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IMFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
189Rebel Scum200314
2 (tie)88Juggernaut20008
 88Monkey Knights200413
585Glass Jaws200410
684Yellow Dogs20076
7 (tie)83Clamphead Rabbis20019
 83Giants Among Men20071
982Giants Among Men20046
10 (tie)81Juggernaut20032
 81Shark Bait20058
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Bloody Sunday200816
21Giants Among Men199612
3 (tie)2Juggernaut19964
 2Shark Bait19977
7 (tie)5Juggernaut20001
 5Rebel Scum20065
10 (tie)6Golden Buffaloes200111
 6Shark Bait199612
 6Yellow Dogs199612
 6Riggo's Wrecking Crew20025
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
17Hurricanes200816Bloody Sunday (7-0)
210SuperFly199612Shark Bait (10-6)
3 (tie)15Men of Steel19988Glass Jaws (15-12)
 15ZBoys19963Giants Among Men (15-15) TB
5 (tie)16SuperFly199713Love on the Rocks (16-12)
 16ZBoys19973Shark Bait (16-10)
 16Giants Among Men19965Glass Jaws (16-14)
8 (tie)17Golden Buffaloes20051Bloody Sunday (17-15)
 17Yellow Dogs20025Riggo's Wrecking Crew (17-6)
 17Giants Among Men19969Bald Guys (17-14)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
173Giants Among Men20035Hurricanes (73-74)
2 (tie)69Rebel Scum200313Juggernaut (69-74)
 69Yellow Dogs20019Clamphead Rabbis (69-83)
464Juggernaut200714Bloody Sunday (64-70)
5 (tie)63Men of Steel20007ZBoys (63-66)
 63Yellow Dogs200512Glass Jaws (63-68)
762Glass Jaws200414Rebel Scum (62-66)
8 (tie)58Juggernaut200612Hurricanes (58-67)
 58Men of Steel199911SuperFly (58-63)
 58Yellow Dogs200110Giants Among Men (58-62)
Most Combined Points
1152Clamphead Rabbis vs Yellow Dogs (83-69)20019
2147Hurricanes vs Giants Among Men (74-73)20035
3143Juggernaut vs Rebel Scum (74-69)200313
4136Giants Among Men vs Shark Bait (83-53)20071
5 (tie)134Men of Steel vs Giants Among Men (77-57)200413
 134Bloody Sunday vs Juggernaut (70-64)200714
7133SuperFly vs Juggernaut (77-56)200712
8132Giants Among Men vs Juggernaut (82-50)20046
9131Glass Jaws vs Yellow Dogs (68-63)200512
10130Rebel Scum vs Clamphead Rabbis (89-41)200314
Fewest Combined Points
17Hurricanes vs Bloody Sunday (7-0)200816
216SuperFly vs Shark Bait (10-6)199612
3 (tie)23Hurricanes vs Rebel Scum (18-5)20065
 23Yellow Dogs vs Riggo's Wrecking Crew (17-6)20025
526ZBoys vs Shark Bait (16-10)19973
6 (tie)27Men of Steel vs Glass Jaws (15-12)19988
 27SuperFly vs Juggernaut (25-2)19964
8 (tie)28Golden Buffaloes vs Juggernaut (23-5)20003
 28SuperFly vs Love on the Rocks (16-12)199713
10 (tie)30ZBoys vs Giants Among Men (15-15)19963
 30Giants Among Men vs Glass Jaws (16-14)19965
Victory Margin
169Monkey Knights200413Rebel Scum (88-19)
265Giants Among Men20012Juggernaut (72-7)
364SuperFly20072Golden Buffaloes (86-22)
4 (tie)56Glass Jaws200410Juggernaut (85-29)
 56Juggernaut20008ZBoys (88-32)
655Graham Cracker19982BK (68-13)
754Love on the Rocks199910Shark Bait (67-13)
851Hurricanes20002Juggernaut (65-14)
950Giants Among Men20043Glass Jaws (71-21)
10 (tie)49Glass Jaws19977Shark Bait (51-2)
 49Hurricanes200711Golden Buffaloes (70-21)
 49Juggernaut20032Men of Steel (81-32)

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