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GLFFL - Guru Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1202.25*River Rats200712
3190.35*Warp Speed Warriors200612
5182.2*Fighting Bandits20073
6181.75*River Rats200711
7176.8*Fighting Bandits20083
8176.05*Fighting Bandits20076
9175*Wet Willies20053
10174.75*River Rats200810
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
139.1Who's Daleks20047
249.85BrownsROCK Guru20056
353.4*Cellar Dweller200810
457.45*Sun Devils200411
558.7*Blue Ghost20068
661.6*Fighting Bandits20049
761.9*Slapaho Nation20076
861.95*River Rats20042
962.5*Sun Devils20051
1062.6*Slapaho Nation20044
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.5*Blue Ghost20065*Sun Devils (68.5-63.95)
275.8BrownsROCK Guru20059*Sun Devils (75.8-75.15)
377.8*KnackersWackers20061*Sun Devils (77.8-74)
484.05*Cellar Dweller20042*KnackersWackers (84.05-80.95)
584.1*Slapaho Nation20065*Warp Speed Warriors (84.1-82.7)
684.3BrownsROCK Guru20055*DC United II (84.3-79)
784.75*Slapaho Nation20084*DC United II (84.75-75.4)
885.05*Killer Racoons20088*DC United II (85.05-81.25)
987.7*Blue Ghost20044*Sun Devils (87.7-80.35)
1087.85Who's Daleks20044*Slapaho Nation (87.85-62.6)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1164.2*KnackersWackers200413*Slapaho Nation (164.2-171.35)
2161.7*DC United II20048*Slapaho Nation (161.7-170.6)
3156.2*Wet Willies20044BrownsROCK Guru (156.2-158.8)
4153.35*Killer Racoons20073*GB4-OneMoreYear (153.35-197.4)
5151.65*Fighting Bandits20079*GB4-OneMoreYear (151.65-167.4)
6148.05*Cellar Dweller20079*River Rats (148.05-157.65)
7146.05BrownsROCK Guru200412*Wet Willies (146.05-160)
8144.3*KnackersWackers20076*Fighting Bandits (144.3-176.05)
9143.4*Savage Sasquatches200612*Cellar Dweller (143.4-146.45)
10143.3*Sun Devils20076*Cellar Dweller (143.3-144.9)
Most Combined Points
1350.75*GB4-OneMoreYear vs *Killer Racoons (197.4-153.35)20073
2335.55*Slapaho Nation vs *KnackersWackers (171.35-164.2)200413
3332.3*Slapaho Nation vs *DC United II (170.6-161.7)20048
4332.25*Warp Speed Warriors vs *Blue Ghost (190.35-141.9)200612
5321.95*Fighting Bandits vs *Cellar Dweller (182.2-139.75)20073
6320.35*Fighting Bandits vs *KnackersWackers (176.05-144.3)20076
7319.05*GB4-OneMoreYear vs *Fighting Bandits (167.4-151.65)20079
8315BrownsROCK Guru vs *Wet Willies (158.8-156.2)20044
9306.05*Wet Willies vs BrownsROCK Guru (160-146.05)200412
10305.7*River Rats vs *Cellar Dweller (157.65-148.05)20079
Fewest Combined Points
1132.45*Blue Ghost vs *Sun Devils (68.5-63.95)20065
2145.9*Fighting Bandits vs *Cellar Dweller (92.5-53.4)200810
3150.45Who's Daleks vs *Slapaho Nation (87.85-62.6)20044
4150.95BrownsROCK Guru vs *Sun Devils (75.8-75.15)20059
5151.8*KnackersWackers vs *Sun Devils (77.8-74)20061
6154.3*Slapaho Nation vs BrownsROCK Guru (89.65-64.65)200513
7160.15*Slapaho Nation vs *DC United II (84.75-75.4)20084
8 (tie)163.3*Sun Devils vs *DC United II (94.2-69.1)20085
 163.3BrownsROCK Guru vs *DC United II (84.3-79)20055
10165*Cellar Dweller vs *KnackersWackers (84.05-80.95)20042
Victory Margin
1120.05*River Rats200712*Wet Willies (202.25-82.2)
2106.65*River Rats200810*Warp Speed Warriors (174.75-68.1)
3104.35*River Rats20047Who's Daleks (143.45-39.1)
492.05*Warp Speed Warriors200813*Cellar Dweller (168.9-76.85)
590.35*River Rats200711*Killer Racoons (181.75-91.4)
687.55*Slapaho Nation20068*Blue Ghost (146.25-58.7)
784.9*DC United II200510*Sun Devils (160.1-75.2)
884.75*Wet Willies20042*Warp Speed Warriors (148.65-63.9)
984.05*Wet Willies20053*Warp Speed Warriors (175-90.95)
1084*Fighting Bandits20083*DC United II (176.8-92.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.10*Cellar Dweller200815*GB4-OneMoreYear (98.6-98.5)
20.25*Wet Willies200615*River Rats (112.15-111.9)
30.35*Blue Ghost20074*Killer Racoons (105.65-105.3)
4 (tie)0.40*Guru DoCoMo20057*River Rats (123.35-122.95)
 0.40*Sun Devils200710*Slapaho Nation (100.6-100.2)
 0.40*Oregon Gold20082*Fighting Bandits (94.9-94.5)
70.45*River Rats20069*Slapaho Nation (113.75-113.3)
80.55*DC United II200816*Cellar Dweller (108.6-108.05)
9 (tie)0.60*Slapaho Nation200510*Cellar Dweller (108.75-108.15)
 0.60*Slapaho Nation20041*River Rats (116.4-115.8)

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