboks (54-46)
457Oldsmar Marauders200611Vegas Devilfish (57-51)
561Minnesota Maulers20066Los Angeles Predators (61-49)
6 (tie)62Council Grove Cats20076Oklahoma Drillers (62-45)
 62Vegas Devilfish20073Council Grove Cats (62-57)
8 (tie)65Oldsmar Marauders20063Council Grove Cats (65-64)
 65Topeka Tornadoes20065Oklahoma Drillers (65-61)
 65Sun City Springboks20078Vegas Devilfish (65-53)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1110Memphis Bulldogs20072Oklahoma Drillers (110-146)
2104Oldsmar Marauders20078Los Angeles Predators (104-105)
3101Memphis Bulldogs200613Reading Royals (101-102)
4100Cumberland Polecats200612Minnesota Maulers (100-107)
597Memphis Bulldogs20076Oldsmar Marauders (97-103)
696Minnesota Maulers20065Council Grove Cats (96-100)
7 (tie)95Oldsmar Marauders20068Los Angeles Predators (95-99)
 95Oldsmar Marauders20071Sun City Springboks (95-121)
 95Topeka Tornadoes200713Memphis Bulldogs (95-96)
10 (tie)94Oklahoma Drillers20079Vegas Devilfish (94-103)
 94Oklahoma Drillers200711Los Angeles Predators (94-102)
Most Combined Points
1256Oklahoma Drillers vs Memphis Bulldogs (146-110)20072
2219Sun City Springboks vs Los Angeles Predators (131-88)20079
3216Sun City Springboks vs Oldsmar Marauders (121-95)20071
4215Cumberland Polecats vs Vegas Devilfish (137-78)20064
5213Cumberland Polecats vs Oklahoma Drillers (126-87)20073
6209Los Angeles Predators vs Oldsmar Marauders (105-104)20078
7 (tie)207Topeka Tornadoes vs Council Grove Cats (116-91)20066
 207Minnesota Maulers vs Cumberland Polecats (107-100)200612
 207Oklahoma Drillers vs Memphis Bulldogs (116-91)20068
10 (tie)206Topeka Tornadoes vs Los Angeles Predators (127-79)200610
 206Oldsmar Marauders vs Topeka Tornadoes (131-75)200714
Fewest Combined Points
182Oldsmar Marauders vs Cumberland Polecats (44-38)20075
295Reading Royals vs Cumberland Polecats (53-42)200611
3 (tie)100Memphis Bulldogs vs Sun City Springboks (54-46)20064
 100Bristol Thunder vs Cumberland Polecats (50-50)200713
5107Council Grove Cats vs Oklahoma Drillers (62-45)20076
6108Oldsmar Marauders vs Vegas Devilfish (57-51)200611
7110Minnesota Maulers vs Los Angeles Predators (61-49)20066
8111Topeka Tornadoes vs Vegas Devilfish (71-40)20061
9116Oldsmar Marauders vs Reading Royals (69-47)200715
10117Vegas Devilfish vs Reading Royals (69-48)20075
Victory Margin
169Minnesota Maulers20061Oldsmar Marauders (122-53)
268Sun City Springboks20072Bristol Thunder (104-36)
364Memphis Bulldogs200714Council Grove Cats (134-70)
462Bristol Thunder20063Reading Royals (105-43)
560Reading Royals200713Sun City Springboks (129-69)
6 (tie)59Memphis Bulldogs200711Sun City Springboks (116-57)
 59Cumberland Polecats20064Vegas Devilfish (137-78)
8 (tie)56Oldsmar Marauders200714Topeka Tornadoes (131-75)
 56Cumberland Polecats20066Oklahoma Drillers (128-72)
1055Vegas Devilfish200711Cumberland Polecats (100-45)

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