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2021 Quinnipiac Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1169.31Midnight Marauders20195
2168.005Fightin’ Commodes201712
3168Big Tuna20131
4166.75Midnight Marauders20198
5160.474The Dreamteam201712
6160.08The Dreamteam20195
7159The Dreamteam20148
8157The Dreamteam201414
9156.25Tampa Bay Bombers20195
10155.553Tampa Bay Bombers20169
11155The Stack Exchange20156
12154.36The Big Lebowski20204
13151The Stack Exchange201513
14149.98Fightin’ Commodes201915
15149.94Dream Killer20201
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
111Swarming Aztecs20068
2 (tie)17The Stormtroopers200612
 17Swarming Aztecs200612
418Team RIP20094
519Boogie Knights201310
621Swarming Aztecs20069
722Swarming Aztecs20075
8 (tie)23Magic Bus201111
 23Boogie Knights20074
 23Boogie Knights20077
 23Swarming Aztecs20066
12 (tie)24Big Tuna20065
 24The Stormtroopers20065
 24Tampa Bay Bombers20078
15 (tie)25Gardenstate Warriors20069
 25Hypoluxo Hurricanes200613
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)26Jersey Arsenal20075The Dreamteam (26-26) TB
 26The Dreamteam20075Jersey Arsenal (26-26) TB
333Magic Bus20065Big Tuna (33-24)
434Jersey Arsenal20071Swarming Aztecs (34-30)
537Magic Bus20062Tampa Bay Bombers (37-36)
6 (tie)38Gardenstate Warriors20074Magic Bus (38-35)
 38Gardenstate Warriors20097Swarming Aztecs (38-35)
 38Tampa Bay Bombers200611Swarming Aztecs (38-26)
 38Tampa Bay Bombers200713Swarming Aztecs (38-34)
1040Swarming Aztecs200913The Stormtroopers (40-37)
1141Boogie Knights200710All Natural-Big Action (41-31)
12 (tie)43Boogie Knights20063Hypoluxo Hurricanes (43-32)
 43Hypoluxo Hurricanes200713Boogie Knights (43-36)
14 (tie)44Gardenstate Warriors200710Tampa Bay Bombers (44-34)
 44Big Tuna200613The Dreamteam (44-36)
 44Fightin’ Commodes20094Team RIP (44-18)
 44All Natural-Big Action200610Swarming Aztecs (44-33)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
2140.59Boogie Knights20181The Dreamteam (140.59-141.94)
4126.5The Big Lebowski20189Dream Killer (126.5-130.9)
5124.431The Dreamteam20163High Rollers (124.431-126.09)
6123.93Midnight Marauders20193The Dreamteam (123.93-127.83)
7122.95Midnight Marauders201915Fightin’ Commodes (122.95-149.98)
8 (tie)120PROBOWL NORTH201417PROBOWL SOUTH (120-128)
 120Gardenstate Warriors20148Fightin’ Commodes (120-121)
 120High Rollers201413Fightin’ Commodes (120-124)
11119.8High Rollers201915Jersey Arsenal (119.8-125.73)
12119.5Fightin’ Commodes201114High Rollers (119.5-122)
13 (tie)117The Champ is Here20156The Stack Exchange (117-155)
 117Midnight Marauders201413The Dreamteam (117-123)
15116.106High Rollers20176Fightin’ Commodes (116.106-119.004)
Most Combined Points
1294PROBOWL NORTH vs PROBOWL SOUTH (148-146)201317
2282.53The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (141.94-140.59)20181
3279.74Midnight Marauders vs Fightin’ Commodes (169.31-110.43)20195
4275PROBOWL SOUTH vs PROBOWL NORTH (145-130)201117
5272.93Fightin’ Commodes vs Midnight Marauders (149.98-122.95)201915
6272The Stack Exchange vs The Champ is Here (155-117)20156
7268.97Midnight Marauders vs The Big Lebowski (166.75-102.22)20198
8267Big Tuna vs Boogie Knights (168-99)20131
9262.98PROBOWL SOUTH vs PROBOWL NORTH (149.55-113.43)201917
10261.4The Dreamteam vs The Replacements (160.08-101.32)20195
11260The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (159-101)20148
12258.69Tampa Bay Bombers vs Big Tuna (155.553-103.139)20169
13257.4Dream Killer vs The Big Lebowski (130.9-126.5)20189
14255.71The Champ is Here vs The Big Lebowski (145.57-110.14)20202
15251.76The Dreamteam vs Midnight Marauders (127.83-123.93)20193
Fewest Combined Points
152Jersey Arsenal vs The Dreamteam (26-26)20075
257Magic Bus vs Big Tuna (33-24)20065
362Fightin’ Commodes vs Team RIP (44-18)20094
463Team RIP vs Swarming Aztecs (46-17)200612
5 (tie)64Tampa Bay Bombers vs Swarming Aztecs (38-26)200611
 64Jersey Arsenal vs Swarming Aztecs (34-30)20071
768Big Tuna vs The Stormtroopers (51-17)200612
8 (tie)70The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (47-23)20074
 70Boogie Knights vs Hypoluxo Hurricanes (45-25)200613
10 (tie)72Tampa Bay Bombers vs Swarming Aztecs (38-34)200713
 72Boogie Knights vs All Natural-Big Action (41-31)200710
12 (tie)73Gardenstate Warriors vs Magic Bus (38-35)20074
 73Magic Bus vs Tampa Bay Bombers (37-36)20062
 73Gardenstate Warriors vs Swarming Aztecs (38-35)20097
15 (tie)74Team RIP vs Gardenstate Warriors (45-29)20075
 74Jersey Arsenal vs Big Tuna (47-27)200810
Victory Margin
1116.76Fightin’ Commodes201712Big Tuna (168.005-51.25)
298.46The Dreamteam201712The Champ is Here (160.474-62.016)
396.51The Big Lebowski20204Jersey Arsenal (154.36-57.85)
495Fightin’ Commodes201412The Stack Exchange (148-53)
589High Rollers20138Swarming Aztecs (122-33)
684The Dreamteam201512Tampa Bay Bombers (126-42)
783.34Midnight Marauders20192Jersey Arsenal (133.52-50.18)
8 (tie)83The Champ is Here201210All Natural-Big Action (122-39)
 83Boogie Knights20103The Champ is Here (140-57)
1082.93High Rollers201811Fightin’ Commodes (140.73-57.8)
1182The Dreamteam201411Tampa Bay Bombers (131-49)
1281.13The Dreamteam20161The Replacements (147.25-66.123)
1381Fightin’ Commodes201111Magic Bus (104-23)
1479.97Tampa Bay Bombers201812The Stack Exchange (141.41-61.44)
1577The Champ is Here201211Swarming Aztecs (124-47)
Least Victory Margin
10.11Boogie Knights20187All Natural-Big Action (110.78-110.67)
20.13Tampa Bay Bombers20164Fightin’ Commodes (91.868-91.74)
30.16The Big Lebowski20171The Champ is Here (83.011-82.854)
40.22The Stack Exchange20187The Big Lebowski (79.79-79.57)
50.37Tampa Bay Bombers20163The Champ is Here (89.814-89.443)
60.40Midnight Marauders20174The Big Lebowski (78.865-78.463)
70.41Fightin’ Commodes20211The Champ is Here (111.78-111.37)
8 (tie)0.43The Big Lebowski201911The Dreamteam (82.14-81.71)
 0.43The Dreamteam20166Midnight Marauders (105.634-105.209)
100.56Boogie Knights20174The Dreamteam (76.414-75.851)
110.61Jersey Arsenal20173High Rollers (82.688-82.077)
120.62The Stack Exchange201910The Champ is Here (67.75-67.13)
130.66High Rollers20214All Natural-Big Action (75.07-74.41)
140.76Jersey Arsenal201612The Stack Exchange (80.402-79.638)
150.77The Dreamteam201910Dream Killer (81.15-80.38)

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