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IRGNFF 2005 League 002 2005 Standings

Season: 2005 · Career

Its Rudds Game Now MidwestOverallDivision
x (2) The Program8600.571-2054.921949.185300.6251167.081125.16
y (3) School of Hard Knocks8600.571-1945.661930.384300.571941.661018.44
y (5) Off In The Corner8600.571-1843.41872.162500.286838.7965.08
Steel City Panthers7700.500-11669.041804.743100.750452.86429.72
the rookie7700.500-11766.961725.542300.400615.06588.54
y (6) Brew Crew Al6800.429-22062.261937.543400.4291063.92952.34
Its Rudds Game Now NortheastOverallDivision
x (1) Lazy Lightnin'10400.714-1969.41684.645200.714938.5844.62
y (4) Americas Team8600.571-21841.741860.824100.800658.12639.36
power player7700.500-31934.461863.124400.50011391082.52
Rax and His Freaks7700.500-31858.41992.561300.250539.12576.18
Herky Jerky Ball Busters21200.143-81679.461913.622500.286847.88928.18

x - Clinched Division Title
y - Cliched Playoff Berth

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