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IRDL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1552No Weak Links20203
2541302 Power202012
3536No Weak Links20207
4 (tie)523Saskatchewan Roughriders20203
 523The Blue Bombers20205
6512The Blue Bombers20204
7507Mizard Of Oz202012
8 (tie)506Mizard Of Oz20207
 506No Weak Links202016
10 (tie)505Genetic Freaks20202
 505I Need A Team Name For The Trophy20204
 505The Blue Bombers20202
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)21302 Power20024Mizard Of Oz (21-10)
 21Noble Knights200210302 Power (21-14)
323Mizard Of Oz20027Noble Knights (23-19)
425302 Power200213Cold Beer (25-24)
5 (tie)27Mizard Of Oz200214Noble Knights (27-25)
 27Mizard Of Oz200216302 Power (27-16)
729Mizard Of Oz200211302 Power (29-28)
8 (tie)30Genetic Freaks20029HAIR 3.14 (30-19)
 30Cold Beer20026302 Power (30-26)
1031HAIR 3.1420024Cold Beer (31-26)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1487Genetic Freaks20207No Weak Links (487-536)
2485USMC Bull Dogs20204The Blue Bombers (485-512)
3472Saskatchewan Roughriders20202Genetic Freaks (472-505)
4468San Antonio Gunslingers20202I Need A Team Name For The Trophy (468-472)
5467USMC Bull Dogs20203No Weak Links (467-552)
6463No Weak Links20202The Blue Bombers (463-505)
7447San Antonio Gunslingers202012Mizard Of Oz (447-507)
8445Mizard Of Oz20203The Blue Bombers (445-487)
9442302 Power20205The Blue Bombers (442-523)
10434San Antonio Gunslingers20201The Blue Bombers (434-458)
Most Combined Points
11023No Weak Links vs Genetic Freaks (536-487)20207
21019No Weak Links vs USMC Bull Dogs (552-467)20203
3997The Blue Bombers vs USMC Bull Dogs (512-485)20204
4992Genetic Freaks vs Mizard Of Oz (496-496)202011
5988The Blue Bombers vs I Need A Team Name For The Trophy (494-494)20207
6977Genetic Freaks vs Saskatchewan Roughriders (505-472)20202
7968The Blue Bombers vs No Weak Links (505-463)20202
8965The Blue Bombers vs 302 Power (523-442)20205
9954Mizard Of Oz vs San Antonio Gunslingers (507-447)202012
10940I Need A Team Name For The Trophy vs San Antonio Gunslingers (472-468)20202
Fewest Combined Points
131302 Power vs Mizard Of Oz (21-10)20024
235Noble Knights vs 302 Power (21-14)200210
342Mizard Of Oz vs Noble Knights (23-19)20027
443Mizard Of Oz vs 302 Power (27-16)200216
548Cold Beer vs Genetic Freaks (37-11)20025
6 (tie)49Noble Knights vs HAIR 3.14 (37-12)20025
 49Genetic Freaks vs HAIR 3.14 (30-19)20029
 49302 Power vs Cold Beer (25-24)200213
952Mizard Of Oz vs Noble Knights (27-25)200214
1056Cold Beer vs 302 Power (30-26)20026
Victory Margin
1469San Antonio Gunslingers202010Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (469-0)
2445USMC Bull Dogs202012Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (445-0)
3431I Need A Team Name For The Trophy202011Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (431-0)
4427USMC Bull Dogs20208Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (427-0)
5414Genetic Freaks202013Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (414-0)
6404Saskatchewan Roughriders20208Duluth Eskimos (404-0)
7294Kibbles and Vicks20209Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (294-0)
8236302 Power202012The Blue Bombers (541-305)
9204USMC Bull Dogs202010Duluth Eskimos (440-236)
10201Mizard Of Oz20204302 Power (484-283)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Genetic Freaks201311Big Poppa Pump (129-128)
 1Genetic Freaks202110I Need A Team Name For The Trophy (140-139)
 1Malibu Mafia201116302 Power (119-118)
 1Malibu Mafia20153Reini has a kind chin (138-137)
 1Saskatchewan Roughriders20126Malibu Mafia (137-136)
 1Mizard Of Oz200211302 Power (29-28)
 1Mizard Of Oz20135Hogan's Heroes (117-116)
 1The Blue Bombers202111Las Vegas mafia (116-115)
 1No Weak Links201112Lone Rangers (81-80)
 1No Weak Links20103The best 1 (108-107)
 1302 Power200213Cold Beer (25-24)
 1302 Power20088Noble Knights (92-91)
 1302 Power201412Beaver Eaters (115-114)
 1Fort Wayne Blitzkreigs20231Shegnasties (114-113)
 1Fort Wayne Blitzkreigs20214Genetic Freaks (124-123)
 1HAIR 3.14200211Cold Beer (46-45)
 1HAIR 3.1420036Genetic Freaks (114-113)
 1HAIR 3.1420039Cold Beer (141-140)
 1Reapers20031Sharky's Machine (120-119)
 1Sharky's Machine20037Noble Knights (100-99)
 1Cold Beer20067No Weak Links (112-111)
 1Merk's Marauders20054Sharky's Machine (79-78)
 1Merk's Marauders20033HAIR 3.14 (82-81)
 1Beaver Eaters20058302 Power (108-107)
 1Beaver Eaters201210302 Power (115-114)
 1Mister Fister20157Mizard Of Oz (123-122)
 1Mister Fister201313Big Poppa Pump (138-137)
 1San Antonio Gunslingers20214Kibbles and Vicks (139-138)
 1San Antonio Gunslingers20211I Need A Team Name For The Trophy (151-150)
 1Las Vegas mafia 20225Malibu Mafia (130-129)

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