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GLFFL - Paul Brown League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1215*TURF TOES200812
2201.45*TURF TOES20071
3198.75Bitter Chocolate Bunnies200712
4196.6Bitter Chocolate Bunnies200611
6195.1*BrownsROCK PB20079
7193.4*Cats Attack20077
8189.4*KATs of S.I.20054
9188.75*Sack Attack200812
10188.65*TURF TOES20085
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
155.15Bitter Chocolate Bunnies200510
256.05*Artificial Smurf20078
460.05*BrownsROCK PB20083
560.55*Cats Attack200610
667.8*Artificial Smurf200511
768.3*No Prisoners200510
868.75*Upstate Sactech20088
968.8*No Prisoners20059
1069.85*TURF TOES200611
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.3*No Prisoners200510Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (68.3-55.15)
285.9*Artificial Smurf200812*BrownsROCK PB (85.9-75.55)
386.2*POSSE200610*Cats Attack (86.2-60.55)
487.45*No Prisoners20067Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (87.45-82.5)
593.45*Artificial Smurf20075*No Prisoners (93.45-91.05)
694.3*Artificial Smurf20086*POSSE (94.3-88.4)
794.75Bitter Chocolate Bunnies20058*KATs of S.I. (94.75-90.2)
894.95*Annihilators200513Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (94.95-83.8)
995.15*BrownsROCK PB20075*TURF TOES (95.15-82.65)
1096.35*Brown DoCoMo20061*Fast Fish Can-Do (96.35-91.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1188.75*Sack Attack200812*TURF TOES (188.75-215)
2170.95*Cats Attack20073*Brown DoCoMo (170.95-171.45)
3164.75*KATs of S.I.200610*BrownsROCK PB (164.75-164.9)
4161.45*BrownsROCK PB200612*No Prisoners (161.45-184.35)
5161.4*TURF TOES200612*Brown DoCoMo (161.4-173.35)
6160.6*Sack Attack20072*BUMS (160.6-196.3)
7159.8*POSSE20085*TURF TOES (159.8-188.65)
8159.25*Brown DoCoMo200512*KATs of S.I. (159.25-171.5)
9158.05*Sack Attack200710*Brown DoCoMo (158.05-168.55)
10157*KATs of S.I.20073*No Prisoners (157-166.9)
Most Combined Points
1403.75*TURF TOES vs *Sack Attack (215-188.75)200812
2356.9*BUMS vs *Sack Attack (196.3-160.6)20072
3352.75Bitter Chocolate Bunnies vs *Brown DoCoMo (198.75-154)200712
4348.45*TURF TOES vs *POSSE (188.65-159.8)20085
5345.8*No Prisoners vs *BrownsROCK PB (184.35-161.45)200612
6342.4*Brown DoCoMo vs *Cats Attack (171.45-170.95)20073
7334.75*Brown DoCoMo vs *TURF TOES (173.35-161.4)200612
8333.45*BrownsROCK PB vs *Brown DoCoMo (195.1-138.35)20079
9333.2Bitter Chocolate Bunnies vs *Fast Fish Can-Do (185.25-147.95)200610
10333.05*Brown DoCoMo vs *KATs of S.I. (188.5-144.55)20063
Fewest Combined Points
1123.45*No Prisoners vs Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (68.3-55.15)200510
2146.75*POSSE vs *Cats Attack (86.2-60.55)200610
3161.45*Artificial Smurf vs *BrownsROCK PB (85.9-75.55)200812
4167.8*Artificial Smurf vs *Upstate Sactech (99.05-68.75)20088
5169.95*No Prisoners vs Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (87.45-82.5)20067
6174.05*Cats Attack vs *TURF TOES (104.2-69.85)200611
7175.6Bitter Chocolate Bunnies vs *TURF TOES (101.15-74.45)20076
8177.8*BrownsROCK PB vs *TURF TOES (95.15-82.65)20075
9178.75*Annihilators vs Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (94.95-83.8)200513
10180.3*Fast Fish Can-Do vs *Artificial Smurf (112.5-67.8)200511
Victory Margin
190.2Bitter Chocolate Bunnies200714*BrownsROCK PB (167.05-76.85)
289.5*Sack Attack20055*Annihilators (148.75-59.25)
386.3*Brown DoCoMo20085*BUMS (156.7-70.4)
484.6*TURF TOES20077*BUMS (159.05-74.45)
582.45Bitter Chocolate Bunnies20082*BUMS (185.1-102.65)
680.2*KATs of S.I.200711*Artificial Smurf (187.75-107.55)
779.6*TURF TOES20071*KATs of S.I. (201.45-121.85)
879.2*BrownsROCK PB20068*Cats Attack (165.9-86.7)
9 (tie)78*KATs of S.I.20056*Fast Fish Can-Do (185.25-107.25)
 78*Brown DoCoMo20086*No Prisoners (165.65-87.65)
 78*Cats Attack20066Bitter Chocolate Bunnies (185-107)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Careless Navigators20069*Cats Attack (120.3-120.25)
2 (tie)0.15*BrownsROCK PB200610*KATs of S.I. (164.9-164.75)
 0.15*KATs of S.I.20088*Careless Navigators (132.25-132.1)
40.25*Brown DoCoMo20065*POSSE (130.2-129.95)
50.40*TURF TOES200613*Fast Fish Can-Do (106.9-106.5)
60.50*Brown DoCoMo20073*Cats Attack (171.45-170.95)
70.55*Sack Attack200516*KATs of S.I. (102.55-102)
81.40*TURF TOES200810*Upstate Sactech (118.95-117.55)
91.45*Brown DoCoMo20069*Fast Fish Can-Do (132.15-130.7)
101.50*POSSE200613*BrownsROCK PB (135.7-134.2)

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