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AFL - USFLnation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1198Cincinnati Explorers20073
2196Miami Barracudas20068
3195Lynchburg Dawgs20067
4 (tie)183San Diego Chargers20055
 183Austin Wranglers20079
6 (tie)179New Jersey Boyz200713
 179Orlando Predators20069
 179Philadelphia Goons20056
9176New Jersey Boyz200514
10 (tie)175Orlando Predators20076
 175Cincinnati Explorers200512
Most Combined Points
1340Philadelphia Goons vs Las Vegas Gamblers (179-161)20056
2335Miami Barracudas vs Orlando Predators (196-139)20068
3334New Jersey Boyz vs Orlando Predators (179-155)200713
4329Orlando Predators vs Cleveland Demons (179-150)20069
5319New Jersey Boyz vs Orlando Predators (176-143)200514
6313Miami Barracudas vs New Jersey Boyz (171-142)20064
7311Indianapolis Inferno vs Lynchburg Dawgs (165-146)200711
8309Miami Barracudas vs Philadelphia Stallions (159-150)20071
9308Miami Barracudas vs New Jersey Boyz (168-140)200516
10304Orlando Predators vs Philadelphia Stallions (175-129)20076
Fewest Combined Points
1156Lynchburg Dawgs vs Los Angeles Avengers (80-76)200714
2159Buffalo Tailgaters vs Philadelphia Stallions (84-75)20059
3 (tie)160Las Vegas Gamblers vs Canton Bulldogs (87-73)20059
 160Oakland InVaders vs Philadelphia Goons (83-77)20059
5161Cincinnati Explorers vs Canton Bulldogs (87-74)20054
6 (tie)162 Seattle Sharks vs Canton Bulldogs (108-54)20053
 162San Diego Chargers vs Oakland InVaders (101-61)20075
8164San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Demons (92-72)20074
9 (tie)166Canton Bulldogs vs Cleveland Demons (98-68)20051
 166Philadelphia Goons vs Cleveland Demons (118-48)200513
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1161Las Vegas Gamblers20056Philadelphia Goons (161-179)
2155Orlando Predators200713New Jersey Boyz (155-179)
3 (tie)150Cleveland Demons20069Orlando Predators (150-179)
 150Philadelphia Stallions20071Miami Barracudas (150-159)
5146Lynchburg Dawgs200711Indianapolis Inferno (146-165)
6 (tie)145Philadelphia Stallions200512Austin Wranglers (145-155)
 145Austin Wranglers20066San Diego Chargers (145-150)
8143Orlando Predators200514New Jersey Boyz (143-176)
9 (tie)142New Jersey Boyz20064Miami Barracudas (142-171)
 142Cleveland Demons20068Canton Bulldogs (142-160)
Victory Margin
1127Cincinnati Explorers20073Canton Bulldogs (198-71)
2102Lynchburg Dawgs20067Los Angeles Avengers (195-93)
386Orlando Predators20054Miami Barracudas (163-77)
4 (tie)85Indianapolis Inferno200714San Francisco Dragons (171-86)
 85Orlando Predators20075New Jersey Boyz (159-74)
 85San Diego Chargers20055 Seattle Sharks (183-98)
7 (tie)80Orlando Predators20053Austin Wranglers (149-69)
 80Lynchburg Dawgs200710Philadelphia Stallions (158-78)
978Philadelphia Stallions20077Buffalo Tailgaters (171-93)
10 (tie)75Orlando Predators20065Oakland InVaders (158-83)
 75Philadelphia Goons20052Philadelphia Stallions (158-83)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
180Lynchburg Dawgs200714Los Angeles Avengers (80-76)
283Oakland InVaders20059Philadelphia Goons (83-77)
3 (tie)84Buffalo Tailgaters20059Philadelphia Stallions (84-75)
 84San Antonio Vaqueros200510San Diego Chargers (84-83)
5 (tie)87Cincinnati Explorers20054Canton Bulldogs (87-74)
 87Las Vegas Gamblers20059Canton Bulldogs (87-73)
 87Austin Wranglers20052Las Vegas Gamblers (87-86)
888Oakland InVaders20068San Francisco Dragons (88-79)
989 Seattle Sharks200513Las Vegas Gamblers (89-87)
1092San Diego Chargers20074Cleveland Demons (92-72)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
148Cleveland Demons200513
254Canton Bulldogs20053
361Oakland InVaders20075
462Buffalo Tailgaters200710
5 (tie)66Canton Bulldogs200714
 66Cincinnati Explorers200513
7 (tie)68Canton Bulldogs20077
 68Cleveland Demons20051
969Austin Wranglers20053
10 (tie)71Canton Bulldogs20073
 71Canton Bulldogs200713
 71Cincinnati Explorers20059

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