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Dawn of Dynasty Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1246.58Straight Cash Homie20156
2225.65Straight Cash Homie20131
3219.13Equipment Failure20125
4216.67Straight Cash Homie20144
5214.89Coup d'etat20162
6213.25Hold My Ditka201515
7212.78Hold My Ditka20151
8211.22Hold My Ditka201712
9209.29Hold My Ditka20176
10206.43Car Ramrod20163
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
180.11Mackey United20169
282.97Save the Rhino20156
383.09The V Squad20171
483.24Bushwood Whackers20176
585.27Bushwood Whackers201710
687.55Irish Gold201510
788.51Raw Dawg Assassins20142
888.68Mackey United20171
990.04Raw Dawg Assassins201416
1091.86Car Ramrod20127
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1107.13Raw Dawg Assassins201411Car Ramrod (107.13-106.22)
2108.42Emerald City Kings201611Pineapple Express (108.42-106.11)
3109.01Pineapple Express201616Mackey United (109.01-108.81)
4113.63Straight Cash Homie201614The V Squad (113.63-112.64)
5114.06Straight Cash Homie201211Bushwood Whackers (114.06-106.9)
6117.18Mackey United20145Raw Dawg Assassins (117.18-106.37)
7117.64The V Squad201316Mackey United (117.64-99.09)
8117.76Save the Rhino201712Emerald City Kings (117.76-110.15)
9118.49Mackey United201511Irish Gold (118.49-98.71)
10118.94Car Ramrod201711The Slackers (118.94-117.88)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1189.56Palermo Reds20148Straight Cash Homie (189.56-193.36)
2183.8Bushwood Whackers20127Coup d'etat (183.8-194.31)
3179.31Raw Dawg Assassins201513The V Squad (179.31-190.57)
4179.16Car Ramrod20146Straight Cash Homie (179.16-184.5)
5175.45Straight Cash Homie201414The V Squad (175.45-176.6)
6174.95Straight Cash Homie201510Hold My Ditka (174.95-188.67)
7174.57Mackey United20136Hold My Ditka (174.57-194.88)
8174.39Equipment Failure201316Straight Cash Homie (174.39-201.4)
9174.26Coup d'etat201410Equipment Failure (174.26-192.81)
10174.11Hold My Ditka20172Coup d'etat (174.11-182.21)
Most Combined Points
1397.49Straight Cash Homie vs Raw Dawg Assassins (246.58-150.91)20156
2382.92Straight Cash Homie vs Palermo Reds (193.36-189.56)20148
3378.11Coup d'etat vs Bushwood Whackers (194.31-183.8)20127
4375.79Straight Cash Homie vs Equipment Failure (201.4-174.39)201316
5375.46Straight Cash Homie vs Equipment Failure (202.76-172.7)20139
6372.5The Slackers vs Straight Cash Homie (200.14-172.36)20125
7369.88The V Squad vs Raw Dawg Assassins (190.57-179.31)201513
8369.45Hold My Ditka vs Mackey United (194.88-174.57)20136
9368.78Car Ramrod vs Bushwood Whackers (206.43-162.35)20163
10368.21Car Ramrod vs Mackey United (204.7-163.51)20131
Fewest Combined Points
1211.81Car Ramrod vs Bushwood Whackers (126.54-85.27)201710
2212.64The Slackers vs Car Ramrod (120.78-91.86)20127
3213.35Raw Dawg Assassins vs Car Ramrod (107.13-106.22)201411
4214.53Emerald City Kings vs Pineapple Express (108.42-106.11)201611
5216.73The V Squad vs Mackey United (117.64-99.09)201316
6217.2Mackey United vs Irish Gold (118.49-98.71)201511
7217.49Bushwood Whackers vs Mackey United (137.38-80.11)20169
8217.82Pineapple Express vs Mackey United (109.01-108.81)201616
9218.79Bushwood Whackers vs Irish Gold (126.63-92.16)20144
10220.96Straight Cash Homie vs Bushwood Whackers (114.06-106.9)201211
Victory Margin
1110.01The V Squad20156Save the Rhino (192.98-82.97)
2103.01Straight Cash Homie20142Raw Dawg Assassins (191.52-88.51)
3101.51Hold My Ditka201712Mackey United (211.22-109.71)
498.91Equipment Failure20125Irish Gold (219.13-120.22)
598.75Car Ramrod201510Irish Gold (186.3-87.55)
695.67Straight Cash Homie20156Raw Dawg Assassins (246.58-150.91)
795.44Palermo Reds201410The V Squad (189.01-93.57)
893.49Straight Cash Homie20131Bushwood Whackers (225.65-132.16)
992.94Hold My Ditka20176Pineapple Express (209.29-116.35)
1086.19Straight Cash Homie201615Hold My Ditka (195.51-109.32)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Coup d'etat201612Mackey United (131.83-131.73)
20.15Bushwood Whackers20158The V Squad (133.97-133.82)
3 (tie)0.20The V Squad20121Raw Dawg Assassins (132.8-132.6)
 0.20Pineapple Express201616Mackey United (109.01-108.81)
50.21The V Squad20163Hold My Ditka (152.9-152.69)
60.32Coup d'etat20149Irish Gold (150.62-150.3)
70.52Car Ramrod20132The Slackers (134.33-133.81)
80.68Palermo Reds201310The V Squad (148.59-147.91)
90.73The V Squad20157Car Ramrod (174.7-173.97)
10 (tie)0.91Raw Dawg Assassins201411Car Ramrod (107.13-106.22)
 0.91The V Squad20124Straight Cash Homie (172.38-171.47)

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