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Most Points Scored - Single Game
2212.7TIGER BLOOD201610
3204.3Julio Diggs his Blount201313
4202.8Dewey, Krushem & Howe 201513
5195.25Guns N Slate20139
6193.7TIGER BLOOD20153
8192.45Ponzi Team201714
9192Dewey, Krushem & Howe 201512
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
119Chia Pets20016
220Thunder Bunnies20013
323Broken Facemask20013
424Pork Store20013
5 (tie)27Alley Oops20021
 27Fuzzy's Fumblers20023
8 (tie)28Terminators20013
 28Fuzzy's Fumblers20026
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
133Pond Scum200110Pork Store (33-30)
239Pork Store20027Fuzzy's Fumblers (39-33)
3 (tie)41Red Legs20017Woo's Warriors (41-40)
 41Gooeyducks20013Broken Facemask (41-23)
5 (tie)43Gooeyducks200113Thunder Bunnies (43-33)
 43Chia Pets20018Terminators (43-38)
7 (tie)44Guns N Slate20016Terminators (44-32)
 44Alley Oops20025Terminators (44-41)
 44Red Legs20016Chia Pets (44-19)
 44Red Legs20018Guns N Slate (44-40)
 44Hacknoids20014Pond Scum (44-38)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1172.6Pork Store201515Brady's Deflated Balls (172.6-182.55)
2167.15TIGER BLOOD20134DBoys (167.15-178.65)
3164.65Brady's Deflated Balls20155TIGER BLOOD (164.65-166.5)
4163.6DBoys201413Cherokee Celts (163.6-166.15)
5163.15Guns N Slate20157Pork Store (163.15-179.4)
6163.1Dewey, Krushem & Howe 20153Brady's Deflated Balls (163.1-167.45)
7159.15Dak Attack201610Julio Diggs his Blount (159.15-162.2)
8157.6DBoys201610TIGER BLOOD (157.6-212.7)
9157.3Running Wild20148Sprint (157.3-185.75)
10157.25Pork Store20155Sprint (157.25-169.4)
Most Combined Points
1370.3TIGER BLOOD vs DBoys (212.7-157.6)201610
2355.15Brady's Deflated Balls vs Pork Store (182.55-172.6)201515
3352.8Julio Diggs his Blount vs Running Wild (204.3-148.5)201313
4347.2Dewey, Krushem & Howe vs Cherokee Celts (202.8-144.4)201513
5345.8DBoys vs TIGER BLOOD (178.65-167.15)20134
6343.05Sprint vs Running Wild (185.75-157.3)20148
7342.55Pork Store vs Guns N Slate (179.4-163.15)20157
8338.45Pork Store vs Julio Diggs his Blount (182.65-155.8)20161
9333.05Brady's Deflated Balls vs TIGER BLOOD (179.5-153.55)201512
10331.15TIGER BLOOD vs Brady's Deflated Balls (166.5-164.65)20155
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)63Pond Scum vs Pork Store (33-30)200110
 63Red Legs vs Chia Pets (44-19)20016
364Gooeyducks vs Broken Facemask (41-23)20013
472Pork Store vs Fuzzy's Fumblers (39-33)20027
573Pimp Daddys vs Fuzzy's Fumblers (45-28)20026
6 (tie)76Gooeyducks vs Thunder Bunnies (43-33)200113
 76Guns N Slate vs Terminators (44-32)20016
878Chia Pets vs Hacknoids (49-29)200113
979Red Legs vs Terminators (51-28)20013
10 (tie)80Fuzzy's Fumblers vs Montana Cowpies (47-33)20029
 80Pork Store vs Alley Oops (53-27)20021
Victory Margin
1136.3Smoking Aces201014Guns N Slate (169.6-33.3)
2123.85Julio Diggs his Blount201713Cherokee Celts (187.85-64)
3116.25DBoys20157Cherokee Celts (223.35-107.1)
4106.95Sprint201211DBoys (187.45-80.5)
5106.2Dewey, Krushem & Howe 201512Dak Attack (192-85.8)
6104.8Montana Cowpies20055Da Knot Rippers (148.8-44)
795.1Cherokee Celts20166TIGER BLOOD (191.2-96.1)
892.3Guns N Slate201712Julio Diggs his Blount (183.6-91.3)
992.15Mercenaries201711Dak Attack (179.85-87.7)
1091.25Ponzi Team201714DBoys (192.45-101.2)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.05kick some schodde ass200710The Red Wolf (120.6-120.55)
 0.05Alley Oops20108The Red Wolf (120.25-120.2)
30.10DBoys200816Ba Da Da Bing (109.5-109.4)
4 (tie)0.20Guns N Slate20116TIGER BLOOD (92.7-92.5)
 0.20TIGER BLOOD20127Ba Da Da Bing (119.65-119.45)
60.30Ponzi Team201111Alley Oops (90.6-90.3)
70.35Ba Da Da Bing200912The Red Wolf (94.2-93.85)
80.40Pork Store20085Sprint (131.65-131.25)
90.45Guns N Slate20038The Pack Attack (77.1-76.65)
10 (tie)0.50Ba Da Da Bing20096Guns N Slate (117.9-117.4)
 0.50The Red Wolf20067Pork Store (96.4-95.9)
 0.50Sprint20147Cherokee Celts (131.35-130.85)

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