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Robi's Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
189Flying Dutchman20068
2 (tie)82Galloping Ghosts200412
 82Kanes Puppies20053
480Faster Pussycats20008
574Potato Eating Heathens200414
672Potato Eating Heathens200415
7 (tie)71Loose Cannons20066
 71Chi Town Bombers20029
 71Faster Pussycats200313
1070Drummin Wildcats200412
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Corleons200012
 0Double Duce20001
 0Double Duce20017
 0Double Duce200410
 0Double Duce200511
 0Double Duce200610
 0Potato Eating Heathens200010
 0Loose Cannons20002
 0Family Affair20003
 0Joe Mamas20001
 0Joe Mamas200313
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
17Chi Town Bombers20003Potato Eating Heathens (7-6)
28Loose Cannons200014Kanes Puppies (8-3)
39Drummin Wildcats20003Family Affair (9-0)
4 (tie)10Corleons200616Joe Mamas (10-9)
 10Kanes Puppies20012Family Affair (10-6)
 10Faster Pussycats20004Family Affair (10-5)
711Joe Mamas200610Double Duce (11-0)
812Potato Eating Heathens20036Corleons (12-5)
915Flying Dutchman200111Kanes Puppies (15-14)
1016Galloping Ghosts200014Corleons (16-14)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
160Flying Dutchman200511Kanes Puppies (60-67)
259Faster Pussycats20049Drummin Wildcats (59-64)
357Kanes Puppies20019Loose Cannons (57-65)
455Flying Dutchman20008Drummin Wildcats (55-56)
554Potato Eating Heathens200416Galloping Ghosts (54-55)
6 (tie)53Galloping Ghosts20053Kanes Puppies (53-82)
 53Kanes Puppies200313Potato Eating Heathens (53-54)
 53Joe Mamas20039Corleons (53-59)
952Kanes Puppies20069Family Affair (52-58)
10 (tie)49Loose Cannons20053Potato Eating Heathens (49-50)
 49Drummin Wildcats20047Family Affair (49-54)
 49Family Affair20002Galloping Ghosts (49-58)
 49Family Affair20041Corleons (49-53)
Most Combined Points
1135Kanes Puppies vs Galloping Ghosts (82-53)20053
2127Kanes Puppies vs Flying Dutchman (67-60)200511
3123Drummin Wildcats vs Faster Pussycats (64-59)20049
4122Loose Cannons vs Kanes Puppies (65-57)20019
5120Flying Dutchman vs Family Affair (89-31)20068
6113Loose Cannons vs Potato Eating Heathens (69-44)200314
7112Corleons vs Joe Mamas (59-53)20039
8 (tie)111Drummin Wildcats vs Flying Dutchman (56-55)20008
 111Galloping Ghosts vs Corleons (82-29)200412
 111Potato Eating Heathens vs Double Duce (67-44)20024
 111Faster Pussycats vs Joe Mamas (80-31)20008
Fewest Combined Points
19Drummin Wildcats vs Family Affair (9-0)20003
2 (tie)11Loose Cannons vs Kanes Puppies (8-3)200014
 11Joe Mamas vs Double Duce (11-0)200610
413Chi Town Bombers vs Potato Eating Heathens (7-6)20003
515Faster Pussycats vs Family Affair (10-5)20004
616Kanes Puppies vs Family Affair (10-6)20012
717Potato Eating Heathens vs Corleons (12-5)20036
819Corleons vs Joe Mamas (10-9)200616
920Double Duce vs Corleons (10-10)200513
1021Drummin Wildcats vs Double Duce (21-0)200511
Victory Margin
171Faster Pussycats200313Joe Mamas (71-0)
2 (tie)60Drummin Wildcats200412Family Affair (70-10)
 60Flying Dutchman20067Double Duce (69-9)
458Flying Dutchman20068Family Affair (89-31)
555Flying Dutchman20004Chi Town Bombers (59-4)
6 (tie)53Galloping Ghosts200412Corleons (82-29)
 53Kanes Puppies20045Family Affair (69-16)
8 (tie)52Potato Eating Heathens200414Corleons (74-22)
 52Loose Cannons20066Galloping Ghosts (71-19)
1051Kanes Puppies200010Potato Eating Heathens (51-0)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Corleons200616Joe Mamas (10-9)
 1Double Duce200112Corleons (31-30)
 1Double Duce200212Galloping Ghosts (44-43)
 1Galloping Ghosts200013Kanes Puppies (30-29)
 1Galloping Ghosts20025Joe Mamas (34-33)
 1Galloping Ghosts200416Potato Eating Heathens (55-54)
 1Kanes Puppies20017Potato Eating Heathens (30-29)
 1Potato Eating Heathens20049Family Affair (23-22)
 1Potato Eating Heathens200315Galloping Ghosts (49-48)
 1Potato Eating Heathens20053Loose Cannons (50-49)
 1Potato Eating Heathens200313Kanes Puppies (54-53)
 1Loose Cannons200514Kanes Puppies (22-21)
 1Drummin Wildcats20069Double Duce (24-23)
 1Drummin Wildcats20008Flying Dutchman (56-55)
 1Chi Town Bombers20003Potato Eating Heathens (7-6)
 1Family Affair20051Chi Town Bombers (18-17)
 1Family Affair20043Drummin Wildcats (22-21)
 1Faster Pussycats200414Flying Dutchman (24-23)
 1Faster Pussycats20038Chi Town Bombers (29-28)
 1Faster Pussycats20069Corleons (42-41)
 1Faster Pussycats20032Flying Dutchman (48-47)
 1Flying Dutchman200111Kanes Puppies (15-14)
 1Flying Dutchman20048Joe Mamas (21-20)
 1Flying Dutchman20051Faster Pussycats (28-27)
 1Joe Mamas20067Kanes Puppies (46-45)

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