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Nor * Cal Dynasty Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1204.3Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20072
3189.5Kirkwood Crushers20082
4189.2Manu Manu The Slender20077
5 (tie)183.1Big Al's BBQ200812
7182.9Axis Powers20071
8182.5The Quinn-Hawk Show20084
9182Kirkwood Crushers20075
10181.9Kirkwood Crushers200813
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
149.8The U20075
258.6Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20084
361.9Watsonville A&M200810
462.9Tokyo Gas Creators20084
565.2Manu Manu The Slender20089
6 (tie)66.9Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20082
 66.9Watsonville A&M20081
867.1The U20088
1069.7Tokyo Gas Creators200812
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
172.3The Quinn-Hawk Show20075The U (72.3-49.8)
274.1The U20084Tokyo Gas Creators (74.1-62.9)
380.2Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20078Tokyo Gas Creators (80.2-79.3)
481.7The U20081Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (81.7-71)
5 (tie)89Big Al's BBQ20074Wildcatz (89-69.5)
 89Watsonville A&M20082Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (89-66.9)
792Tokyo Gas Creators20089Creature Features (92-89.8)
893.8Manu Manu The Slender20083Wildcatz (93.8-87.8)
994.8Tokyo Gas Creators20081Manu Manu The Slender (94.8-71.8)
1098Wildcatz20084Creature Features (98-88.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1 (tie)160.4Axis Powers20073Wildcatz (160.4-191.2)
 160.4Creature Features20079The Quinn-Hawk Show (160.4-167.7)
3155.1Make It Rain200811Axis Powers (155.1-160.7)
4154.8Make It Rain200815The Quinn-Hawk Show (154.8-157.5)
5146.9Axis Powers200712Tokyo Gas Creators (146.9-148.1)
6144.1Kirkwood Crushers200711Make It Rain (144.1-152.1)
7143.8Tokyo Gas Creators20075Kirkwood Crushers (143.8-182)
8142.3Axis Powers200710The Quinn-Hawk Show (142.3-180.2)
9139.9Make It Rain20077Axis Powers (139.9-158.9)
10135.1Watsonville A&M200812Creature Features (135.1-154)
Most Combined Points
1351.6Wildcatz vs Axis Powers (191.2-160.4)20073
2328.1The Quinn-Hawk Show vs Creature Features (167.7-160.4)20079
3325.8Kirkwood Crushers vs Tokyo Gas Creators (182-143.8)20075
4322.5The Quinn-Hawk Show vs Axis Powers (180.2-142.3)200710
5319.7Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! vs Wildcatz (204.3-115.4)20072
6315.8Axis Powers vs Make It Rain (160.7-155.1)200811
7313.5The Quinn-Hawk Show vs Wildcatz (180.1-133.4)200711
8312.3The Quinn-Hawk Show vs Make It Rain (157.5-154.8)200815
9302.5Wildcatz vs Big Al's BBQ (176-126.5)20088
10301.7Axis Powers vs Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (182.9-118.8)20071
Fewest Combined Points
1122.1The Quinn-Hawk Show vs The U (72.3-49.8)20075
2137The U vs Tokyo Gas Creators (74.1-62.9)20084
3152.7The U vs Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (81.7-71)20081
4155.9Watsonville A&M vs Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (89-66.9)20082
5158.5Big Al's BBQ vs Wildcatz (89-69.5)20074
6159.5Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! vs Tokyo Gas Creators (80.2-79.3)20078
7166.6Tokyo Gas Creators vs Manu Manu The Slender (94.8-71.8)20081
8171.9Kirkwood Crushers vs Manu Manu The Slender (106.7-65.2)20089
9175.5Watsonville A&M vs The U (108.4-67.1)20088
10181.6Manu Manu The Slender vs Wildcatz (93.8-87.8)20083
Victory Margin
1113.4Big Al's BBQ200812Tokyo Gas Creators (183.1-69.7)
2106.1Kirkwood Crushers20082Big Al's BBQ (189.5-83.4)
397Manu Manu The Slender20077The U (189.2-92.2)
489.6Axis Powers20087The U (161.8-72.2)
589.4Wildcatz200810Monsignor Murphy did not touch us! (183.1-93.7)
688.9Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20072Wildcatz (204.3-115.4)
788.8The Quinn-Hawk Show20088Kirkwood Crushers (174.7-85.9)
887Kirkwood Crushers200712Manu Manu The Slender (180.1-93.1)
986.5Kirkwood Crushers20076Axis Powers (175.8-89.3)
1079.8Big Al's BBQ200713Manu Manu The Slender (162.8-83)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Tokyo Gas Creators20079Wildcatz (99.8-99.7)
20.40Watsonville A&M20085Tokyo Gas Creators (121.9-121.5)
30.60Manu Manu The Slender20075Axis Powers (103.9-103.3)
40.90Monsignor Murphy did not touch us!20078Tokyo Gas Creators (80.2-79.3)
51.20Tokyo Gas Creators200712Axis Powers (148.1-146.9)
61.50Watsonville A&M200713Kirkwood Crushers (136.1-134.6)
71.60The Quinn-Hawk Show20086Manu Manu The Slender (98.7-97.1)
82.20Tokyo Gas Creators20089Creature Features (92-89.8)
92.70The Quinn-Hawk Show200815Make It Rain (157.5-154.8)
103.10Axis Powers200815Kirkwood Crushers (121.8-118.7)

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