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Buckeye Nation Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored
1230Promised Land20195
2219Team Bring It200413
3 (tie)216Promised Land20148
 2164TH AND LONG20186
6 (tie)209Promised Land20043
 209Sparkys Beer Drinkers20184
8207Warpath Hogs20197
10 (tie)205Promised Land20139
 205Warpath Hogs20195
12204Promised Land20194
13 (tie)203RAGING RETARDS20148
15 (tie)202Promised Land200911
Fewest Points Scored
140Team With No Name20189
445Da Spicy Meatballs20078
651C-Town Crushers20179
7524TH AND LONG201510
8 (tie)53RAGING RETARDS19964
 53TD Kings20003
 53Tommy Sanford19985
1255Mike Deere19961
13 (tie)56C-Town Crushers20181
 56C-Town Crushers20196
15 (tie)57RAGING RETARDS20088
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154Bears20031RAGING RETARDS (54-50)
2 (tie)694TH AND LONG19964Promised Land (69-64)
 69FyreFyters20013Gooroos (69-66)
475Sparkys Beer Drinkers20197C-Town Crushers (75-61)
5 (tie)79RAGING RETARDS19952Mike Deere (79-66)
 79TD Kings20029RAGING RETARDS (79-72)
782Craig Jackson19964RAGING RETARDS (82-53)
8 (tie)84Big Oaks20087C-Town Crushers (84-73)
 84Purple People Eaters 201744TH AND LONG (84-68)
1086C-Town Crushers20143Sparkys Beer Drinkers (86-75)
11 (tie)87Promised Land199716Andy Sanford (87-74)
 87RAGING RETARDS20036TD Kings (87-76)
 87FyreFyters19996Gooroos (87-86)
14 (tie)88C-Town Crushers200613Gooroos (88-78)
 88FyreFyters200454TH AND LONG (88-82)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
11884TH AND LONG20022Team Bring It (188-198)
2181Promised Land201410Sparkys Beer Drinkers (181-185)
3175Promised Land20191FyreFyters (175-177)
4173Bears199813Promised Land (173-175)
5 (tie)1724TH AND LONG20195Promised Land (172-230)
 172Long Schott201513IYAOYAS (172-184)
7171FyreFyters20096Gooroos (171-174)
8 (tie)1704TH AND LONG200412Promised Land (170-196)
 170IYAOYAS20149RAGING RETARDS (170-181)
 170IYAOYAS201515Long Schott (170-171)
11167Promised Land20193IYAOYAS (167-170)
12166RAGING RETARDS20158Sparkys Beer Drinkers (166-170)
13 (tie)1654TH AND LONG200912Promised Land (165-198)
 165IYAOYAS20131The Apocalypse (165-178)
 165Warpath Hogs201514Sparkys Beer Drinkers (165-166)
Most Combined Points
1402Promised Land vs 4TH AND LONG (230-172)20195
2386Team Bring It vs 4TH AND LONG (198-188)20022
3 (tie)366Promised Land vs RAGING RETARDS (209-157)20043
 366Promised Land vs 4TH AND LONG (196-170)200412
 366Sparkys Beer Drinkers vs Promised Land (185-181)201410
6363Promised Land vs 4TH AND LONG (198-165)200912
7356IYAOYAS vs Long Schott (184-172)201513
8 (tie)353Mike Deere vs Promised Land (199-154)19951
 353FyreFyters vs Long Schott (206-147)20146
10352FyreFyters vs Promised Land (177-175)20191
11351RAGING RETARDS vs IYAOYAS (181-170)20149
123494TH AND LONG vs Long Schott (191-158)20153
13 (tie)348Promised Land vs Team Bring It (189-159)200410
 348Promised Land vs Bears (175-173)199813
 3484TH AND LONG vs FyreFyters (174-174)20099
 348Promised Land vs IYAOYAS (191-157)20157
Fewest Combined Points
1104Bears vs RAGING RETARDS (54-50)20031
21334TH AND LONG vs Promised Land (69-64)19964
3 (tie)135FyreFyters vs Gooroos (69-66)20013
 135Craig Jackson vs RAGING RETARDS (82-53)19964
5 (tie)136Andy Sanford vs FyreFyters (92-44)19992
 136Sparkys Beer Drinkers vs C-Town Crushers (75-61)20197
7139RAGING RETARDS vs FyreFyters (97-42)20079
8145RAGING RETARDS vs Mike Deere (79-66)19952
9146Da Spicy Meatballs vs RAGING RETARDS (89-57)20088
10147Bears vs TD Kings (94-53)20003
11151TD Kings vs RAGING RETARDS (79-72)20029
12152Purple People Eaters vs 4TH AND LONG (84-68)20174
13157Big Oaks vs C-Town Crushers (84-73)20087
14 (tie)161Promised Land vs Andy Sanford (87-74)199716
 161C-Town Crushers vs Sparkys Beer Drinkers (86-75)20143
Victory Margin
1146Team Bring It200413Gooroos (219-73)
2133Bears19985Tommy Sanford (186-53)
31244TH AND LONG20186IYAOYAS (216-92)
4 (tie)121Promised Land20189Team With No Name (161-40)
 121Gooroos200014Team Bring It (214-93)
6116Long Schott20173IYAOYAS (187-71)
7114Promised Land20008TD Kings (197-83)
8 (tie)110RAGING RETARDS19999Andy Sanford (179-69)
 110Big Oaks200810FyreFyters (168-58)
101094TH AND LONG19998Andy Sanford (173-64)

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