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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1162.1South of the Border Trustees20076
2159.1The Walnut HillzBillies20124
3156.2Rabbit Hash Dog Mayors201314
4154The Slippery Woodpecker200516
5152.7Butterfly Bandits20139
6152.4The Mighty Redhead 20131
7151.5Dye Modell201610
8151.3South of the Border Trustees200413
9150Rabbit Hash Dog Mayors201513
10147.1MarieMount Mutt Devils201011
Victory Margin
1109.2South of the Border Trustees20076LipsmackerZ (162.1-52.9)
2103.2Parma Heights Planograms20034Queen City Hogkillers (119.8-16.6)
3101.5Mitchapalooza20058LipsmackerZ (101.6-0.1)
4101.2The B2 Bombers201610Dollar Fourty (126.6-25.4)
596South of the Border Trustees20079Mitchapalooza (134.7-38.7)
693.8MarieMount Mutt Devils201011Dollar Fourty (147.1-53.3)
791.2Terrace Park Wonder Worms200314South of the Border Trustees (106.1-14.9)
889.9Deep Fried Oysters20117Columbus Circle Jerks (132.5-42.6)
989.8The Slippery Woodpecker20059MarieMount Mutt Devils (106.9-17.1)
1089team to be named later20163Team Libby Pelzel (125.4-36.4)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)0Parma Heights Planograms201316Wilting Frogs (0-0) TB
 0The Slippery Woodpecker201316Dollar Fourty (0-0) TB
 0Deep Fried Oysters201316Wilting Frogs (0-0) TB
 0Deep Fried Oysters201316Columbus Circle Jerks (0-0) TB
 0Butterfly Bandits201316The Walnut HillzBillies (0-0) TB
620.4The Mighty Redhead 200412team to be named later (20.4-0)
729.3Queen City Hogkillers201615Nortucky Kneedraggers (29.3-28)
830.8South of the Border Trustees201013Dollar Fourty (30.8-15.9)
934.1MarieMount Mutt Devils200517Woody's Warriors (34.1-27.3)
1034.3The Slippery Woodpecker20044Dye Modell (34.3-32.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1122.2The Mighty Redhead 20096The Slippery Woodpecker (122.2-130.1)
2118.3Areas51 Biohazards20148Butterfly Bandits (118.3-145.3)
3116.1MarieMount Mutt Devils201515Rabbit Hash Dog Mayors (116.1-126.7)
4115.8Ralphies Red Ryders201216MarieMount Mutt Devils (115.8-134.9)
5 (tie)113.5Queen City Hogkillers200914Parma Heights Planograms (113.5-134.1)
 113.5Mr. McGibblets200615Mitchapalooza (113.5-116.4)
7113.3Mitchapalooza20096Parma Heights Planograms (113.3-120.7)
8112.8MarieMount Mutt Devils200711South of the Border Trustees (112.8-144.2)
9112.6The Mighty Redhead 20137The B2 Bombers (112.6-116.6)
10112.3Dye Modell20058Dollar Fourty (112.3-117.1)
Most Combined Points
1263.6Butterfly Bandits vs Areas51 Biohazards (145.3-118.3)20148
2257South of the Border Trustees vs MarieMount Mutt Devils (144.2-112.8)200711
3252.5Queen City Hogkillers vs Nortucky Kneedraggers (145.1-107.4)200912
4252.3The Slippery Woodpecker vs The Mighty Redhead (130.1-122.2)20096
5250.9MarieMount Mutt Devils vs team to be named later (139.8-111.1)20159
6250.7MarieMount Mutt Devils vs Ralphies Red Ryders (134.9-115.8)201216
7247.6Parma Heights Planograms vs Queen City Hogkillers (134.1-113.5)200914
8246.2Dye Modell vs Nortucky Kneedraggers (151.5-94.7)201610
9245.1Butterfly Bandits vs Deep Fried Oysters (152.7-92.4)20139
10243.4Rabbit Hash Dog Mayors vs The Mighty Redhead (150-93.4)201513
Fewest Combined Points
120.4The Mighty Redhead vs team to be named later (20.4-0)200412
235.1Woody's Warriors vs Terrace Park Wonder Worms (35.1-0)20042
336.5Parma Heights Planograms vs Mr. McGibblets (37.6--1.1)20047
442.9Queen City Hogkillers vs Terrace Park Wonder Worms (42.8-0.1)20044
545.9Queen City Hogkillers vs team to be named later (45.9-0)200517
646.7South of the Border Trustees vs Dollar Fourty (30.8-15.9)201013
751.6Terrace Park Wonder Worms vs Woody's Warriors (51.6-0)200412
854.3Team Big Dog vs Terrace Park Wonder Worms (54.3-0)200417
954.4Parma Heights Planograms vs Mitchapalooza (54.4-0)200512
1055.2Mr. McGibblets vs Dye Modell (55.2-0)20059
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10South of the Border Trustees200315Axis of Evil (55.9-55.8)
 0.10team to be named later200713Mr. McGibblets (66-65.9)
 0.10Dollar Fourty20067Mr. McGibblets (84.9-84.8)
 0.10Team Big Dog20045Parma Heights Planograms (50-49.9)
 0.10Ralphies Red Ryders20122Queen City Hogkillers (80.6-80.5)
6 (tie)0.20The Mighty Redhead 20072South of the Border Trustees (91.3-91.1)
 0.20Ralphies Red Ryders20118Woody's Warriors (71-70.8)
 0.20Ralphies Red Ryders20115LipsmackerZ (78.1-77.9)
9 (tie)0.30Woody's Warriors201113The Mighty Redhead (91-90.7)
 0.30Axis of Evil200316Woody's Warriors (84.5-84.2)
 0.30Dye Modell200411Team Big Dog (71.2-70.9)
 0.30Mr. McGibblets20131Dye Modell (99.3-99)
 0.30Nortucky Kneedraggers20056MarieMount Mutt Devils (83.7-83.4)
 0.30Mitchapalooza201212Woody's Warriors (70.9-70.6)

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