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Ghost of 49 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1181WEASELS 4920073
2178Outlaw Spades200413
3176Outlaw Spades200414
4172Rodents of Unusual Size200415
5170Ferocious Gridiron Bunnies200413
6 (tie)160Soccer Mom20066
 160JMF Vikings20072
8 (tie)159Team Available200612
 159Quixotic Quest200410
10155.95WEASELS 49200811
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
132Dirty Sanchez20037
238Dirty Sanchez20039
3 (tie)39Tater Bakers200712
 39Dirty Sanchez200311
540Dirty Sanchez20038
642Big Butt Boys20056
7454th & Goal20037
848*Hammerhead Sharks20076
9 (tie)49Outlaw Spades200613
 49Rogue Dawg's Day20046
 494th & Goal20034
 49Dirty Sanchez200310
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161Vogon Poetry Recital20039Dirty Sanchez (61-38)
265Tater Bakers20061God cares, why? (65-61)
3694th & Goal20035Stripe City (69-63)
470Bikini Bottom Bad Boys200314th & Goal (70-69)
5 (tie)72WEASELS 49200412Rogue Dawg's Day (72-65)
 72Misanthropes20061JMF Vikings (72-69)
773Outlaw Spades200364th & Goal (73-63)
873.9*Brady's Bombers200810*Copiague Carrion (73.9-71.6)
975*doodledog4920074Stripe City (75-69)
10 (tie)76Tater Bakers200711Outlaw Spades (76-74)
 76*Hammerhead Sharks20078Tater Bakers (76-68)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1149The Original Whizzinators200511Quixotic Quest (149-150)
2142Down Under20032EFS Express (142-154)
3141Quixotic Quest20048Stripe City (141-143)
4136JMF Vikings200410Ferocious Gridiron Bunnies (136-150)
5130WEASELS 49200512Rogue Dawg's Day (130-136)
6 (tie)128Stripe City200415Rodents of Unusual Size (128-172)
 128*doodledog4920072JMF Vikings (128-160)
8126.95JMF Vikings200810*Nordic Stormfront (126.95-133.8)
9126.35*Brady's Bombers200811WEASELS 49 (126.35-155.95)
10126WEASELS 4920049Quixotic Quest (126-135)
Most Combined Points
1300Rodents of Unusual Size vs Stripe City (172-128)200415
2299Quixotic Quest vs The Original Whizzinators (150-149)200511
3 (tie)296EFS Express vs Down Under (154-142)20032
 296Outlaw Spades vs Stripe City (178-118)200413
5289WEASELS 49 vs God cares, why? (181-108)20073
6288JMF Vikings vs *doodledog49 (160-128)20072
7286Ferocious Gridiron Bunnies vs JMF Vikings (150-136)200410
8284Stripe City vs Quixotic Quest (143-141)20048
9282.3WEASELS 49 vs *Brady's Bombers (155.95-126.35)200811
10 (tie)270Outlaw Spades vs JMF Vikings (176-94)200414
 270*Nordic Stormfront vs *Upstate SacTech (152-118)200713
Fewest Combined Points
199Vogon Poetry Recital vs Dirty Sanchez (61-38)20039
21214th & Goal vs Dirty Sanchez (81-40)20038
3126Tater Bakers vs God cares, why? (65-61)20061
4128EFS Express vs 4th & Goal (83-45)20037
5129JMF Vikings vs Dirty Sanchez (97-32)20037
61324th & Goal vs Stripe City (69-63)20035
7133Rogue Dawg's Day vs *Nordic Stormfront (78-55)20052
8134*Upstate SacTech vs Tater Bakers (95-39)200712
9135The Unpredictable vs *Hammerhead Sharks (87-48)20076
10136Outlaw Spades vs 4th & Goal (73-63)20036
Victory Margin
199Team Available200612Outlaw Spades (159-60)
296Down Under200311Dirty Sanchez (135-39)
394Quixotic Quest20067Misanthropes (150-56)
493Stripe City20056Big Butt Boys (135-42)
582Outlaw Spades200414JMF Vikings (176-94)
681Ferocious Gridiron Bunnies200413Buckeye Rustlers (170-89)
779Rodents of Unusual Size200315Rogue Dawg's Day (145-66)
877Tater Bakers20076*Copiague Carrion (144-67)
9 (tie)73WEASELS 4920073God cares, why? (181-108)
 73Found a Bigger Better Rock200344th & Goal (122-49)
Least Victory Margin
10.30WEASELS 49200813The Unpredictable (109-108.7)
2 (tie)1Stripe City200411Found a Bigger Better Rock (112-111)
 1*Hammerhead Sharks200512Stripe City (116-115)
 1WEASELS 4920059Quixotic Quest (95-94)
 1Team Available20065Misanthropes (84-83)
 1Quixotic Quest200511The Original Whizzinators (150-149)
 1*Nordic Stormfront20065JMF Vikings (89-88)
 1The Original Whizzinators200512Found a Bigger Better Rock (81-80)
 1Found a Bigger Better Rock200313Bikini Bottom Bad Boys (115-114)
 1Rodents of Unusual Size200414Ferocious Gridiron Bunnies (106-105)
 1Bikini Bottom Bad Boys200314th & Goal (70-69)
 1Dirty Sanchez20034Rogue Dawg's Day (83-82)

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