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IRGNFF 2005 League 002 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197.02Brew Crew Al200514
2194.12The Program200512
3190School of Hard Knocks20052
4181.6The Program20053
5178.98Lazy Lightnin'200510
6176.04Rax and His Freaks20056
7174.26The Program20056
8174.18Brew Crew Al20054
9173.56Brew Crew Al20057
10172.18School of Hard Knocks200516
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
169.36Off In The Corner20059
285.52the rookie200513
385.76The Program200516
491.12Steel City Panthers200514
593.96Lazy Lightnin'20051
699.76Americas Team200515
799.92The Program20055
8101.46the rookie20059
9101.62Herky Jerky Ball Busters20051
10102.58Off In The Corner20058
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1101.62Herky Jerky Ball Busters20051Lazy Lightnin' (101.62-93.96)
2103.02Steel City Panthers20059Off In The Corner (103.02-69.36)
3106.28Rax and His Freaks20059the rookie (106.28-101.46)
4116.16School of Hard Knocks200510Herky Jerky Ball Busters (116.16-106.04)
5116.44Lunchbox20057Herky Jerky Ball Busters (116.44-110)
6116.96School of Hard Knocks20054the rookie (116.96-110.96)
7119.68The Program200510the rookie (119.68-114.14)
8120.84the rookie20057power player (120.84-120.6)
9122.1Americas Team200510Steel City Panthers (122.1-121.6)
10 (tie)122.14Steel City Panthers20054Rax and His Freaks (122.14-122.04)
 122.14Steel City Panthers20057Lazy Lightnin' (122.14-104.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1174.26The Program20056Rax and His Freaks (174.26-176.04)
2171.56Lunchbox20054Brew Crew Al (171.56-174.18)
3165.34School of Hard Knocks20053The Program (165.34-181.6)
4148.94Americas Team200512Off In The Corner (148.94-157.26)
5147.26power player20052Herky Jerky Ball Busters (147.26-157.12)
6146.24Brew Crew Al200510Lazy Lightnin' (146.24-178.98)
7142.84Rax and His Freaks20051Americas Team (142.84-143.86)
8142.76Rax and His Freaks20055Lunchbox (142.76-158.76)
9142.14Off In The Corner200516Lazy Lightnin' (142.14-148.14)
10140.82The Program200514Brew Crew Al (140.82-197.02)
Most Combined Points
1350.3Rax and His Freaks vs The Program (176.04-174.26)20056
2346.94The Program vs School of Hard Knocks (181.6-165.34)20053
3345.74Brew Crew Al vs Lunchbox (174.18-171.56)20054
4337.84Brew Crew Al vs The Program (197.02-140.82)200514
5327.32School of Hard Knocks vs Rax and His Freaks (190-137.32)20052
6325.22Lazy Lightnin' vs Brew Crew Al (178.98-146.24)200510
7321.68The Program vs School of Hard Knocks (194.12-127.56)200512
8306.84Lunchbox vs Steel City Panthers (167.7-139.14)200512
9306.2Off In The Corner vs Americas Team (157.26-148.94)200512
10304.38Herky Jerky Ball Busters vs power player (157.12-147.26)20052
Fewest Combined Points
1172.38Steel City Panthers vs Off In The Corner (103.02-69.36)20059
2195.58Herky Jerky Ball Busters vs Lazy Lightnin' (101.62-93.96)20051
3207.74Rax and His Freaks vs the rookie (106.28-101.46)20059
4222.2School of Hard Knocks vs Herky Jerky Ball Busters (116.16-106.04)200510
5223.62Steel City Panthers vs The Program (123.7-99.92)20055
6226.44Lunchbox vs Herky Jerky Ball Busters (116.44-110)20057
7226.94Steel City Panthers vs Lazy Lightnin' (122.14-104.8)20057
8227.24Steel City Panthers vs Herky Jerky Ball Busters (124.08-103.16)20056
9227.92School of Hard Knocks vs the rookie (116.96-110.96)20054
10233.82The Program vs the rookie (119.68-114.14)200510
Victory Margin
186.42School of Hard Knocks200516The Program (172.18-85.76)
269.32Lazy Lightnin'200514Steel City Panthers (160.44-91.12)
368.42Lazy Lightnin'200513the rookie (153.94-85.52)
466.56The Program200512School of Hard Knocks (194.12-127.56)
562.56Off In The Corner200515Americas Team (162.32-99.76)
659.78power player20051Steel City Panthers (168.3-108.52)
756.2Brew Crew Al200514The Program (197.02-140.82)
854.04Brew Crew Al20057The Program (173.56-119.52)
952.68School of Hard Knocks20052Rax and His Freaks (190-137.32)
1047.94the rookie200514power player (151.06-103.12)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Steel City Panthers20054Rax and His Freaks (122.14-122.04)
20.24the rookie20057power player (120.84-120.6)
30.50Americas Team200510Steel City Panthers (122.1-121.6)
40.84School of Hard Knocks20058Brew Crew Al (133.18-132.34)
50.90Lazy Lightnin'20052Lunchbox (125.52-124.62)
61.02Americas Team20051Rax and His Freaks (143.86-142.84)
71.78Rax and His Freaks20056The Program (176.04-174.26)
81.88Rax and His Freaks200512Brew Crew Al (129.72-127.84)
92.52Lunchbox20058the rookie (135.66-133.14)
10 (tie)2.62Brew Crew Al20054Lunchbox (174.18-171.56)
 2.62Rax and His Freaks20053Brew Crew Al (139.52-136.9)

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